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I am about done with my 2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I am on my 150th book which I promised myself to read this year. It is a historical novel based on things that happened centuries ago. I do still intend to record my book reads for 2023, but I wanna try slow reading and keeping a journal at the same time based on the books.

Of all the five books that a friend visiting from Canada gave me, I am pretty excited with Roger Housden’s Ten Poems To Open Your Heart. Even the dust jacket looks so enticing. I’ll start from this one of course. My friend suggested that I focus on the words, quotes and sentences. He said that the experience is rich and fulfilling.

Journaling….I will start with this in a few days as soon as I finish the 150th book this year. There is a biblical passage in every page. Here’s one:


Here’s my new journal. It will surely be another reading journey for me.


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The Catholic Church will be celebrating its first Sunday of Advent tomorrow where the first purple candle will be lit. It is called the Prophecy Candle which symbolizes Hope and God’s forgiveness toward man. It also symbolizes the expectation of the Messiah.

Come to think of it, it’s 28 days more to go before Christmas. Yes, I am counting but I am not much enthusiastic about decorating for Christmas. Last year, I bought a three-foot tall Christmas tree instead of putting our old seven-foot tree. Much as I want to change some decor, they have gone too high too like the basic commodities in supermarket and grocery stores. Our street though is now decorated with Christmas parols/stars in each front of the houses.

I am busy with our local government’s requirements for mom’s social pension which I should have done before but it’s only this time that I have her transferred as a permanent resident of our town since she has been with me for more than three years now. I already have her senior’s ID issued by the municipal hall. Our Dept. of Social Welfare and Development needs updated ID pictures of hers so I draped a white linen in one of our windows yesterday and took shot of her on my phone. I had it printed at the photo shop today together with three photos of us and Nate. I also bought three frames for the enlarged photos. I also started choosing more pictures for printing, got ten from several albums on my Facebook account.

I hear Christmas carols now being played at a department store near our place. Christmas time is definitely near.

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I have completed my gifts for the immediate family last month except that of Jovy. I found this site on Facebook that does personalized gifts for one’s loved ones especially mugs.

I thought of giving Jovy a pair with photos of Oreo and Cookie. That of Oreo has black inner color while Cookie’s has pink. They let me see the finished product before I made an order at Lazada. I copied them to my gallery and sharing them with you here. It will arrive next week. Here’s how the two mugs look. I am pretty sure she’ll be happy with them. She can share one with Josef.

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Saying goodbye is not without its tears. Gonna miss you brother dear, until we meet again.

They came over for a short visit, my niece, her husband and their son.
And with my sis-in-law too.

Have a safe flight back to Tulsa.

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I started blogging about my birthday back in 2008 at Multiply. I didn’t even know that there is a WordPress, I was blogging at Multiply. A good friend recommended it to me and I set one up but it took me a year to come back, customize and update it. Been blogging about my birthday since then.

I can’t resist writing about all these years. The year 2022 brought so much pain when my younger brother Alden left us. And mom could not even remember that he is no longer around. She kept telling me to call him so she could go back to the province.

In a few hours, I’ll be turning 66. I am not asking for material gifts but I would like to ask you to say a little prayer for me for my health. Got so many issues but I like to think they are being addressed now. I’ll be having lab tests again come November 4 then I’ll go back to my internist. First week of December, I’ll be seeing my ENT. She wants my ear test repeated by an audiologist, a different one this time. Eye cataract operation is out at the moment until my blood sugar goes back to normal. Oh, the pain and hassle of getting old. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to my loving God guiding me, loving me and egging me on to trust Him always.

Maybe, we’ll have a late celebration when Noel and Lanette arrive. Jovy and Josef have work tomorrow.

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I can’t resist posting these from the lovely photos on Nissa’s birthday 🎂 . They celebrated at SOFITEL MANILA. I am saving on space hence these two.

Look at those lovely smiles ☺
SOFITEL’s way of greeting a birthday celebrator. In other high-end restaurants like Vikings, the staff often serenade one with birthday greetings.

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Just when I bought a new tab, my old one is functioning again….haha! I mean it charged a hundred percent. Josef transferred my e-books and put the old SD card in the slot here. The new one had 158 GB. Told the guys at Samsung, I will still have enough space even if this tab no longer functions. They smiled at me. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. It went to the market late last year. Got it P9,490 pesos.

I took two photos of my Camia blooms early this morning with this phone’s camera.

So sweet scent . I think they bloom during the rainy season. It still rains here occasionally.

Yesterday, I went back to my internist for another check-up. He added one more medication for my blood sugar. I’ll be back for lab on November 4 for creatinine and FBS. Good news, I finally found an audiologist at the hospital near our place. I set an appointment for next Tuesday.

At least now, I have a spare tab when I blog at WordPress and when updating FB.

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I miss reading Barbara Gonzales-Ventura’s articles in Philippine Star, a national daily so I searched online. She’s still at it, writing in her mid-seventies if I am not mistaken. I was surprised that she is into making rosaries now. How nice that she sells them, and she has many orders.

The three of us, Nissa, Josef and I used to make rosaries a decade ago when Nissa was planning to get married. We bought several beads in Quiapo and the other materials that goes with making a rosary. In fact, Nissa made her own wedding cord when she got married, made one for her in-laws on their 50th wedding anniversary and some more as wedding gifts to her friends. Josef made the big ones for display and decor also for his friends. I made more than a dozen which I gave as gifts for friends who visited the house before. Hematite beads, faked pearls, tiger’s eye, Swarovski crystals which are a little more expensive, you name it, we have them all. I gifted Nissa with a jade rosary I made when she tied the knot with Obet. She’s more into fashionable bracelets now.

I collect rosaries too, mostly gifts from friends coming home from abroad. Fr. Lovell gifted me with a Vatican rosary and another one from Jerusalem. A friend from Netherlands sent me a rosary when her family visited Siena. Some friends gave ring rosaries and Josef gave me a rosary bracelet from Manaoag which I use when I go out. Fr. Louie gave me one too the first time we met at Sto. Domingo Church. I love the rose rosaries, I have two of them.

We still have some materials left. I made one for myself out of rose quartz. Photo below.

The center medal is an engraved photo of St. John Paul II. I have it blessed by a priest friend from Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross.

Rosary-making is such a nice hobby but I prefer reading nowadays😘

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Shopee, an online store which is a strict rival of Lazada probably lost its lead (if it is leading, that is) on the online market when it got Toni Gonzaga as its endorser. It was laying off its employees. Lazada which I patronize was trending yesterday afternoon once Shopee announced its new endorser. So far, many Filipinos unstalled the app for Shopee. The resonating boycott only proved the influence of socia media. Those 31M in SD cards who supposedly voted for Marcos, Jr. are silent.

There is a story behind this, Toni Gonzaga is an influencer and enabler. She campaigned for Marcos before the election. Others probably like her as an actress but some hate her the more while her whole family clings to the Marcoses. As they say in Tagalog kapit-tuko.

I think Shopee’s loss is Lazada’s gain. Since Nissa introduced me to online shopping years ago, I never ventured in Shopee’s app. Stayed loyal to Lazada.

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This morning I went to the wake of one of my friends’ mom. My Sambuhay Interaktib family met me there. Malou is also a member this group which was organized more than two years ago. These priests and seminarians of St. Paul created a program three years ago to share reflections and bond with other online people who attend the former’s online masses during the pandemic. It was a concelebrated mass of Fr. Pao and Fr. Baste assisted by Rev. Ed who delivered the homily. They go online twice a week and they have gained loyal followers.

Malou’s family took a one-week vacation (they live now in Australia) to attend their mom’s burial. Her son is also a seminarian. He took a video of the mass. I took some shots after the mass.

With Fr. Pao
Br. Russel and I
Fr. Pao, Marian (Malou’s daughter), Br. Ronel and Fr. Baste at the back.
Fr. Pao, Rev. Ed and I

Love those funny and precious moments of bonding after the mass and while we were eating lunch.

When friends meet, hearts warm❤🧡💜💙💚💛

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