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I pity this arrogant congressman.

There was this incident at NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure  where security level alert 2 is being implemented. He ignored the screening officer and showed his ID arrogantly at the former. As if that is not enough, he got the ID of the personnel concerned and asked the general manager of  MIAA  to remove  and lay him off in his job. What arrogance! It was this same guy who was featured recently while those board passers in the recent  Engineering board exams, were having their PRC Oath-taking who joked that if they don’t know Bong Go, PRC wouldn’t issue their licenses.  He is proud of Bong Go.

Who is Bong Go? He is the current special assistant to Duterte with the rank of a secretary. He is that guy who is always behind the president or in front of events enjoying selfie shots. He said he won’t be running as senator next year but he is campaigning as early as the past few days, months actually. His face is all over the metropolis and in provinces too – in bill boards, streamers, shopping bags etc. Isn’t there any rule of law for this premature campaigning? But then as long as you haven’t filed your certificate of candidacy yet, it is allowed.

These people, shame on them. They let their positions go to their heads.


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