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The president of this land has lifted the wearing of face mask in public places except those who are senior citizens and persons with comorbidity. It is now voluntary.

I’ve been wearing one since my chemo days back in 2009. I don’t want to give it up since I have low immunity. It is so easy for me to pick up germs on the streets especially when I take a commute. Pollution is such that sometimes I am afraid to go out on my own.

They never update us anymore of the situation of Covid in the country. Based on some news, most vaccines for Covid have already expired. That’s a lot of money.

Peso to the US$ dollar is getting worse. We could not even hear from this administration what they are planning to do with the rising cost of almost all commodities and basic necessities. Shall we just sit back and wait? How pathetic🤔😒☹


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Things I Miss

A warm welcome, smiles, tight hugs from a friend, endless conversations over a cup of coffee or tea, reminiscing about dreams that came true and did not, laughing about simple jokes that may not be laughable to some – these are the things I miss today.

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Growing Old Gracefully

I promised I would write about my childhood a week ago. Some may not be as clear as what I am going through right now but I still remember.

I was born in a little town in Pangasinan in Northern part of Luzon 65 years ago. Come to think of it, I’ll be turning 66 in two months, October 27 to be exact. There are four of us kids in the family, I have three brothers, I lost one with cancer three months ago. Together with my two brothers, we spent four years of grade school in our barrio then transferred to the school in town during intermediate grades. Our youngest graduated grade school in Quezon City when the three us older siblings were already in high school.

You won’t probably believe this but in our barrio, we only had two school rooms and two teachers. Miss Rimando taught grades 1 and 2 while my uncle, mom’s cousin, taught grades 3 and 4. What I vividly remember were those nursery rhymes I learned back then. We didn’t have school uniforms and we went to class in slippers. Every morning before class started, we were assigned to water the plants then we had flag ceremony and Panatang Makabayan. There were always some kind of reminders from our teachers before going to the classroom. Imagine just learning your ABC in grade 1.

Dad decided that we spend high school at the University of Santo Tomas (the oldest university in the Far East) since he was working there. I was late in the entrance exams so I took it at the principal’s office late summer of 1969. I enjoyed high school life although the administrators were strict to us in wearing uniforms especially, all girls in each class and we were only allowed to mingle with our brother sections during school activities. We belonged to the morning session and we had separate exit at the end of the day while the boys had separate entrances.

It was there I learned to read books since we had high school reports back then. A classmate introduced me to Mills and Boon paperbacks. Dad borrowed those books from the high school librarian. I was a freshman in college when Dad suggested if I wanted to work as a student librarian. I took the exam and passed even if I didn’t understand what library catalogue was for. I was assigned at the Humanities Section of the UST Library where I learned serious reading. I took up BSC Economics and graduated in 1978. I was employed at Bank of the Philippine Islands and worked there for more than twenty one years before I availed of early retirement. It was those times when I armed myself with books, an eclectic mix of reading genre.

I taught Nissa and Josef to appreciate books when they were kids. It paid off. Both of them were smart and honors students. Josef earned medals every school year until high school while Nissa had hers until college, she graduated Magna Cum Laude. The three of us are alumni of the University of Santo Tomas. Josef is now working at JP Morgan Chase Bank while Nissa is a manager at Bank of PI. I was blessed to have smart, loving and thoughtful kids. Thank God.

I am getting old but I like to think I am growing old gracefully. I enjoy bonding with my only grandchild Nate although we don’t see much of each other nowadays.

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Yesterday, I wrote about what life is like these days and some of you who are my faithful followers had those uplifting and inspiring comments, thank you.

You had glimpses and snapshots of the things I wrote since I started posting back in July 2009. That’s how long I’ve been writing here though not regularly now. I started with Friendster, blogged about a few posts and when it closed, I opened an account at Multiply and I tremendously enjoyed sharing with about a hundred close friends. I posted my collection of CDs, poems I wrote when I was in college, lots and lots of photos and blogs too. My youngest brother shouldered my premium account until it also closed years ago. A friend invited me to Facebook and I am still there, a co-admin of a Catholic page and two Catholic groups.

The reason why I opened an account here upon the recommendation of a friend was that I wanted to share my plight as a cancer patient and survivor. I had sigmoid surgery back in July 2009 and I painstakingly posted almost every day after I went back from the hospital. Had six cycles of chemotherapy after a month of my operation. Know what encouraged me to write further? It’s the people I met here who had the same ailment like me. They asked how the treatment was done, they asked about my oncologists and where they could find them. The thing was, they came back thanking me and shared their own experiences. What a beautiful journey! Some of them even wrote longer messages than my blog posts. Met two doctors who shared their plight as cancer survivors too.

Whew! I got lost here somewhere, I planned of blogging about my childhood in the province but I got diverted again, maybe on my next post.

I found a book about Tibet and East Timor. Want to know what life is like in those places. Excited! The weather has improved. The typhoon is out of the country now. No more heavy rains but public school classes and public offices are suspended today.🌦☔

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Yesterday, I was able to get recommendations from Philheath on the different lab tests that I have to undergo. I went to the hospital again this morning and I am done with chest x-ray, sugar testing, urine, ECG and blood works.

The lab results would be released in different dates then I have to go back to the Hub again for them to schedule me for cataract operation. That would probably take another two weeks. Such a long preparation. I started seeing my optha last June. Took two months to complete the requirements. They don’t always call, you have to call them. I am praying and hoping that everything is normal.

I have to see another doctor so he can read the results.

How are you all doing?

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Good Morning!

What’s good in the morning? It’s the beauty of sunrise after the rain💛🌻🌞

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It’s cold and wet. It’s August afterall. The rain stopped early this morning and I was able to visit the garden for a while. I love the raindrops clinging to the leaves of some of my plants. They look like silver jewels. My Kamuning has that lovely scent which I could smell from the garage.

I am on my 105th book this year. 69% of what I promised myself to finish reading by December. I found so many lovely books at ReadEra, all e-books of course. As usual I still prefer historical books. I always love reading about what life was like in the 15th to 19th century. I am reminded of our very own kalesa more than 50 years ago. Kalesa is a two-wheel horse-drawn carriage used in the Philippines more than half a century ago. It was a primary mode of public and private transportation during the Spanish colonial era. Now, they largely only survive as tourists attraction. They are still used today in the commercial district of chinatown and in the province of Ilocos where historical landmarks abound.

How’s your day? Stay safe everyone.

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Close your eyes for a while

Savor the silence

Listen to God’s voice

He gently calls,

Whispering His everlasting love.

Silence is a prayer in itself.


Always believe in prayers

No matter how mundane your wants and needs are,

God answers our prayers.

It may not be immediate

But rest assured it is the best.

Let us learn to listen to God’s whispers

Let us learn to appreciate silence in our hearts.

(Reposted from my post back in 2011)

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Hey friends, I am back after almost a week of not even visiting WordPress until now.

It is summer here now and it is so hot. We are due for some house repairs and supposed repainting but then again I am so lazy to contact a carpenter to do the job.

Alden is in the hospital at the moment. He had colonoscopy yesterday and ultrasound this morning. They will probably go home this afternoon. They are renting a room for my niece who serves as their runner when they need something from outside the hospital. He is in a three-bed ward so only one companion is allowed. He had to have another blood transfusion before his scheduled colonoscopy. I am praying he could recover soon. Please pray for him. Thank you so much.

I don’t think this is funny. VP LENI was interviewed a few days ago and they asked her about her favorite book. She said To Kill A MockingBird then went on to explain why. She was influenced by it on becoming a lawyer. Those detractors who don’t even know the title of the book bashed her again saying that she didn’t answer the question. She did but knowing how they seem to be all-knowing, they probably thought that To Kill A Mockingbird is not the title. It is just so annoying that these pretenders don’t even know a good book. If you are a reader, you remember the story and the title of the book which is your favorite, right? Which reminds, I like to reread that book one of these days. I don’t know where my copy got to.

Talking of being lazy, I finished three books by David Baldacci lately, The Fix, The Fallen and Long Road to Mercy. They are all so captivating. Enjoyed the read. I am doing some spiritual readings too for Lent. Watched a new episode of the Fourteen Stations of the Cross at the Hundred Islands in our province in Pangasinan.

By the way, today is April Fools Day and I am again reminded of the song The April Fools.

In an April dream
Once you came to me
When you smiled I looked into your eyes
And I knew I’d be loving you
And then you touched my hand
And I learned April dreams can come true

Are we just April fools
Who can’t see all the danger around us
If we’re just April fools
I don’t care, true love has found us nowLittle did we know
Where the road would lead
Here we are a million miles away from the past
Travelin’ so fast now
There’s no turning back
If our sweet April dream doesn’t last

Are we just April fools
Who can’t see all the danger around us
If we’re just April fools
I don’t care, we’ll find our way somehow
No need to be afraid
True love has found us now

There you go. HAPPY APRIL 😘🌷💐🛻🌞

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Dream On

Nissa and I were both waiting for a ride, she to go to her class and I to go to the office. After a while she went back home because she forgot her project. I waited and waited but the only available ride was a bus going to EDSA. I wonder why it was so full. While we were on our bus ride, a passenger alighted while the traffic signal was on “STOP” without the driver’s knowledge. Then it suddenly went green and I saw the passenger, his head detached from his body and yet all the cars passing by did not stop. I was trembling when I saw the accident.

I waited for another ride going to Ayala Avenue and some people going to the same place pointed to me where to get one. I think I walked for a mile before getting one. I was relieved when I saw the tall buildings of Ayala Avenue and when I reached the office, I was thinking of how to get home again without our service vehicle.

Gosh, that was so vivid and it seemed it took so long.

But it was only a dream.

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