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I wonder how it was during the last six years if we had a good governance then maybe we had not incurred the almost 13 trillion debts borrowed by the past government.

Some people never learn voting for unwanted personalities. There is still a question mark on those 31M in the SD cards transmitted to Comelec in the first two hours of the votes last May. And you guess it right, another Marcos sits in the throne. Poor Philippines, poor us, the burden of paying those international debts rest on our shoulders, the ordinary citizens. Our taxes are paying for those greedy politicians in our midst.

There is now an artificial shortage of garlic, salt, sugar, basic necessities that the people need. They prefer to import these products so they could earn more in overpricing. Prices of eggs are on the rise too. I bought a tray this morning but I was even shortchanged by the seller. He gave me 28 pieces instead of 30. Our poor farmers are in a quandary. The ordinary Juan and Juana could hardly make both ends meet. And guess who is the Dept. Of Agriculture’s head? It’s no less than the president.

The Philippine peso is at its lowest nowadays. Your P1,000 pesos could not even make a small shopping bag full. They have let loose a good candidate in the person of VP LENI.


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Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely friends here who are mothers as well. Celebrate because it us our day. It’s that one day in a year where we are given tributes as mothers. This lovely quote still lingers and I remember the old days while my two kids were growing. Those were the days we had to rely on two househelps because I was still working. They were still in high school when I availed of an early retirement because we could no longer find minders for them.

I used this photo before in my other blog posts about motherhood. Lovely Amazon lily blooms I plucked from the gaŕden.

She shed a tear, tears of hope for the motherland. She accepted the challenge to run a few months ago and the Filipinos who desired for change in the government encouraged her. For us, there is only one Leni Robredo, she is an economist and a lawyer. As vice-president, she did so many projects, going to remote areas affected by calamities to help despite a very limited budget from the government. She was visited by several foreign dignitaries instead of duterte.

Last night was the end of the campaign and the miting de avance was held in Ayala Avenue (business district of Makati City) . There was a crowd estimate of about a million attendees all over. People love her. I love her too. This feat is the first in the Philippines and probably in the whole world where people made use of their own resources instead of the politician. They brought food for every one in every scheduled rally, did house-to-house campaigns in remote areas.

I am proud of her and I am praying she’d be elected as the mother of the Philippines. As long as the Commission on Election does not show dirty tricks, it will be a win for VP Leni and Sen. Kiko.

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There was another rally yesterday for VP LENI and Sen. KIKO which they called PASIGLABAN. It was held at the financial district of Pasig City. They have almost covered several towns and cities over the archipelago from North to South. We still have 49 days to go before May 9.

Bacolod garnered 86,000 attendees last week, people of all ages. Some preferred to walk because bus services were cancelled by those partial to Marcos. Will call him dayunior in my next paragraphs. Always at the start of her speech, VP LENI would read all these placards that her eyes can reach. I can’t forget this, there was this guy holding a placard saying that he miss the feel of a hug from a mother. Without hesitation, VP LENI called him up the stage and hugged him. In Cavite City, she was almost late going to the venue because the governor there closed the roads so there was traffic. She and her staff asked some motorcycle drivers if they could hitch a ride. In Zamboanga, she came by a banca. You would really appreciate that she is game to everything as long as she can reach the people waiting for her.

I culled some photos of the event yesterday from my friends’ posts who were there before 12pm even if the program was set at 4:30pm. They braved the rain and the heat.

So far Pasig has the most number of rallyists at 137,000.

It is not just a campaign now, it has become a movement.
Look at their faces. The youth is awake.
The crowd is long. Some people booked hotel rooms nearby so they could attend the rally.

I saw several pictures of dayunior’s rallies, they could not even garner a 10th of LENI’s in one place. Funny how they do not allow drone shots because you can clearly see the pathetic number of crowd. Some even photoshopped hundreds of sacks of onion (sibuyas) making it appear that they are human heads attending the rallies. THEY LIVE IN LIES. They deny themselves of a good governance because of loyalty to one man.

There is this Pulse Asia survey (we call it the FALSE ASIA) they conducted late December and it showed a more than 50% for dayunior and 16% of Leni out of, you guess it, 2,400 people surveyed. They released it after Leni’s successful rallies. Mind-conditioning if I may say. And to think they give those meager attendees free food and 500 per head. Why would you sell your soul by a pittance? Sad isn’t it😒😏🤔

VP LENI AND SEN. KIKO’s rallies are funded by the people. Their shouts of HINDI KAMI BAYARAN reverberate throughout the land.

WAY TO GO VP LENI AND SEN. KIKO. Ipapanalo natin eto.

I almost forgot to mention, those music artists groups, actors and actresses gave their time for free for VP Leni.

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Hey friends, I’m back. How are you guys?

I can’t believe I’m done with 25 books as of last night, an eclectic mix of historical fiction, paranormal stories, a bit of romance, book of poems and thrillers. It is about 16% of my goal of 150 books this year. At the moment, I am reading another book by Isabel Allende entitled The Japanese Lover. It was set during WW II. I’ve read about three of her books, I love her writing style. She is a Chilean-American novelist.

Yes, I am updated with what is happening around in our political midst. I don ‘t know why but the Commission on Election who is tasked to take charge and also protect our voters in the whole country is favoring one presidential candidate. So obvious. The other day along with the Phil. National Police, they started removing tarps and repainting murals done by the youth who favors VP Leni. And mind you even if they were done and posted in private places and residences. There is no existing law preventing private citizens from posting those tarps and making murals as long as they are not participants of any political party. It is the citizens’ right protected by the Constitution. COMELEC, DO YOUR JOB. The commisioners of this government body are all political appointees from Davao where duterte hails. His daughter sara (without an h) is running as VP of marcos junior.

As it is, the opponent keeps lying and he insists that he is an economist but the truth is, he failed at Oxford and only spent a year there. He was kicked out. Economics is a difficult course. Lots of Statistics. Labour Economics, International Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics and Financial Analysis are just the few of the subjects you learn from the course. I should know, I majored in Economics.


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What a laughable scenario, if not really disgusting. In 118 years, past presidents have the highest country debt pegged at 6.1 trillion in 2016 while duterte accomplished more than double that in five years that he is in office. We now have a staggering 13.7 trillion debt under his administration according to reports. Maybe even Nate’s great grandkids in the future will still have to pay for it. If you ask me, these last five years were the worst time in our history. I wish the ICC would hurry in its investigation of the human rights violation by the present administration.

Joeam, one of my friends at Facebook asks, “What part of due process is in killing someone? Duterte started the idea that cops should kill, dela Rosa implemented it, a whole government enabled it and media reported the deaths as if, that’s the way we do it here.”

There you go, cops got a corresponding amount for every head they gun down. Gosh, it is as if one life is not important. We never heard them arrest the drug lords. As we say in Tagalog, “kapit sila sa patalim”.

Today is another pink Wednesday. Every Wednesday and Saturday, you see everything in your newsfeed in pink. As I have said before, it is all voluntary from concerned citizens all over the land, even most Filipinos living abroad who wants democracy back.

Here is my profile photo. I am voting for VP LENI ROBREDO.

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Yes, today was not just a sea of pink, it was an ocean of pink.

This pink motorcade caravan has truly become a movement. Imagine, all over the country. It delivered a strong message to the powers-that-be. It is just like the Edsa people power back in 1986. This time, bikes, motor cycles, tricycles, jeepneys and cars are out on the streets of several places – towns and provinces all over. Even Boracay had their own pink morning.

I hope we could sustain this until the coming election in May. I’ve wished to upload photos but I am watching my free allowed spaces and photos eat a lot. I think next caravan is planned come November. The organizers said at least 10,000 vehicles in 50 towns and provinces participated.

I’ve finally found someone that I could order food from this Wednesday, a niece of one of my friends who has a restaurant here in our town. Delivery fee is minima. Lovely🍭🎂🍻

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Have you ever experienced being in your pajamas at 12 noon because you just woke up? And the sun has not shown its face yet, it is so dark.

I’ve been distracted by the news of VP Leni last night on Facebook. I was supposed to finish reading but I kept going back to FB. She was in Mindanao yesterday (turf of duterte) particularly in Cagayan de Oro with some volunteer nurses and doctors for her VACCINE EXPRESS project. Then she went to Bukidnoon to visit those farmers she helped when she was not yet in the political scene. Considering the lowest budget allotted to the Office of the Vice-President, volunteers and donors are donating non-stop. She has focused on the Covid-19 since last year – free rides to frontliners, accommodations, medical kits, PPEs, face masks etc. She is always the first to extend help to flood victims.

Yesterday was a sea of pink again with those caravans in several towns and provinces in support of Leni. There was this very touching scene of father and daughter biking with their bikes full of pink ribbons. How lovely, they were on the road too. In Cagayan de Oro, she met Mayor Moreno who came out in the open to support her. Mayor Moreno was a former unibanker where I used to work. He was the Vice-President and Legal Counsel of BPI Capital Corp., a subsidiary of Bank of the Phillipine Islands.

Praying hard for the win. If we’ll have an honest election, she will win.

I’ll always remember this ‘the last man standing is a woman”.

Now, back to reading.

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Eight more deliveries from Lazada and I’m done. Then I could put up our Christmas tree by November. I am excited because I have a new tree and new Christmas decor. I ordered this from Lazada and it arrived today, a low glycemic box of coco sugar with 50 small packets in one box. It arrived together with a thermos pot.

Organic Coco Sugar

Have I told you that I had my flu vaccine last Tuesday? It is free for senior citizens from our local government. I had my pneumonia vaccine back in December 2019. Next would be in 2024.

I set aside reading for a while because I am busy with memes campaigning for Leni online…haha🙂

This election is crucial to us for peace in our country. There are so many people suffering at the moment, many have lost their jobs. Covid-19 is not properly addressed.

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Six to go. Yes, there are six of them running for the 2022 election for presidency, Ping Lacson, Leni Robredo, Manny Pacquiao, Bongbong Marcos, Isko Moreno, Bato dela Rosa.

Pardon if my latest blogs are all about our political situation. 2022 election is so critical, either we gain democracy by voting the right leader or we stay here while the boat is sinking. The only viable candidate among the six is VP LENI ROBREDO.

The way I understand it, the vice-president is a spare tire but during the last five years and inspite of a very minimal budget given to the Office of the Vice-President, VP Leni is focused on Covid-19, volcanic eruption, helping calamity areas that are flooded, helping those people who can’t even buy sustenance for daily living. She is always the first to respond. She is visited by the foreign dignitaries instead of their president duterte.

Bongbong Marcos is still tainted with the wealth amassed by the elder Marcos during his reign. We are still paying the billions of the ill-gotten wealth till now. Pacquiao, he might be so popular in boxing but is always an absentee senator. Useless, if the rest are qualified, he didn’t even finish high school. The rest are duterte enablers. Bato is a senator who won because of the 7-hour glitch during the 2019 election. His filing of his certificate of candidacy for president was not well planned. He was pushed by his party mates and most Filipinos’ conjecture is he is willing to have his name substituted by duterte’s daughter before November 15. I wonder why Comelec allows this. They have done it before back in 2016 when a certificate of one vying for mayor was substituted by duterte’s name. Isko Moreno, a former actor who is now mayor of Manila is so ambitious. He is a duterty enabler. In Tagalog, we call him maangas at mayabang. So proud of himself and so sure that he will be the next president.

The sea of pink as I have said before is now a movement, alive and kicking. If it is a clean and honest election come 2022, VP Leni will win.



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We’re still in a sea of pink. It does not just represent our VP Leni Robredor but all Filipinos who aspire for democracy’s return. It has become a movement. And just like the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer, the color pink is a color of hope, of changes for a good governance which has been absent for the last five years.

Good news! So proud of this home-grown journalist bravely standing up to a dictator. CONGRATULATIONS MARIA RESSA 💖👏🌻 Ressa is the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize this year. She shares the Nobel with Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov for their effors to safeguard freedom of expressions in their respective countries. Ressa is the CEO of Rappler, a news outlet critical of Philippine president duterte’s regime. She has been bashed and maligned by those loyal to their president. These people are so quiet now.

I feel sad. Our CHR (Commission oh Human Rights) chief passed on because of Covid. He was one of those remaining well-loved personality of freedom-loving Filipinos. Rest in peace sir, we will miss you.

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