It doesn’t cost a cent smiling at someone you meet on the street or anywhere else. It is something that causes a chain reaction. It might be the beginning of a lovely conversation and exchange of thoughts with someone. Years ago, I blogged about this same topic but I could not remember now what year I wrote it. Usually it happens when you are waiting at the clinic for your doctor. Sometimes I ask myself why it is so easy to share with people you barely know about your health and medical problems and they do the same. I often talk too with supermarket cashiers or their helpers roaming around the place. Is it because of the anonymity of it, that you wouldn’t likely meet again in the future?

Early this morning, I was walking at the park square when I noticed this old man walking alongside me. I said ‘good morning’ and he replied ‘magandang umaga’. That started my day.

Think about this, people say you burn more calories when you smile than when you frown.


Wednesday Blues

I left the house early around 5 :30 am so I could buy breakfast at KFC after my FBS. I was on an 8-hour fasting last night for FBS today aside from three more tests that I had to undergo. I was early but I didn’t know The Medical City Clinic opens now at 7 am so I didn’t have to wait long.

I looked at the bill they charged for the series of tests, my, so costly. Imagine, four syringes of blood from both arms. Good thing, it was not so painful. I’ll be going back to my endocrinologist on Saturday. It’ll take two days before the test results are out. My endo has replaced my internist, she is both an internist and endocrinologist. My left ear is acting up again, sometimes painful but unlike before, the pain is tolerable. I like to see the result of my lab tests first before I go back to the ENT. The latter said my ear infection has a connection with my abnormal blood sugar. The things one has to sacrifice for one’s health. I am glad though that I lost more than a kilo since my check-up almost a month ago. Maybe my morning walks are helping😊.

I am not as worried with my health as I was before because I left everything to God’s will. I pray every day that I still would like to get well so I could take more care of mom and my kids. She is becoming so forgetful every day.

Our liver line Shih Tzu is already four-month old. A chubby little puppy. So happy to play with him every day.

We Named Him DOS

Gosh, I woke up at 3:30 am and could no longer go back to sleep. Normally, praying the rosary help me to sleep but this time it didn’t. Anyway, I just waited for 5 am when Josef usually leave the house. Had a walking exercise for around thirty minutes, bought pandesal for mom then went home around 6 am. Since I had to take my medicine, I had to eat breakfast early then went back to bed and slept for two hours more.

We have a new puppy named DOS. Couldn ‘t take a good shot of him because he is so ‘malikot’. So playful and always running around. His face looks like a pug without the wrinkles. He has very short legs and his belly almost touches the floor when he walks. I love his thick and smooth fine fur. He is a pure breed Liver Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu like this is called choco liver line. Love the color of his fur bordering from dark beige to brown to dark brown.

My goodness, three fur babies in the house and six Aspin dogs outside 🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐩

Just Another Prompt

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Not all of my friends knew that I underwent sigmoid surgery then six cycles of chemotherapy almost fourteen years ago but those who are close to me knew about what I went through back then. A friend who is a nun told me to keep the faith and she admired my bravery in facing this predicament. She had always told me before that I am a strong woman taking care of my two kids and at the same time keeping a job when the hubby went abroad to work.

Brave, strong and faithful to the Lord that He won’t abandon me. And the best compliment that I received? Despite everything that happened in my life, I am still standing tall.

Why are inverter appliances the best investment in these times?

Depending on what appliance you use, inverter-equipped units can be up to 27% more efficient than traditional appliances. It is a good choice because it is energy-efficient and using these appliances that are on inverter technology is smart living. An inverter is adaptable, it can work faster or slow according to your desire and also keep the right thermostat. According to studies, they usually last between ten to fifteen years.

The only thing installed in our house with inverter is the split-type aircon in Josef’s and Jovy’s room. Our ref is just a no-froze one. We’ve been using no-froze long before inverter was invented/manufactured. So convenient, you just have to wipe it when cleaning. Nissa told me that the air conditions installed in their rooms are inverter type, even the television, ref and washing machine are too. They could save on electricity consumption using those appliances. They are more pricey though. They are presently using an inverter aircon but not split-type. I wonder if they will bring it along when they move soon.

Inverter-type appliances….the way to go😉

I am so proud and happy for them. Their hard work bore fruit…at last.

Even just through a video, I was able to take a glimpse of the interior of the house. Except for the sala set, everything seems complete and all new. They spent the night there and will go home today. The house was turned over by the contractor yesterday. They brought a temporary helper to help them clean the house.

I am envious of their 2-door 19 cu. feet ref with water dispenser but it is still empty….haha. They had two split-type inverter aircon installed in the main bedroom and Nate’s. Nissa showed me all the kitchen gadgets that I bought for them before. I am thinking of what more to buy for them. Maybe some Pyrex dish tray. Nissa could not decide yet what type of furniture they’ll have for the sala. All that was installed there is a big Smart television.

I asked her how it feels to have a new house that they could make into a lovely home and she said, so happy of course Ma. Aside from the cute garden infront of the house, they have another small one at the side. I told her to water the plants before they leave since all the workers have already left yesterday.

Another dream realized, thank God❤🙏💚

Journeying Through

There are paths that lead somewhere –

To the innermost corner of your heart ,

And you sometimes feel the pain of rejection

A love lost

A love gone.

Life is never perfect –

But deep within

You say,

I should.

I can.

I will.

Moving on,

Letting go,

Another journey to traverse

With courage,

With faith,

With acceptance.

(previously published at Multiply then reposted it here. this was back in july 2012)


Silence please, I’m taking a nap.

Buhay Probinsiya


My three brothers and I grew up in the province till we graduated from grade school except for my youngest brother Noel who was transferred to Quezon City when he was in grade V. That was the time when Alden started high school at the Univ. Of Santo Tomas. All of us spent our high school years there and Noel and I finished college there too. My two brothers both started college there but eventually transferred to other schools.

I remember those early days spent in the province with mom while dad stayed in Manila because of his work. Aside from the usual games that children had (believe me, there were many), my oldest brother and I used to climb our guava tree in the backyard.

Climbing a guava tree

Like these kids in the photo, we would enjoy an afternoon climbing like monkees in those branches with the most guava fruits and eat them right there and then. I didn’t like the ripe ones but preferred those crunchy fruits which were about to ripen. Swinging with the wind while eating guavas….heaven❤

A jolly carabao ride

I never experienced riding on the back of a carabao because our only two carabaos were under the care of a farmer in our place. I enjoyed riding on a sled though. This was attached to the carabao. I guess back then, that was the only means of transport in our barrio,farmers used it to bring their produce to the town. At the town proper, there were only the calesa, a horse-drawn vehicle to transport passengers and buses going to another town. People walked no matter how far. Manila was different then, there were buses and jeepneys along one’s route. We usually rode on buses going to Manila during summer breaks to visit dad. That was a yearly undertaking until we reached high school.

Our side garden in the province. The other areas are also full of ornamental plants and the back of the house has fruit trees.

It may lack the amenities of a perfect garden, but when I am here, I could hear the silence that speaks of home.

I Hate This

So they have changed our server to Huawei but I am having a problem with all of my three gadgets. It is connected but there is no internet. I don ‘t like this one, eversince the telecommunication company made it to our shores. It is a Chinese entity. Duterte welcomed it with open arms even if we have our reliable SMART and GLOBE.

It is not as good as our previous server. This was initiated by Jovy, she said it is faster, nah, for me it is not. What if Josef is not around to fix my connection? Do I need to have the connection on always? Logging it off brings me back to the message, connected but there is no internet. I didn’t have any problem before with my two tabs and cellphone.