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I cannot remember now when I had my left eye operated on due to cataract. Since I had my medical insurance and Philhealth, I only paid for the lens.

Our mayor said we now have our own eye specialist, an opthalmologist at our hospital in our town. We can have eye-checkup for free. Since I need to have the right eye checked if it is ready for cataract operation, I went to the doctor this morning. My left eye needs laser and my right is ripe for cataract operation.

They ordered a new machine and Dr. Singson told me that they will just call in a few days. I texted our town mayor and told him about it. He said it will arrive in thirty days.

Hoping it is all for free. I thought I left one of my eyeglasses at the clinic since I could not find it at home. I went back to the hospital but the doctor has left and my eyeglass was not there. Kept praying to St. Anthony on my way home. Gosh, I finally found it mixed with the box of my medicines.

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After a week, we have finally fixed the overgrown plants but I have yet to change some pots which are broken. The carabao grass was trimmed by Josef except that very small patch under the Calamansi tree. I hope by tomorrow morning I’ll get to clear it. I have to hire one of our village’s maintenance workers to clean our front and side yards of weeds.

I could smell the lemony scent of the flowers of our Calamansi.

That’s Sadie. She is always besides me when I am gardening.

This is our small garden.

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He must have waited for us to come home. Nissa and I rode on a deluxe Victory Liner bus last Friday and we were there around 9pm.

I talked to him yesterday morning before we left. He listened. He left us around 3 pm as we were traversing NLEX.


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Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely friends here who are mothers as well. Celebrate because it us our day. It’s that one day in a year where we are given tributes as mothers. This lovely quote still lingers and I remember the old days while my two kids were growing. Those were the days we had to rely on two househelps because I was still working. They were still in high school when I availed of an early retirement because we could no longer find minders for them.

I used this photo before in my other blog posts about motherhood. Lovely Amazon lily blooms I plucked from the gaŕden.

She shed a tear, tears of hope for the motherland. She accepted the challenge to run a few months ago and the Filipinos who desired for change in the government encouraged her. For us, there is only one Leni Robredo, she is an economist and a lawyer. As vice-president, she did so many projects, going to remote areas affected by calamities to help despite a very limited budget from the government. She was visited by several foreign dignitaries instead of duterte.

Last night was the end of the campaign and the miting de avance was held in Ayala Avenue (business district of Makati City) . There was a crowd estimate of about a million attendees all over. People love her. I love her too. This feat is the first in the Philippines and probably in the whole world where people made use of their own resources instead of the politician. They brought food for every one in every scheduled rally, did house-to-house campaigns in remote areas.

I am proud of her and I am praying she’d be elected as the mother of the Philippines. As long as the Commission on Election does not show dirty tricks, it will be a win for VP Leni and Sen. Kiko.

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I had the opportunity to play with Oreo and Cookie yesterday afternoon. They stayed in my room for a while. As always, Oreo was so noisy barking at the dogs outside. Cookie was so “malambing” and she liked being cuddled. Took some photos of course. Look at the two of them.

Cookie is now so big at one year and eight months. We had three aircon installers yesterday so they had to stay in my room. Josef and Jovy had their old aircon replaced by 1HP split type inverter aircon which was a gift from Jovy’s dad. He also sent money for Max’s hospitalization. It’s the seventh day now that he is sick and he is still at the pet hospital. He does not eat well yet so he has to be supervised by the vet.

I am so worried about my brother. He barely eats and doesn’t have a restful sleep. I again asked Nissa if we could visit him one weekend. We could not bring mom though because for sure if she is there, nobody could take care of her. My sis-in-law is focused on Alden. My mom doesn’t understand our situation. Although we want her to see Alden too, it would be very hard for all of us if she would be left behind there. I do hope one weekend we could visit my brother.

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May I ask for more prayers from you? Thanks in advance.

Alden is now out of the hospital. There is a 13 cm. lump near his ass but the biopsy will be released in two weeks yet. The ultrasound showed enlarged prostate, small cysts in the pancreas, liver and kidney. Had he decided for a surgical operation three years ago, these could have been prevented. Now he needs another CT scan for them to see if he needs operation or not. He has been hospitalized twice these March and April and we have exhausted everything to help financially. My SSS account balance is almost nil. His wife does not work. I wonder how she and their kid would survive if worse comes to worse.

Now and again, I have always said that health is wealth. If you are healthy, it won’t be a big problem if you don’t have enough money. You can always change your lifestyle.

I wish I could go home to visit Alden but nobody could take care of mom. My older brother’s movement is still limited due to his brain operation last year. Josef and Jovy are no longer working from home. I think at 93, dementia is beginning to show in mom. She is always being forgetful.

Please, please dear friends, I NEED YOUR PRAYERS🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thank you so much.

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How long has it been since I last posted here? It’s more than a week I guess. I even forgot making a blog at the end of January and greeting the new month of February. Blogging has taken a back seat for a while. Haven’t even visited those blogs I regularly read. Sorry for that.

Tomorrow is the start of the ninety days campaign period in the national level until our election day on May 9. Been busy watching those presidential interviews by different broadcasters. I AM FOR VP LENI ROBREDO. No doubt about that. She is vying for the presidency along with nine other candidates although it seems that is a fight between her and another Marcos. It’s between LIES AND TRUTH. Marcos junior insists that he graduated at Oxford but the truth is he only stayed there for a year and just earned a diploma and not a degree. He enrolled at St. Edmund Hall Oxford. His false claim that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in PPE is laughable. He passed Philosophy but failed in Economics and Politics. He didn’t pay his taxes when his father was president. Comelec has yet to decide whether he’ll be disqualified or not. The remaining commissioners are all duterte appointees.

VP Robredo earned her degree in Economics from University of the Philippines Diliman and studied law at the University of Nueva Caceres. She passed the bar exams in 1997. Participatory governance and transparency are major thrusts of VP Robredo’s legislative agenda. She is the only working vice-president of the country despite the very small budget given to the Office of the Vice-President.

It’s only now that almost everywhere, people are going out of their way to campaign for her with their own resources. We call our selves kakampinks. Pink is the color of hope.


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For the fourth time since this pandemic I have to go out again yesterday to get an additional form for mom’s renewal of her Social Security survivor’s pension since it is nearing January 16 which is the date of Dad’s birth.

I was able to contact SSS Cainta branch manager via e-mail. According to him, their branch is already closed since November last year. I have to go to another branch to get the non-remarriage/no co-habitation form, an additional requirement. Mom could no longer write her name so I bought a stampad ink months ago for her thumb marks.

I e-mailed everything, such gargantuan requirements. SSS just want to make sure that the pensioner is still alive.

Speaking of booster shots, I am in a quandary whether to get one. According to a friend whose son lives in Saudi Arabia, they are on their second booster there. Would this be endless meantime that it is in experimental stage? We had about more than 5,000 positive cases yesterday and according to our health department, there are already 7 cases of the Omicron variant. Sometimes, their reports are no longer believable.

Right now, I am on my third book. I joined the 2022 Godreads Reading Challenge. Yeay for 150 books.

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We had a great time celebrating together. Nissa, Obet and Nate came over to spend lunch with us. It was a simple but lovely celebration. I had a lovely time playing with Nate at the garden. Posted some shots of him at my other blog Precious Bundle of Joy. Sorry, could not post the link except the title, seems not to work on a tab.

Our group shot with 92-year old mom.
Nate always has that lovely smile.

Our two fur babies Oreo and Cookie with Josef and Jovy.
The two of us, look at my white hair….haha!
With Nissa and Nate.
Our lunch spread.

New Year’s Eve

Nissa took so many shots. These are just some of our New Year photos.

A blessed 2022 to all.

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It was a quiet Christmas eve. Although there were firecrackers, they were few and far between. Gone are the kids who do carolling at the start of the Advent season shouting with their merry voices accompanied by improvised tin cans.

It used to be when Christmas morning , you will see kids in their finery shouting namamasko po at your door accompanied by non-stop barking of the dogs. Maybe they are also afraid to go out because of the pandemic.

For Noche Buena, we had a simple fare of bibingka, puto bongbong, menudo, bagnet, roasted liempo and potato salad. Nissa, Obet and Nate will be coming over tomorrow to celebrate with us.

Merry, merry CHRISTmas every one.

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