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Remembering this today. It’s Nissa and Obet’s 7th Wedding Anniversary.  So thankful that they gave us loving, lovable and smart Nate. In a few days, he will be turning six. Another celebration I look forward to.

Look back on the sweet memories, treasure your gifts of the present and look forward to more years of loving togetherness.

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary Nissa and Obet. More beautiful, fruitful and blessed journey together.

(Nissa called this event her Purple Day. It’s her favorite color 🙂


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This is one of those quotes written by Van Gogh before. They were posted at the wall of the studio. I was inspired by it.

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

My mentor said earlier, everything can be learned if you have the heart to do it.  Go, go Arlene. No one is too old to do a new task. I’d like to say, it was a challenge for me.

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Come to think of it. It was not even in my bucket list as one of those things to try.

It was Nissa’s birthday gift to me, an afternoon of learning, fun and laughter. Precious bonding with my daughter.

Early this morning, I asked Josef if he was not going to work since he woke up late. He said he is on vacation leave. I didn’t have any inkling that Nissa was coming over to fetch me. She went on leave too so we could go to Sip & Gogh,  a  paint and sip studio in the market today. A new concept of learning how to paint. That was why Josef went on leave so he could take care of Oreo 🙂

My golly, I didn’t know where to start.


Can I do this?


What else is lacking? Amateur when it comes to this…haha!


They served finger food.


Finally done. Nissa attempted a more elaborate one, I settled with a silhouette figure.

I had a hard time drawing those trees, and those three silhouette of a family. Finalized it by painting the sides of the canvas black too and putting my name of course. It’s a 16″ x 20″ frame in acrylic.

Did I tell you that it was my first time to dabble in paint? All I can draw before were mere stick figures and flowers.  I’d like to think this is my masterpiece. Nissa was positive though that this won’t be the first time that I’ll visit this place. Who knows?

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A Busy Week

Oh my, how time flies. It’s now the middle of the week and I am still busy, busy, busy. General cleaning, changing curtains, checking all the Christmas decor we have in store.

I managed to read two more books though.  One is a story of two struggling Indian teenagers, their friendship, the life they lived in one of the rural areas of India. This is only the second book about  India that I have read, a touching novel on  how the poor Indian women are exploited and abused. Girls Burn Brighter was written by  Shobha Rao.

I was not expecting  much but oh gosh, this book grips you all throughout. I’ve never been aware of those traditions in rural parts of India until now. The story is brutal in a sense that it delivers without sugar-coating the events and happenings in the story.
I was quite disappointed though when I reached the ending. Although it was implied that the two characters have finally found each other again, I would have preferred seeing their reactions face to face.

There is still life after all the hardships as long as one believes.

I’ve read almost all of Emily Giffin books and this one, All We Ever Wanted  is another winner. How far would you go to protect your child? Are you willing to sacrifice everything, even your marriage to protect them? This is a relevant story of how teens deal with stress and pressure nowadays. Some friends could be bad influences in their lives. Some could do well staying as just friends.

There is this lone okra shrub that I planted some months ago. The others died on me after a few months but this one looks so sturdy. Every day, I would harvest two okra. It never stops flowering. I would just steam them on newly cooked rice and presto, they’re ready to go. Waiting for my Roselle and Blue Ternatea seeds to mature.


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She sits there quietly

At her favorite spot in the garden

holding a hot cup of the brew.

Her dog looks at her adoringly.

“Coffee”, she said.

Her dog hopped to sit on the table

Her day has started.

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Thank You

Thank You Lord for another wonderful year. Looking forward to more years of blessings and happy moments.

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She dances to the music in her head

Her soul rejoices

And she is happy.

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