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I am listening to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music on my small transistor radio while trying to think of what to write about this morning.

I haven’t checked  my stats in a while  and when I looked it registered a total of 634,181 at the moment. Not bad, not bad at all. I’d rather have a larger reach of visitors than having a lot of followers who I think don’t even visit my blog. Some are just there so you could follow them back. I don’t automatically follow those new followers  who have just one or two posts on their site.  Content is very important, something you can relate to, something you can learn something from.

Have you noticed? Most loyal bloggers and followers that I have now belong to the upper sixties. Maybe it’s because we have more time to write about anything under the sun, and in terms of experience, we’ve been there, done that.  Blogging is one of the most loveliest hobbies that I’ve ever ventured in. You can express yourself anyway you want anytime.

I must admit, this is going to be a laid back  Christmas celebration for me, for us as family. I wonder if I’ll ever get to see my siblings this Christmas. I’ll think of those times when we were together to celebrate this lovely occasion. When this pandemic leaves our shores, we’ll rejoice and be glad. It’s been almost a year since the lock down. We are still under general community quarantine. Some areas have more positive cases.  Add that to the worsening condition of our economy.  I hope 2022 would arrive soon so we could choose someone who won’t lead us to the doldrums.

Gosh, how nostalgic! Burt Bacharach, Mabuhay Singers’ Pasko Medley, Ray Conniff Singers, Bee Gees and occasional Christmas songs  by well-known artists.  When I get the chance to visit YouTube, I listen to the Pentatonix pop group. I love their Christmas album.

And let me have my countdown now. Hello Pete!  26 days, 13 hours and 6 minutes (Manila time).

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my family and friends living in the US. May you always feel the warmth of family and may you always be blessed.

Despite of what is happening around, we always have something to be thankful and to be grateful for.

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Sometimes, we’d rather have those small and simple things in life to make us happy, right?

Josef ordered a small transistor radio for me to replace the old one I usually use in the garden. It has an FM/AM/SW 3 band, Micro SD and blue tooth. So convenient to carry around. I could listen to news on AM or tune in to FM for all day music.  So easy to charge it just like you charge a cellphone. Heaven 🙂

I haven’t read for a while but I have a total of 120 books I have read this year as of last count from Goodreads. Years ago, I watched Love Story and also read the book I guess three times. Then I found a copy of Oliver’s Story and I got curious how Oliver would go on without his beloved Jennifer so I read it too. Lately, there is this Acts of Faith which was published in 1993 with 560 pages. I started reading it the other night, a story of three kids, one a Catholic who was abandoned by his parents and two kids, the son and daughter of a rabbi. From the tough streets of Brooklyn to ultramodern Brasilia to an Israeli kibbutz, and the splendor of two holy cities, Rome and Jerusalem, the story will bring us to these places. Reviews say that this is Erich Segal’s most ambitious and provocative novel to date. We’ll see, I am getting engrossed in it.

Simple pleasures and simple joys, they make life worthwhile.

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Nate Is 8 Now

Our Precious Bundle of Joy

That’s the smile I miss Nate. I do hope we could see each other soon. So glad to know you had a lovely birthday celebration.

This is the perfect time to explore more possibilities in life. Way to go. Keep up being a good, smart and talented kid. I miss you.

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I couldn’t thank you enough for all your greetings, comments and prayers. They have somehow lifted me up.

Special thanks goes to Elizabeth who wrote about our plight here. Unfortunately, I haven’t read her post yet.

Just to give you an idea of the flood that reached our place, I took shot of it from the second floor window of our neighbor where we transferred.

That’s our house with the red roof, it is a corner lot. I couldn’t take a full shot of it but this is on the left side of the house. The water here on the two intersecting streets were about knee-high (it has subsided a little). When typhoon Ondoy struck eleven years ago, it has reached that level of our high fence in the corner. Inside it is our grotto and small pond.

Again I wish to extend my thanks to all of you. Sorry if I missed answering your comments.


Sorry about the missing photo, I could see it here. I re-posted it a while ago. Thanks!

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So Sorry

I  am really sorry, I still could not go back to your posts on my reader feed. Will be busy again after this fixing things at the house. So many things to do…hay!

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My heart goes out to these images. I couldn’t imagine how life could be that easy again.

How do you comfort someone who has lost his dwelling because of the typhoon?

Buried deep in lahar and rocks. Photos were culled from ANC.

How can one start all over again?

Look at that raging flow of mud.

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Could I ask for more prayers please?

I am concerned about those greatly affected  by typhoon Rolly especially in the province of Albay, the Bicol region and those areas it crossed on its path on its way out to the West Philippine Sea. If you could only see the pictures – some had their houses inundated and they stayed at the rooftop of their homes, some three hundred families were buried in big rocks and the lahar flow from Mayon Volcano. This reminds me of typhoon Ondoy that struck Metro Manila eleven years ago. That was the worst typhoon I have ever witnessed in my life. We had to evacuate and when we returned, our house was like a big “bodega” –  furniture, personal effects, wet clothes, books and what have you, there was a thick mud all over the place. We had to renovate and replace those cabinets that toppled down, with permanent cabinet fixtures.

That time, I was in the middle of chemotherapy and one of my classmates in high school was kind enough to fetch me at home and bring me to the hospital. Our car was submerged by the flood. That pretty much made me so afraid of storms and typhoons. Every time it rains hard, I am always on the lookout. Disaster after disaster and we are still in the middle of this Covid 19 pandemic. So really, really sad.

“Where’s the president?” That was the trending question on social media even before the typhoon struck but he was nowhere, not even to give reassurance to the people. When typhoon Yolanda hit the country, Pres. Aquino and most of his cabinet members were ready and they personally went to Eastern Samar to supervise everything. That’s the big difference with the leader now, he is always missing every time a calamity strikes us. News says he stayed in Davao and we’ve not heard even a kind word from   him. Maybe he is still asleep because he has been missing for sometime now. Would you call that a good leader?

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ALMIGHTY GOD,  please protect us all from  this very destructive typhoon.

I am not trying to scare myself watching all these videos posted by many citizens in the Bicol  province where typhoon signal #5  is hoisted right now.  It was classified as super typhoon.

Typhoon Rolly is truly devastating and scary. Metro Manila and Rizal where we live are under typhoon signal #4. There are so many provinces under this signal and the rest are under Signal #3 and 2. We can’t dispute the fact that this typhoon is destructive bringing more rains and winds.  I am scared. Don’t know what to do except pray. Trees were uprooted and some roofs were destroyed in the Bicol area where the eye of the typhoon is right now. It is raining now here and the weather bureau said the typhoon will pass by Metro Manila and nearby provinces late this afternoon. We still have power, thank  God. I don’t know what to do, whether to pack up a few things in case our place gets flooded and raise our belongings to a higher level.  We only have two steps higher in our bedrooms from the sala and dining rooms and  the rest of the house which are, maybe a foot higher from the streets.

I am requesting for prayers from all of you. May we all be safe from this calamity.

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