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Hello friends! I may not be around for a few days. I want to help my sis-in-law take care of my brother. He is still in the hospital and they found cysts in his liver. He needs to undergo CT scan just to be sure.

I will miss reading and commenting on your posts but it can’t be helped. Another favor please. Need more prayers for Alden. Thank you very much!



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For the past six years or so, I’ve been monitoring my stats, at least every three years. Back in 2013, I only had a total of 205,005. Then in 2016, it almost doubled to 410,003. It has somehow reduced though for the past three years, it just registered a total of 579,451.

I understand the somehow downward trend, I haven’t been that active and some of the contents are not that good. Or maybe, people got tired of visiting and reading my posts. Blogging for ten years, I have almost covered all subjects worth-blogging at least for me – my family, the books I read, book reviews, daily happenings in my life, friends, fellow bloggers, being a gardener, being a grandma to Nate, my health, occasional road trips, my thoughts on various subjects that I can think of.

I do write short, short poems sometime when I am in the mood. What I have neglected is to update my photography blog. I haven’t bought a camera yet, so lazy to find a new one. One of my cellphones though which Nissa gave me  packs a 16-megapixel camera with an f/2.2 aperture and a pixel size of 1.12-micron. Good enough for those spur of the moment shots that I love to do. It’s easier to take photos when you are just holding a small gadget. You won’t need to adjust anything, just point and shoot.

I don’t mind much about followers, most of them just follow but do not engage. Many are asking to follow them back even if they just click one post in your blog. I love my regular commenters and likers though. When I see them here, it feels like I am sharing something worthwhile.

How’s your blogging journey?

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Some friends and I were discussing about writing.  One of them is a published poet. We have different outlook when it comes to writing. Some prefer beautifully sharpened pencils, some use ballpens, a lot of us though write directly on the computer. We discussed the merit of keeping a journal. I told them I still have lots of blank journals which are gifts from friends. I am presently using a thick one and it’s just filled more than half. I am no longer into a regular journal writing. Most of the entries are cellphone numbers from friends just in case my CPs conk out, confirmations on online payments that I did through Bank of PI, one or two liners of thoughts that come to mind once in a while and a list of books that I want to read first for my yearly reading challenge.
I used to have lots of colored pencils and pens wayback in college. My written notes in Statistics, graphs in my Economics subjects, pie charts were all so colorful. Assignments and dates were written in red pen while I  used  black pens for written lectures. When I started working, I again learned to use a pencil.
One of my friends has this to say about using writing materials:
I’m a pencil fan when it comes to drafting written work. There’s that very satisfying feeling of erasing lines and lines and replacing them. Oh, it’s a lot easier clicking delete on the computer but I see the wisdom of handwriting drafts of any literary work. The slow processing of the words gives much time for reflection.
Have you ever tried chewing on an eraser’s casing at the end of a pencil? Have you ever tried snapping a pencil into two because you are pressed with deadlines and nothing good comes out of your head? Who hasn’t drummed a pencil on a desk because you can’t get the exact words right while you are writing? Ah, the days of glory for a pencil are gone now.
When I am writing a blog, I type directly in front of my PC, one or two reviews of words I have written then I hit publish. There is that inner satisfaction of seeing your thoughts in prints finally.
Pen or pencil?

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I’ve been following some people/bloggers for a number of years now liking and sometimes posting comments on their posts but even a like to acknowledge my comments is not even coming. Maybe, they should have put their blog as private if this is the case.

Natauhan din ako, I started unfollowing them. Although I don’t expect them to engage and exchange comments with me, I got tired…finally! Neither do I expect them to follow me back. I have enough of followers whom I could exchange comments. I have enough of visitors who read my blog posts. One could be polite enough to click “like” on one’s comment if you don’t want to comment back, right?

I’ll find some other bloggers whose blogs would give me more inspiration through their sharing.

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I used to look forward to the celebration of our  independence every  12th of June but then the picture has deemed since someone in Malacanang occupied it.

I read in one of our national newspapers that it would be VP Leni Robredo and Mayor Joseph Estrada of Manila who will do the wreath-laying and the flag-raising rites in Luneta tomorrow. So where is the president?  He does not participate in such an important event like this….haha! Better sleep in Davao???

One hundred and twenty one years  from the time General Emilio Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence from more than 300 years of Spanish rule on January 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite and most of us Filipinos are still struggling to remember it. Some people are just happy it is an official holiday. I guess, with all the things happening now in our country, some of us don’t really care. Some would rather follow their “tatay” blindly than show a little nationalism to celebrate it. It’s really sad that after all the sacrifices our forebears did to attain our independence, it seems like they’d rather be under another country’s rule. china is getting closer and closer. There are now so many illegal mainland chinese who are working here depriving some of our local workers of the jobs that are supposed to be theirs. They have put up businesses in some areas of the archipelago. They have caused rents in apartments and condominium units to escalate. Some even set up their own fast food chain and this government is allowing it.

Where are we going?

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Hello everyone!

Just curious. Are you that type of blogger who only reads your reader’s newsfeed and  do not visit the sites of the bloggers you are reading and commenting on? I’ve done that for a number of years till I discovered that it is nicer to visit the sites than just commenting and reading on your feed. You will be able to discover how their blogs look like, how the blogs were customized to fit their themes, how photos were arranged for a better look and views. I used to see those votes in every blog post I write then it stopped but lately it is back again. Maybe some new bloggers  clicked the “vote” button at the lower portion of the title of each post which you can’t find if you are just reading your feed.

I have different photos on my header when you click different posts but I haven’t changed my theme. I just love the Sadish look. I love the clear lines and simple look of the customized site. I am using a free team and that won’t change because I don’t want to pay every year for a blog that is quite personal. It is not a business blog and I don’t earn anything from it.

I am quite sad that a friend who blogs in another platform has given up on blogging. He is retreating from being active on social media because he could not take the tragedy happening to our country day by day. He actually wished he could do anything actively like some of  our friends are doing but he is staying in another country so it is a bit hard for him to do so.

This is a blatant insult to us Filipinos. I saw some photos of people selling chinese flags at a public place like Luneta. I can’t help but react. We will be celebrating our Independence Day on Wednesday June 12 but why this? Who allowed them to sell those chinese flags? Ibinabandera nila ang hindi naman atin. Gosh, it gives me the shivers. There was a time when I felt so happy seeing everyone celebrates our Independence but it seems in all the three years that a certain individual took over, it has become so frustrating to see them ignore the importance of what our ancestors sacrificed for.

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I haven’t  posted anything here since May 18 except today (please see my earlier post called I Mourn For My Country).

I experienced a big drop on my page views and stats the last three or four days, the lowest of which was just 29 views two days ago. I do believe that no matter how experienced a blogger you are, you are just as good as your last blog post.  I miss those surges of page views/likes and comments a while back. And I also miss reading other posts from my fellow bloggers.  Got so focused on other things.  Even reading has become a little lax. I could not finish a book in two days which I used to do. I made some progress in gardening though. It is now quite inconvenient to stay in the garden when the soil/grass is saturated with last night’s rain. It rains every day now mostly at night.

I broke my reading glass so I had it changed. Had another refraction last Sunday and the optometrist told me that I either wear double vision lenses or have two eyeglasses, one for reading and one for long distance. It is quite costly in the process but I had to order two. I  am again wearing a multi-coated lens for reading to protect my eyes from exposure to radiation and glare from reading. So far, so good. it’s worth it.

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