Just Another Weekend

It’s been a busy week so far. Weekends are  here again. Time to relax a little and enjoy what is in store.

I gardened for three straight hours yesterday then today I went to the mall to buy Christmas gifts for the family.  Two loads off my shoulder. It’s a good thing their  customer service is still not that busy. I was able to have them gift-wrapped. I won’t have to buy  Christmas gift-wrapping papers. I need a few more but I already have an idea what to buy.  A month ago. I also bought my birthday gift for Nate who’ll be having his 5th birthday next month.

I  window-shopped for Christmas decor but most of them are so costly. We have lots here but some of them are already old.  Hoping for something new for a change.  I want to put up a  Christmas tree. We use the plastic ones here since they are more practical to use.  Our Christmas tree though is seven feet high. It is so time-consuming to fill  it with  Christmas lights and decorations. I want a smaller one  with dancing lights.  Every year, they innovate  the Christmas lights. We used to have the Christmas parol  which is truly unique in the Philippines  The word parol is derived from the  Spanish  word farol, meaning “lantern”.  They are quite expensive now and they have gone a long way in terms of designs and lighting. I remember my brother who at one time hand-carried one when they came over for vacation a long time ago. He said their house in Tulsa is the only one with  parol come  Christmas time.

Despite the busy days, I was able to read more books. I am now in the middle of reading Philippa Gregory’s The Constant Princess. If you love the story of the Tudors, you would  admire the story of Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII. I love the story of The Other Boleyn Girl  more than this one though. I love historical novels.  Speaking of reading, I am on my 175th read for this year, twenty  five more books than I have set myself to finish until December.

Have a nice and blessed weekend.



Good morning world! Counting my blessings 🙂

Late Sunday Post

We just got home.

We attended the late evening mass at our village chapel and I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite priests of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross was the mass presider.  We used to attend Fr.  Leo’s Sunday masses at the nearby Parish but for the past year, we switched to  the  big church in our town. Josef loved and liked  that it is colder there.They have these super large ceiling fans. I’ve missed his uplifting and inspiring homilies all these  months. It was nice being blessed again after the mass.

It was a busy Sunday for us,  with the  “change oil” for the car and later doing the  groceries at SM Ortigas.  Yes, I already included  some groceries that we will use come December. Prices of basic commodities have gone  up again.  Some supermarkets  take advantage of the busy season where most buyers stack up on the necessary grocery items that they will use for Noche Buena.  Believe me, sometimes they are out of the shelves  when you need them.

I have a new favorite.  Every time I happen to pass by BreadTalk, I make sure that I buy even a slice of their Spring  In The City rolls. I just love it. This afternoon, I bought three. It is more costly than ordinary rolls but you get the best, freshly baked and yummy.

photo by BreadTalk

A slice of this roll is  enough for snack.  Add a cup of  freshly brewed coffee and you’re good to go. Their cheese and raisin bread is also a winner.  There are nuts inside ♥.  Sometimes you discover something to your liking and you stick to it 🙂

Remember those tea light holders that make use of tea light candles to heat the oil    made of different scents that emit those wonderful, wonderful aroma? Some holders are made of ceramics.  My goodness, the whole set  costs  the earth but I promised myself I will buy one as a birthday gift….to me of course….haha!  I have tea light holders here but the lamps are just irresistible.

How was your Sunday?



Do Fish Ever Sleep?


I remember this story when we still had the Koi and Pangasius fish in our small pond.

My  then six-year old niece was so elated to see our Koi and Pangasius fish swimming side by side at the garden pond.  Between taking the leash of our dog Soo Kee and running around the yard, she asked me to teach her how to remove  debris from the water using a small net. She had that permanent smile pasted on her face. Talk about simple things that a child enjoys.

Of all the questions I’ve been asked before, this one takes the cake.  “Natutulog ba ang mga isda Tita?” (Do fish ever sleep?)  And if you think her question ended there, you are mistaken. She further added, “Hindi sila napapagod lumangoy?” (Don’t they get tired swimming?). Intelligent questions, coming from a six-year old kid but I had no ready answer so I just told her, sometimes, they just stay in one corner and won’t move for a while, maybe that’s the time they get some rest.  I  was not satisfied with my answer so  I have to resort to surfing the net so I’ll be able to tell her the next time she comes for another visit.  And here’s what I’ve found on WikiAnswers.com:

Fish have no eyelids to blink, their eyes are already moist, because they live in water.  Since they have no eyelidsmany people mistakenly think that fish do not sleep.  Fish do sleep, they just stay very still in a  quiet corner. Scientists believe  they enter a rest state.

Our young ones do teach us simple lessons at times.  We must be alert enough to find a truthful answer and it is alright to say, you don’t know than inventing some outrageous lies that even you won’t accept.    She keeps saying  that she’ll spend her summer or  Christmas  break with us.  Kids could be a handful at times, but the  happy moments outweigh the pouts and crying, and a simple hug or a kiss would make your day complete.

The first time she saw Nate, I could not paint her face. I don’t know if she was just jealous of him or she felt insecure. She had been our  baby for so long that she got used to being the youngest in the family.

Now we know, fish do sleep and take a rest too.

Si Mimi Kulit

Our cat Mimi is growing old. Lately she learned not just to sleep under the dining table  but  to be  inside the bedroom as well when I am asleep or just reading. She would rub her body near my legs and find a suitable position  to take a nap.  Sometimes she would just look at me with her eyes almost closed. I don’t know much about the language of cats. Maybe she is saying “Can I stay here for a while”?   She’s been Mommy’s pet when she was here for almost a year with us. Mimi would sit on her lap when Mom is watching television.  She watches too, maybe fascinated by the color and the movements  in the programs being shown. She would stay at the foot of Mom’s bed when the latter is asleep.

I had a chance  to take her photos on my tab a few days ago. You know that contented mew cats utter when they are happy.   When in the past she would reach out and try to see what’s on my tab, nowadays, she just looks at me  while I point   my  tab at her.


The daily life of a cat. These are just ordinary photos  I took of her three days ago. She has learned to mingle and play with our remaining dog Noki and when I am in the garden, she stays there too.


Life As We Know It

Source: Life As We Know It

An Image, A Picture

Sometimes I wish we also have these four lovely seasons that some of our friends experience in other parts of the globe.

I love looking at those  fallen leaves and trees that turn gold to orange  to brown and other colors in between.  They fascinate me no end.  I have a friend who takes photos of every season she encounters. She said there is magic everywhere and like me, she loves Fall. She loves it when those trees bear their foliage in glorious colors and  everything turns into  a paradise of sort.  She loves walking and feeling the crisp morning air  communing with mother Nature. I could only shake my head, smile and wish I were there too walking with her.

We used to have an avocado tree in our backyard a few years ago. It gave us  lots of fruits and I even tried selling a sack of them to our friendly neighbors. Every morning around this time, I would sweep the yard of fallen leaves from the tree.  Those days that I used to spend in our garden while sipping a hot cup of coffee and  listening to the morning’s news on the radio while our dogs  lie serenely nearby are  priceless moments that I treasure. Our avocado tree is gone now but I still have two jackfruit trees and two calamansi trees  that I have to take care of.  Same ritual every morning, sweeping the yard and watering our plants.  And the closest thing that reminds me of the Fall season are the yellow and brown leaves that fall to the ground. Oh well,  one could dream, right?

Early morning last Saturday before Nissa’s family came over for breakfast, I harvested calamansi  (Philippine lime) for them to take home later. They  are in season now and I picked more than a kilo.  More than having fresh calamansi juice every day, it is also used as ingredient for dipping sauces, marinating  fish, pork or meat.  It has lots of vitamin C. I need not tell you the health benefits of the fruit, it has lots.

I love these October  days,  I am really not counting but I am looking forward to Christmas once again.

Have a blessed week ahead.