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I left the house early around 5 :30 am so I could buy breakfast at KFC after my FBS. I was on an 8-hour fasting last night for FBS today aside from three more tests that I had to undergo. I was early but I didn’t know The Medical City Clinic opens now at 7 am so I didn’t have to wait long.

I looked at the bill they charged for the series of tests, my, so costly. Imagine, four syringes of blood from both arms. Good thing, it was not so painful. I’ll be going back to my endocrinologist on Saturday. It’ll take two days before the test results are out. My endo has replaced my internist, she is both an internist and endocrinologist. My left ear is acting up again, sometimes painful but unlike before, the pain is tolerable. I like to see the result of my lab tests first before I go back to the ENT. The latter said my ear infection has a connection with my abnormal blood sugar. The things one has to sacrifice for one’s health. I am glad though that I lost more than a kilo since my check-up almost a month ago. Maybe my morning walks are helping😊.

I am not as worried with my health as I was before because I left everything to God’s will. I pray every day that I still would like to get well so I could take more care of mom and my kids. She is becoming so forgetful every day.

Our liver line Shih Tzu is already four-month old. A chubby little puppy. So happy to play with him every day.


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What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Not all of my friends knew that I underwent sigmoid surgery then six cycles of chemotherapy almost fourteen years ago but those who are close to me knew about what I went through back then. A friend who is a nun told me to keep the faith and she admired my bravery in facing this predicament. She had always told me before that I am a strong woman taking care of my two kids and at the same time keeping a job when the hubby went abroad to work.

Brave, strong and faithful to the Lord that He won’t abandon me. And the best compliment that I received? Despite everything that happened in my life, I am still standing tall.

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Why are inverter appliances the best investment in these times?

Depending on what appliance you use, inverter-equipped units can be up to 27% more efficient than traditional appliances. It is a good choice because it is energy-efficient and using these appliances that are on inverter technology is smart living. An inverter is adaptable, it can work faster or slow according to your desire and also keep the right thermostat. According to studies, they usually last between ten to fifteen years.

The only thing installed in our house with inverter is the split-type aircon in Josef’s and Jovy’s room. Our ref is just a no-froze one. We’ve been using no-froze long before inverter was invented/manufactured. So convenient, you just have to wipe it when cleaning. Nissa told me that the air conditions installed in their rooms are inverter type, even the television, ref and washing machine are too. They could save on electricity consumption using those appliances. They are more pricey though. They are presently using an inverter aircon but not split-type. I wonder if they will bring it along when they move soon.

Inverter-type appliances….the way to go😉

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I am so proud and happy for them. Their hard work bore fruit…at last.

Even just through a video, I was able to take a glimpse of the interior of the house. Except for the sala set, everything seems complete and all new. They spent the night there and will go home today. The house was turned over by the contractor yesterday. They brought a temporary helper to help them clean the house.

I am envious of their 2-door 19 cu. feet ref with water dispenser but it is still empty….haha. They had two split-type inverter aircon installed in the main bedroom and Nate’s. Nissa showed me all the kitchen gadgets that I bought for them before. I am thinking of what more to buy for them. Maybe some Pyrex dish tray. Nissa could not decide yet what type of furniture they’ll have for the sala. All that was installed there is a big Smart television.

I asked her how it feels to have a new house that they could make into a lovely home and she said, so happy of course Ma. Aside from the cute garden infront of the house, they have another small one at the side. I told her to water the plants before they leave since all the workers have already left yesterday.

Another dream realized, thank God❤🙏💚

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Finally, my two tabs and CP are now linked to our new server. Josef did it for me since I am not familiar on how to go about it. We’ll see if it is really faster than Globe.

I paid our realty tax this morning and it only took me five minutes to pay to the Treasurer’s office. The trip going there is longer….haha! Nissa told me that they paid theirs in advance so they were given a discount. Theirs is an exclusive Ayala Land subdivision.

Next in line is the fire insurance for the house which is due first week of May. I had the house enrolled since we had it constructed and it is due every year. I don’t want to give it up. We transferred here on my birthday in 1995. It is quite expensive to maintain a house, the roof and the whole house need repainting. The last time we had it repainted was seven years ago.

I am supposed to visit my ENT tomorrow but I want to have my lab tests done first in a week before consulting her. I have an appointment with my new doctor, an endocrinologist/internist on the 25th of this month. I hope with my new medicines, my blood sugar level would improve.

Such is the life of someone with DM2.

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I woke up around 3am to go to the comfort room then I went to bed thinking 4:30 am is more than an hour away. I always wake up early when Josef reports for work three times a week. He always leaves the house at 5 am.

I overslept. Woke up finally at almost 7am. I am supposed to do my morning walk every day except Saturdays and Sundays. These two days are for early morning masses that I watch online. I still could not hear well even through my tab if the sites’ audios are not so good. I don’t like walking at the park a little late since there are regular joggers. I love the silence and peace around on an early morning. Josef left me a message just to lock the front door.

They have our internet service provider changed to Converge, presently we are using Globe. Jovy said that Converge is faster, I wonder. For two years that they both worked from home during the pandemic, our internet subscription was shouldered by JP Morgan Chase bank. I wonder if the bank still pays for it since both of them work from home twice a week. I am still using Globe now. It wasn’t cut yet.

Good old Wednesday, I guess it is another time to garden later this afternoon.

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What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

And my answer is:

Being the head of the family for more than twenty years and still is until now. In short, isang tatay con nanay.

When responsibilities fall on your shoulder, you learn to carry them well.

I am proud of myself that despite all the setbacks, my kids grew up to be loving, lovable, kind, compassionate and above all responsible adults.

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Weekends should be extended sleeping time but I always wake up at 4:30 am. Spent the early morning walking at the park square then I bought pandesal for mom’s breakfast. Envisioning a hot mug of coffee while walking.

Yes, lately I started drinking coffee again with a small packet of Stevia as sweetener. Nothing fancy there but just a teaspoonful of the instant variety. I don’t even like coffee creamer. In all the years that Starbucks has been here, I’ve only visited it once when my friends and I had lunch at Sweet Sensation,then transferred to Starbucks to have coffee, I didn’t order anything but watched my friends enjoying their latté, mocha and espresso. Anything with coffee creamer tastes like milk to me. I don’t drink milk, I neither eat white chocolate.

There is something wonderful about drinking coffee in your favourite mug instead of the disposable variety they use at coffee shops. Watching the world go by, waiting for the sunrise while staying at the garden, precious minutes of ‘alone time’ while our three doggies who stay outside our grills hover nearby. Oh, but I was able to trim our fukien tea plants. Nice touch, I say. Since it is almost summer, our carabao grass is growing slowly but my few pots of Amazon lilies are flowering again. Such heady scent.

I remember our trips to Caleruega several years ago. They usually serve kape barako, a variety grown locally here. I miss it. It’s the variation of the liberica variety. Traditionally, it is served either black or sweetened with muscovado sugar. The recent rise of local shops serving other varieties has led to low consumption of it although there are still coffee shops that serve it. It was popular with the older generation.

Coffee anyone?

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So I am trying another Jetpack app this morning. In a few days, WordPress would have another algorithm. Good thing I already installed it on my tab.

They were asking what was my last difficult goodbye. It was when I lost my younger brother Alden last May 15, 2022 due to colo-rectal cancer, the same ailment that my oldest brother had back in 2003 and mine was colon cancer last July 2009. My oldest brother and I had gone through chemotherapy sessions, me with oral chemo tablets too and my brother with radiation treatment. Both of us underwent sigmoid surgery before chemotherapy while Alden chose an alternative cure and he was given three more years after being diagnosed. He was worried about the additional financial burden to the whole family. We regularly sent them financial help back then.

It was one Friday afternoon May of last year that Nissa and I went home to visit him. The day before that, no hospital in our place would accept him. When he reached home, he could no longer stand and had to be fed by his wife. We reached Pangasinan around 9pm and their driver, a cousin of ours fetched us at the bus station. My heart bled for him when I saw how he was, no longer talking but just nodding his head as I whispered in his ears. Sunday morning, that was May 15, Almeda, his wife woke me up and told me that Alden felt so cold. They called an ambulance but we talked about it. I thought it was a useless exercise bringing him to the hospital again. Some of our relatives came over to visit him. Nissa spent the longest time talking to him that Sunday morning we were due to go back to Manila. We were somewhere in NLEX when I received a text from my oldest brother that Alden is gone. I felt that was the longest trip we had.

It is so sad to lose a family member. The sadness could not be quantified and the sense of emptiness is greatly felt. That Sunday morning when we left for Manila was the most difficult goodbye. Memories with Alden will always be treasured.

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Sometimes you feel that sudden bout of emptiness and you think of negative things that happened to you before. Once in a while you feel alone and afraid.

Last night, I tried losing myself to a lovely thriller by Lee Child called 61 hours. There are times that sleep would not show its face no matter what I do. Reading though helps a lot. For the first time in I think eight years, I am not participating in Goodyears’ Reading Challenge but still I promised myself to read twenty books of fiction. I read a page or two of the poems I am trying on my own to interpret, slow reading to the max. I haven ‘t made a dent yet since I’m only on the 45th page after a month and a half. Anyway, I guess keeping a journal and not just a blog is keeping me sane. My writing has changed a lot. Getting old? Probably it’s because of the unsteady grip of the pen on my journal. A thick one which I started a few years ago has become a smorgasbord of thoughts, recipes, phone numbers that I want to commit on paper, real names of my WordPress friends here, list of gifts I’ve given to the family members over the years and a list of daily expenses. I know to the last centavo how much is in my bank accounts. I know when to use my credit card and program a day to pay everything in one go. Being a banker before, I am always aware of the cut-offs. I am using a new journal just for those thoughts after reading a poem. Would love to jump to a page where Mary Oliver’s poem was featured but I think I am patient enough to wait.

The day has been so windy outside since this morning but the sun was shining brightly. I went to the garden to water the plants then I noticed the two pots of my Amazon lily with buds, something to look forward to when the scented white flowers bloom.

And for the first time, Josef is trying to grow tomatoes from seeds. He has already transferred them to several pots when they reached six inches. They are dwarf tomatoes. I have three tomato plants growing at the back garden and one is already bearing fruits. I can see some jutes growing too. In our country, it is called saluyot and it is an antioxidant.

There is one good thing about Friday night, I could spend late hours reading and wake up an hour or two later than my usual time in the morning.

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