More Gifts

More gifts.


Last Saturday, Nissa gave me a lovely red journal from UBX. It’s another addition to my  stash.  Maybe, I’ll get to use them all until I die.  I don’t often write my posts in those blank pages bu I love collecting them. She further gave me a desk calendar featuring  our local artist BenCab. twelve paintings on Mother and Child. One painting in each month.

Mother And child, Acrylic on Canvas, 2006


Mother’s Love 1, Ink on Paper, 1977

Mother and Child, Acrylic on paper, 1994

These are just three of the featured paintings in the calendar.  Benedicto Reyes Cabrera more popularly known as BenCab  is one of our National Artists and  is widely held as a master of contemporary arts. When you see  reproductions  of  artworks like these every day, you are somehow inspired.


Veritas In Caritate

A continuation of my previous post  on UST Alumni Association and  Mocha Uson.

Here’s the official statement from the University of Sto. Tomas  regarding the recognition awarded to Mocha Uson by the alumni association.  Let’s be all for the truth.

Mocha Mochaca

Let me rant a little. I just can’t pass this up.

It was in the news yesterday that the UST Alumni Association gave a recognition award to Mocha Uson. She is  an appointed assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operations Office by no less than their president Duterte.  Prior to that she maintained a blog (until now) at FB proliferating fake news in favor of the administration. And still prior to that she was a singer (kuno)  and a dancer. She is a Med Tech graduate of UST.

I am an alumna of the university and I deeply feel that she does not deserve this award.  The UST administration has nothing to do with the giving of this recognition to her but it was the prerogative of the alumni association which operates separately from the UST administration.  UST is being bashed and dragged down by those people who are misinformed in the social media.

What has she done to deserve this award? What has she done to the welfare of the UST alumni? She’s  been in the government for  just  a few months. She  still continues with her FAKE news. And those who are gullible enough believe her.  This government is going to the dogs. When you are a pro-Duterte and you promote what he is doing to the country, you are assured of a seat. Never mind if you are qualified or not as long as you make yourself close to him. What a shame!

The UST Alumni president explained that they give  awards to those graduates who work in the government. Period. Maybe it is about time for them to amend their rules/policies and give rewards to those who are truly and sincerely working in the government.  There are so many Thomasians out there who are more worthy of emulation.

The UST Alumni Association is supposed to represent us, the alumni. We as Thomasians are supposed to exemplify the core values  of Competence, Compassion and Commitment. Meron ba nun si Mocha? They sullied the good reputation of the university.  How sad!

Just my two cents.

His Name Is Noki

Once in a while, our dog Noki shares the limelight…haha!

He  loves staying in the garden while I am weeding or cutting the grass. You won’t believe this but he watches  too when the television is on. He likes to sleep under our dining table. At night he would stay for a while inside but when it’s time for bed I let him out of the door. He is a half-breed Japanese Spitz and a Labrador Retriever,  a great family pet.

Saturday On My Mind.

Childlike faith focuses on our Heavenly Father – not on our fears. 
Viva! Pit Señor, Santo Niño!

Wrote this on my wall today at Facebook.  The Sto. Nino  fiesta is a feast  celebrated in the Philippines every third Sunday of January.

As I’ve said in my previous post,  yesterday was a family day for us. We went to Tondo  to celebrate fiesta with them early.  It was a day full of laughter and sharing. Nate surely knows how to entertain.  He brought out some of his toys. Josef and I enjoyed playing with him and his go-kart and his set of beyblades.  It really feels good to act and play with a child once again.   Sometimes, we need these light moments, allowing ourselves to be young once more, enjoying the same activities of a little boy and  laughing  our hearts out in enjoyment.   We only see each other once a month so every time we do, we make use of the time just being happy.

Nissa prepared  pork sinigang sa bayabas. (soup made with pork and flavored with fresh guavas). Yes, we also use fresh guavas  for our  sinigang.  Mixed with gabi (taro root)  and water spinach, it was a yummy dish. Her mother-in-law cooked embutido and  prepared fruit salad and leche flan  for dessert. We brought along bibingka (rice cake).

It is really such a joy to spend another Saturday with the family.

Decor And Such

We had a great time spending the day with Obet’s family (his parents),  with Nissa and Nate of course. Nate was so happy seeing us this morning.

Tomorrow  is the Feast Day of Sto. Nino, the patron saint of Tondo  but we went there early to celebrate with the family. True enough, when we reached the place, one side of the road going to their house was closed. We had a hard time navigating the place. We were not familiar with those streets before their house so we used the GPS in going there.  So hard to find a parking space even in front of their house.

As always I admired their old decor,  some figurines from long ago  still kept intact by Obet’s mom.  I found two more aside from those I took pictures of two or three years ago. I think the ceramic materials were made of porcelain. They were  quite heavy.

Cute, aren’t they?


Grandpa and grandma


I love these photos, simple depictions of friendship maybe and some precious moments with the old folks.

We took lots of photos by the way but they are all in Nissa’s camera.  Arrived home after more than two hours of traffic on the road.

RIP Peter Mayle

I can’t really believe he is gone  Peter Mayle, an author I discovered early  last year. He  was one of those authors that you would likely read again after reading one of his books.  I did.

I first read A Year In Provence, then the sequel Toujours  Provence  followed. Got this photo from his page at Facebook.

I wrote this very short review  (at Goodreads) when I finished reading A Year In Provence.  It is  a warm-hearted account of what Provencal life was like. I  actually rated it five-stars.

“Then you wish you had that glass of wine to go while reading this book. I am reminded of another book about country life in Italy with the book Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. People say that Provence is France’s Tuscany while Tuscany is Italy’s Provence.” 

Rest in peace.