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I am having the time of my life what music and songs to upload on my tab from various YouTube selections. Josef taught me how to download them earlier so I won’t have to go online to listen. Google Play is definitely it. Downloaded them as MP3.  I call it my music library.

Now I am listening to some classical music selections of various composers while I am updating our Catholic page on Facebook.  Talk of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Vivaldi, Chopin and many others. I recently read a somewhat historical novel in the box set that I found featuring some music of the great masters. I wrote down some titles which I am trying to find on YouTube. So far, so good, they are all there. What a lovely change from  the noise I often hear being sung today. Perhaps not all of you would agree with me that today’s brand of songs and music are too noisy.

Music soothes the  heart and the soul. Am I right? They bring that inner joy much like finding a good book that you can relate to. Spring Waltz 2 by Chopin is the best and the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody always reminds me of the the movie Somewhere in Time which I watched three times I think. Love them all. I remember Nate’s CDs when he was small and Nissa bought them for him to admire. They have some of the best tunes and piano selections that could put a child to sleep.  Soft and gentle tunes so pleasant to listen to.

What kind of music do you go for? I still listen to the 60s and 70s  songs most of the time.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my wonderful friends in the US of A.

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What happened? Got at least ten spam comments on my folder. Good thing Akismet is always there. Thank you WordPress.

I like it that some bloggers who don’t subscribe to my blog are reading my old posts. I guess most of my older ones are way, way better than those I am posting nowadays.  They have more “meat” because I was sharing my plight as a cancer patient and survivor. When I think of those days and months that I was indisposed, I often wondered  how I survived them – frequent lab tests, hospital visits every three weeks and chemotherapy which saps one’s strength. But God is good. He let me have that faith that I get well in the process.  When you pray fervently for your heart’s desires, your prayers are answered in one way or another.

I had an hour of gardening so early this morning. The weather was just fine with an early promise of a lovely day. Looking for more pots where I could transfer my Impatiens plants. It is so nice to see new shoots of Zinnia once again.

I am reading some books about winter and Christmas but I haven’t done any Christmas decoration yet. Years back, we used to put up decor come November 1. I don’t know why, I don’t feel so much inclined to do it this early. Maybe  I am getting really old,  no longer excited to put up Christmas decorations. I have lots of TBR books that I want to finish before the end of the year.

October is about to close, have a lovely and blessed November.


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It’s the start of the second BER month of the year.

And it’s the Holy Rosary month.

Did I say it’s 85 days to go before December 25th?

Ah, let me celebrate my birth month first before thinking of Christmas. The truth is that I want  to start buying Christmas gifts for the family. I want to avoid the mad rush before the event.

Time flies.

September is gone and October is rushing its wings. Before you know it, another year is over.

Been to my doctor this morning and it’s a good thing the result of my FBS  is still within the normal range (that is for so many months now).  No more blood extraction next visit, my doctor said. As I was the first patient  he saw, he could still afford to make jokes. He told me in jest to dye my hair so I’ll look younger. I told him I wanted it all white but I know it would take more years before it turns that color.

I was sad to learn that mom’s internist at the hospital near our place died of leukemia. He was my doctor’s mentor from way back. Maybe that is why, another younger doctor has take over when mom had her check-up a few month back.  He’s been dad’s doctor too many years ago.

Life is short.

Time is when you feel the aches and pains of growing old. The knee sometimes hurts and you find it hard to walk long distance. I would have wanted to do more of those morning exercise….walking.  A good exercise is always best.


Read before your eyes fail you. Visit places you’ve dreamed of visiting but you can through books. Readers live a thousand lives before they die so they always say. And reading brings us unknown friends.




Love life.

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Down on her knees in prayers.

She asked

Then she waits.

She knows

Answers could come today

Or in the days ahead.


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Once again

I allowed myself to greet the morning sun.

Communing with God’s glory

At six o’clock am today.

The day is blessed with your presence Lord.

And the sun spreads its light

In the deep corners of the earth.

I  rejoice.

I am happy.


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