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And I mean literally, I am simply not inspired.

I am getting tired of going back and forth to my doctor and for laboratory tests. Sometimes, it is every week, other days every two weeks. My internist advised me to visit a cardiologist so he could give me clearance that I need for my cataract operation. It’s been four months and the nurse who is in charge of my papers at the Hub said that those tests I undertook last August are no longer viable. I don ‘t want to go back to their Malasakit Center because of so many patients going there.

I could have all those tests done at The Medical City Hospital because they are covered by my medical insurance but then I don’t know if it is allowed by the doctors at the Hub. All I want is to have the change of my lense free because it is not covered by the insurance and our town hospital has acquired new medical equipments for cataract operations the past months with three opthalmologists in attendance. I’ll be going back to my internist first week of December and also a scheduled visit to my ENT. Hopefully, everything would be fixed at the end of the year.

Didn’t I tell you earlier that I am not that enthusiastic to put up Christmas decor? Since mom is here with us, some of her things are scattered around. She always wants extra clothes and her two small bags with her when she takes a rest or when she has her early naps during the day. She always asks me if it is day or night. That’s how her eyesight has deteriorated. Her sense of hearing is almost nil. Really getting old at almost 94. I know it is hard to take care of her, I really have to muscle enough patience because I’m the only girl among us three kids left. My eldest brother had a brain operation almost two years ago and he fears being stressed when mom wants to visit them. Our youngest Noel is out of the country. When they came for a visit more than three weeks ago, mom always thought of him that he was my youngest son. She was not much affected when they went back to Tulsa.

The plants in the garden are not blooming except for a few Crossandra blooms. My two jackfruits are bearing fruits though which we could wait to ripen or cook the young ones in coconut cream.

No flowers today….sadly😏


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I have completed my gifts for the immediate family last month except that of Jovy. I found this site on Facebook that does personalized gifts for one’s loved ones especially mugs.

I thought of giving Jovy a pair with photos of Oreo and Cookie. That of Oreo has black inner color while Cookie’s has pink. They let me see the finished product before I made an order at Lazada. I copied them to my gallery and sharing them with you here. It will arrive next week. Here’s how the two mugs look. I am pretty sure she’ll be happy with them. She can share one with Josef.

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Aside of course from being hit by the lazy bug to make a blog post, I was busy.

Finally, we got to meet again after several years. What a lovely time with the family. We had a mini reunion last November 1 when Noel and Lanette were here. A late celebration for my birthday. I just ordered food online so we had enough time to exchange news. We invited my oldest brother Kuya Roy and my sis-in-law, Nissa’s family too. They brought with them lots of goodies for the family. Nissa and Noel took a lot of photos. I am compiling them in an album at Facebook.

At first mom could not recognize Noel but when he embraced and kissed her, she smiled and shouted “Oweng”, Noel’s nickname.

A family pic but the others were busy with lunch. (Josef, Noel, Nissa, Nate and me).
Ang maglolo.
With Noel and Lanette
Look at how old my mom is now. She’ll be turning 94 by April next year.

Nate’s legs are so heavy😘

They spent four days in Mindoro with Lanette’s family, then yesterday, they were off to Pangasinan to visit Alden at the cemetery and a quick visit to my niece and sis-in-law and some cousins. Good thing one of Lanette’s brothers was free to drive them around. They’re coming back today and on Saturday, Nissa and Obet will bring them to Tagaytay to enjoy another tourist attraction.

Mae is Alden’s only child. She said she looks more like his tito than her Papa.

Just a hectic two-week visit.

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Yesterday, Jovy gave me an advance birthday gift 📦. A beautiful night light with embossed prayers and a figure of an angel. It is so lovely lit at night 🌃.

I received another greeting, from Union Bank this time, the first was from Bank of PI. My birthday is eleven days away yet. I’ll just wait for Lanette and Noel to come home so we could celebrate together.

Isn’t it just lovely?

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It’s New!

Three days ago, I asked Josef where our car was. He said “it will be delivered this afternoon” so I thought there was trouble with it. Joy has it regularly checked because she uses it every day.

Imagine my surprise when he woke me up and showed a new car parked in the garage. It is a Geely Coolray, a sub compact crossover and Geely Philippines’s newest contender to the Philippine automotive market.

Just like Nissa and Obet’s Ford Territory, it has sunroof. You can open it even if you’re outside the car and doors could also be opened through your programmed thumb print. Though it is owned by a Chinese giant carmaker who owns Volvo, the engine is Volvo technology. We’ll see how it goes in the long run. Josef hadn’t learned to drive it yet because it ‘s automatic. Our previous car was manual. They sold it (it’s only used for five years) and used the proceeds for the down payment of the new one. Jovy has been using it for three days now.

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A Nice Surprise

I found this lovely utility box 🗃 at the secret compartment of our headboard. It’s made of wood. It’s Nissa’s. She wrote her name and signature at the back of the cover. As it was covered by dust, I washed and dried it under the sun☀.

I am using it now for my pens, wrist watch, a Carmelite scapular and my bracelet rosary. I bring the rosary with me when I go out and usually, I would pray🙏 fifteen mysteries before I am seen by the doctor.

I love the message “friends forever “.

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Noel and my sister-in-law Lanette are coming home on October 31. We haven’t seen each other since dad died and it’s been years. He jokingly asked me to postpone my birthday celebration until they come home.

He is worried about mom. I told him she doesn’t eat much nowadays and she is too thin. Good thing they were able to book tickets this early. I told Nissa for them to take leaves of absence so we could go to the airport and fetch Noel and Lanette. Their car is way bigger than ours.

It is exciting to see each other again after all these years. We just survived on messages and phone calls.

Noel is our youngest. They migrated to the US back in 1991.

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I miss reading Barbara Gonzales-Ventura’s articles in Philippine Star, a national daily so I searched online. She’s still at it, writing in her mid-seventies if I am not mistaken. I was surprised that she is into making rosaries now. How nice that she sells them, and she has many orders.

The three of us, Nissa, Josef and I used to make rosaries a decade ago when Nissa was planning to get married. We bought several beads in Quiapo and the other materials that goes with making a rosary. In fact, Nissa made her own wedding cord when she got married, made one for her in-laws on their 50th wedding anniversary and some more as wedding gifts to her friends. Josef made the big ones for display and decor also for his friends. I made more than a dozen which I gave as gifts for friends who visited the house before. Hematite beads, faked pearls, tiger’s eye, Swarovski crystals which are a little more expensive, you name it, we have them all. I gifted Nissa with a jade rosary I made when she tied the knot with Obet. She’s more into fashionable bracelets now.

I collect rosaries too, mostly gifts from friends coming home from abroad. Fr. Lovell gifted me with a Vatican rosary and another one from Jerusalem. A friend from Netherlands sent me a rosary when her family visited Siena. Some friends gave ring rosaries and Josef gave me a rosary bracelet from Manaoag which I use when I go out. Fr. Louie gave me one too the first time we met at Sto. Domingo Church. I love the rose rosaries, I have two of them.

We still have some materials left. I made one for myself out of rose quartz. Photo below.

The center medal is an engraved photo of St. John Paul II. I have it blessed by a priest friend from Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross.

Rosary-making is such a nice hobby but I prefer reading nowadays😘

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I think I am getting old. I now have a forty-year old daughter but I wish I have more grandkids. It must be nice to have a big family.

Back in our time at Bank of PI, we were always allowed to file a vacation leave on the day of our birthday. So they are still doing it until today. Obet also filed a leave of absence and Nate does not have class today.

I asked Nissa where they’ll be having their lunch. It’s at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel. Wow, what a grand celebration. I enjoyed reading the comments on the tribute I wrote for Nissa. Nate is as smart as his mom. I hope when he grows up, he’ll be as successful as Nissa.

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Yes, it’s a bad bed weather. Typhoon Karding has reached the category of typhoon signal number 5. We are alarmed by the speed of winds it is taking and the sudden change of track targetting Luzon and Metro Manila. So far, we are having moderate rainfall now here in our area. I don’t know about the next eighteen hours. I am monitoring our weather bureau. I told Jovy and Josef not to go out anymore, it might gain strength this evening. I am hoping and praying there won’t be flashfloods.

Yesterday, Nissa’s fam came over for a visit. We saw each other the last time four months ago when we lost my younger brother Alden. My goodness, Nate is definitely growing tall for his age of nine years. Nissa says he is 4’11 now, the tallest in his class. Change of weather, he suddenly doesn’t like his pictures taken but in the end, he posed for me at the garden. I took some shots though.

Our bunso is not so fond of the camera but he gamely joined me and Nissa for a pose. My two kids, Josef and Nissa.
Nissa and I
A stolen shot of Nate while he was busy playing with his tab.

He loves the Fudgee Barr I gave him earlier.

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