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I do.

There is never a spam comment left on my spam folder. I delete them immediately. I don’t even bother to read them most of the time. There are those though who  are so persistent – same people, sometimes the same messages too even if they are not exactly related to the post at hand.  I noticed they love going back to old posts  and commenting on them.  I was even alarmed one time when somebody said he copied my blog.  Gosh, my blog? Or just a post in it?  Good thing there is Akismet which always filters everything.

Yesterday, I received this message from an unknown number that said “you have a vary urgent and crucial information. please contact my email now for the details”. His/her  email address was attached.  Maybe in his/her haste, the word “very” was misspelled.  Of course I was not gullible enough to believe someone I don’t even know.  This is not the first time I received such. Most messages I received before told me that I won in a lottery or  a raffle draw.  What a laugh! How could you win if you haven’t even bought a ticket and you don’t know what it’s all about?   Have you been victims of  such modus operandi?

I hate spam mails. They all go to my DELETE folder every time I receive one.   There are those bloggers too who just link your post to their sites and when you check, all posts are  just that, links from other blogs.  Since I started blogging,  I discovered  a dot.com which completely copied  one of my earlier posts and just changed some of the words. I reported it to WordPress and blogged about the site.  It was really annoying.

Just attended the first Simbang Gabi (evening mass) earlier. What a lovely and touching homily.



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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

via Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

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Last night while relaxing and listening to Christmas albums on YouTube, I tried this app. Senior moments though, I could no longer remember the site but I got these results.  Preposition, spelling, proper grammar –  my fave.

Haha, love this 🙂

Congratulations, you are a grammar master! You have a superb understanding of even the trickiest grammar rules. Not only do you know the difference between affect and effect, but you also never confuse your tenses. You must be an English scholar because only 4% of Americans can get a perfect score on this test.


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There was this story of a little boy who ate worms because he felt no  one would mind if he did.  No one would care if he gets sick because he has no friends.  How many of us feel that way? We feel abandoned and alone because no one would say, “Don’t, you’ll get sick if you do that.”  How many of us feel that our life is useless because no one cares?

We seek that elusive thing called happiness but there is really no cut and dried formula or rules by which we could say, “follow this and you will be happy.”  Since time immemorial, man has searched for that one special something that would permanently put a smile on his face,  a lift of the heart and a feeling of joy everyday of his life. But do you think life would be interesting if we don’t encounter those small barriers that give its meaning? Problems are meant to spice up life just as search for happiness is. They say that happiness is a state of mind and it is a result of events and circumstances  that have positive effect in our well-being.  I don’t think we need to search for it because it naturally follows when something good or something inspiring happens in our lives.  Some people would be happy with just a few pesos in their pockets but some  need millions stashed in their bank accounts to make them feel secure and happy.

Happiness comes easy to those who look at the sunrise and think that it is another golden opportunity to shine while it does not come easy to those who think that it is another day to hurdle. In the end, happiness is how we make it, it depends on our attitude towards life, whether we choose to enjoy it or choose to be miserable. Happiness is infectious while misery is not. Think of happy thoughts always.

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Have you ever thought of birthdays being new years in your life? Fresh start, a new chapter, a new beginning and another year of bountiful blessings. Another three hundred sixty-five days to look forward to, another forty-eight weeks or maybe 52 weeks of challenges and possibilities, another twelve months to learn more about life and its beauty. And it’s another year of making memories and searching for old dreams, chasing rainbows and reminiscing.

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“When the winds of change blow, you sense the outcome ahead of others, having seen so much before. Surprises come in smaller forms to you, as in the unexpected experiences of the senses, deepening your appreciation of the physical. You want life to last so you can explore your mature understanding of existence. You have become patient with the younger souls, understanding their paths and of the challenges they face. You forgive much, often acting as mentor without pushing your beliefs upon others. You give without great expectations of receiving. Love has become the most valued concept in your universe – this life may be your quest to perfect your ability to express and receive perfect love. Thoughts of dying do not fill you with dread, as you understand death is a part of life, and life is a process of becoming… so death is a graduation, not an end. At rest, you feel at one with the universe and are grateful for your current home, Earth. You have a heartfelt affinity for history – the connections to various periods throughout time are undeniable. Very old souls are adept at recognizing other old souls… mutual respect forms naturally between them”.

I wonder how true is this. In some instances I do agree. 

Took this quiz at FB, some days back. It was saved on my notes. I love history and I love to read historical books.  I sometimes dream of  places in my childhood . Soulmates ?  Yes, I  think  so too. Who knows, our  family members and close friends might have been close to us in earlier life.  And death certainly is, and should not be something to be afraid of.

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Life As We Know It

Source: Life As We Know It

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