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I pity this arrogant congressman.

There was this incident at NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure  where security level alert 2 is being implemented. He ignored the screening officer and showed his ID arrogantly at the former. As if that is not enough, he got the ID of the personnel concerned and asked the general manager of  MIAA  to remove  and lay him off in his job. What arrogance! It was this same guy who was featured recently while those board passers in the recent  Engineering board exams, were having their PRC Oath-taking who joked that if they don’t know Bong Go, PRC wouldn’t issue their licenses.  He is proud of Bong Go.

Who is Bong Go? He is the current special assistant to Duterte with the rank of a secretary. He is that guy who is always behind the president or in front of events enjoying selfie shots. He said he won’t be running as senator next year but he is campaigning as early as the past few days, months actually. His face is all over the metropolis and in provinces too – in bill boards, streamers, shopping bags etc. Isn’t there any rule of law for this premature campaigning? But then as long as you haven’t filed your certificate of candidacy yet, it is allowed.

These people, shame on them. They let their positions go to their heads.


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Sunday. 3:30 am and here I am, wide awake. I slept early though.

Uneventful September. It is slowly inching its way out and October is showing its face again.  October, my birth month, something to look forward to.

The stormy days are almost over and in a few days, “hanging amihan”  (trade winds) would be here.  It is the weather I like best  when the cool northeast winds take over the harsh and rainy months. This usually lasts until February of the following year. Shorter days, longer nights, what bliss!

October is the month of Mama Mary. It’s the rosary month. The celebration of La Naval de Manila is getting near. October is when the Siberian winds bring those cold mornings.  You anticipate, you get excited. After all,it’s only about 86 days more to go for that special day you’ve been waiting for.

Time  flies!

We’re now in the fourth quarter of the year and before you know it 2018 is gone. I do hope 2019 would be a better year for us all.




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Another birthday, another new year in your life and I welcome it with joy. It’s another gift of life for us both.

I love this  comment from a long time friend when she said and I quote:  Happy Birthday to Nissa and Happy Anniversary of your motherhood, Arlene🌺 

Time flies!  Imagine, you are now 36. Can’t believe I now have a 36-year-old daughter and a smart and loving grandson in Nate. 

I remember the younger years preciously kept in my memory box.  I remember those times you made me so proud of your achievements, both in school and at work.

I thank God for a loving, lovable, smart, kind and responsible  daughter. I feel so blessed.

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Have you seen this before? It was shared by a friend. It is simply amazing.

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Back in 2016, I almost have an equal number of posts and followers. Now though, my number of followers has eclipsed my posts for more than a thousand.  I try to blog every day but sometimes, I am not inspired to or I am busy.

Last night, I watched a concert….on YouTube. I was inspired  by  a friend’s post, a fellow blogger when he wrote about Todd Rundgren’s song called I Saw The Light.  You can visit Pete’s posts here. I started with the 70’s songs then went on to find other artists in that era. Then I found this video about the Bee Gees, how their career evolved from small kids when they migrated to Australia and went back to England later on.  Imagine those famous compositions of Barry Gibbs and the twin’s lovely voices.  I was inspired.

I also played The Eagles songs which they recorded live in one of their concerts in Maryland. I remember now, Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I had this Walkman which could play a cassette tape and you can listen to it via an ear phone.  I remember buying an album of The Eagles and playing it repeatedly on my portable cassette player.  When I was still working at the Bank of the Philippine Islands, I would spend lunch break going to Music One and would listen to new albums and new releases on their CD players provided  for their customers.

Music soothes and before you know it, you are so engrossed  and let time pass away. Beautiful music, talented artists, what more could you ask for?




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I’m waiting for some pods to show their faces. The flowers are plenty though, just perfect for blue rice or tea.

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Today’s Quote

In so many ways, each one of us is a survivor.

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I guess he deserves these  wonderful additions to his collection –  Hulkbuster, Iron Spider and Thanos. Rewards from those lovely awards for the first quarter of the school year.  Way to go Nate!

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These fake news propagators are just too much. Who would even think of doing this to a child, allowing her to rant  and say bad and unpalatable words in  several videos  about VP Leni Robredo, Sen. Trillanes and Sen. Hontiveros?

Obviously, there is a director and scripts behind all these. What does a child know about politics mouthing those ugly words? They are using her for their own selfish ends and bad intentions. I wish someone would report this to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  There is an existing law on child abuse – child exploitation.  There is a department that handles children’s concerns. It is so sad that some of those who still believe in the present administration would do all means to destroy their opponents and political enemies to the point of using an innocent child.  It clearly speaks of bad parenting, setting a bad example for the kid concerned.

I say “sayang”. They are feeding her all those lies just to be on top of the game. Why have we come to this? Where are those values that we learned early in life? Is it because of money?

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So Happy For This Kid

Proud of you baby. it would surely be a nice celebration for us on Saturday and your awards are the best gifts for your Mommy who’ll be celebrating her birthday on Friday.

via So Happy For This Kid

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