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It’s been a busy week so far. Weekends are  here again. Time to relax a little and enjoy what is in store.

I gardened for three straight hours yesterday then today I went to the mall to buy Christmas gifts for the family.  Two loads off my shoulder. It’s a good thing their  customer service is still not that busy. I was able to have them gift-wrapped. I won’t have to buy  Christmas gift-wrapping papers. I need a few more but I already have an idea what to buy.  A month ago. I also bought my birthday gift for Nate who’ll be having his 5th birthday next month.

I  window-shopped for Christmas decor but most of them are so costly. We have lots here but some of them are already old.  Hoping for something new for a change.  I want to put up a  Christmas tree. We use the plastic ones here since they are more practical to use.  Our Christmas tree though is seven feet high. It is so time-consuming to fill  it with  Christmas lights and decorations. I want a smaller one  with dancing lights.  Every year, they innovate  the Christmas lights. We used to have the Christmas parol  which is truly unique in the Philippines  The word parol is derived from the  Spanish  word farol, meaning “lantern”.  They are quite expensive now and they have gone a long way in terms of designs and lighting. I remember my brother who at one time hand-carried one when they came over for vacation a long time ago. He said their house in Tulsa is the only one with  parol come  Christmas time.

Despite the busy days, I was able to read more books. I am now in the middle of reading Philippa Gregory’s The Constant Princess. If you love the story of the Tudors, you would  admire the story of Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII. I love the story of The Other Boleyn Girl  more than this one though. I love historical novels.  Speaking of reading, I am on my 175th read for this year, twenty  five more books than I have set myself to finish until December.

Have a nice and blessed weekend.


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I remember this story when we still had the Koi and Pangasius fish in our small pond.

My  then six-year old niece was so elated to see our Koi and Pangasius fish swimming side by side at the garden pond.  Between taking the leash of our dog Soo Kee and running around the yard, she asked me to teach her how to remove  debris from the water using a small net. She had that permanent smile pasted on her face. Talk about simple things that a child enjoys.

Of all the questions I’ve been asked before, this one takes the cake.  “Natutulog ba ang mga isda Tita?” (Do fish ever sleep?)  And if you think her question ended there, you are mistaken. She further added, “Hindi sila napapagod lumangoy?” (Don’t they get tired swimming?). Intelligent questions, coming from a six-year old kid but I had no ready answer so I just told her, sometimes, they just stay in one corner and won’t move for a while, maybe that’s the time they get some rest.  I  was not satisfied with my answer so  I have to resort to surfing the net so I’ll be able to tell her the next time she comes for another visit.  And here’s what I’ve found on WikiAnswers.com:

Fish have no eyelids to blink, their eyes are already moist, because they live in water.  Since they have no eyelidsmany people mistakenly think that fish do not sleep.  Fish do sleep, they just stay very still in a  quiet corner. Scientists believe  they enter a rest state.

Our young ones do teach us simple lessons at times.  We must be alert enough to find a truthful answer and it is alright to say, you don’t know than inventing some outrageous lies that even you won’t accept.    She keeps saying  that she’ll spend her summer or  Christmas  break with us.  Kids could be a handful at times, but the  happy moments outweigh the pouts and crying, and a simple hug or a kiss would make your day complete.

The first time she saw Nate, I could not paint her face. I don’t know if she was just jealous of him or she felt insecure. She had been our  baby for so long that she got used to being the youngest in the family.

Now we know, fish do sleep and take a rest too.

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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. –William Arthur Ward

It was the way you said, “dreams are for people who love life” that made me think dreams could be an extension of your inner self.  Sometimes, your most ardent desire is manifested in your dreams.  Sometimes, your mind is pregnant with lovely thoughts that remain just that – thoughts.  Sometimes, you come to a point where you choose to ignore what  is in your mind because you don’t want to acknowledge it.  You dream awake  and your mind wanders. Ah, the beauty of going back to old dreams.

We  used to  have this segment at our Catholic site page called  Hot Seat. When you are on it, every member can ask questions about you – your life, what you believe in, but nothing too personal though. Someone asked  who influenced me in writing. Oh well, I’ve kept a journal since I was in college, pouring my heart out on paper. I don’t know why but back in those times, it was so easy for me to write about my journey. Sometimes I wonder, when you are lonely and alone, you could write about so many things, you could weave dreams  to your  heart’s desires. When you are hurting, it is easier to describe how you feel than when you are happy and satisfied with your life.  And why is that, you ask? Because you feel the pain so much more than the joys. Joys are fleeting burst of inspirations at times while the pain you feel come and go but never really leaves. It’s there,  throbbing like a tight knot in your heart.

It’s never too late to dream of something that would lift up your soul. It’s never too late to weave dreams again and make it a reality. Who says you can’t write about your journey towards happiness?  Who says you can’t share the times you felt so low but  still can smile?  We must treasure moments like these, those times when an old dream emerges as something new, dressed in hope and faith, a promise of a new day.

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Just Thoughts

Somewhere in every one of us
there lurks a child within
insecure, desiring for acceptance
and hungry for love.

Somewhere deep inside
there’s a child willing to get out
wanting to experiment
what life is all about.

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How could one be sure that friendship would last forever?  Is forever something you just read in books and see in movies? How could one know when parting will come?  How could one exist  without this so-called friendship?

You are my treasured friend, someone I could always call in times of happiness and pain, a  sure shoulder to cry on and to laugh with, someone who would not hesitate to say, “don’t be a cry baby, face your fears and uncertainties and you’ll be stronger in the end”.

Yes, this wonderful thing called friendship makes people keep their sanity.   The wonder of friendship – that mysterious meeting  of the minds  that makes you feel you are not alone, that certain feeling that you are loved and prayed for, that  there is somebody out there thinking of you once in a while.

Maybe, there is one good reason why we keep those social networking sites, there is one good reason why we need to connect, there is one good reason why we need to share.   Loneliness is something we cannot  fully comprehend  unless we go out of ourselves to reach out and be real.

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Cry If You Must

If they ask you how you’ve been

Would you say, “I’m doing good”

When deep inside

You’re crying?

Life is not like a fiction book

That you’ll know where the story ends

For almost always in a fantasy world

The ending is  happy.

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A blessed Monday morning to all.

Cloudy skies. And there are two low pressure areas which are still outside the Phil. Area of Responsibility (PAR) but this early it looks like it will rain again. It’s a good thing we are finally done trimming  our plants and cutting the carabao grass yesterday. Gardening is  a lot of work but one is happy when you see the immaculate lawn smelling of the earth and newly cut grass.  We harvested calamansi too and got a bout a kilo. The two calamansi trees we have in the garden are presently bearing so many fruits. Heaven.

I was done with my Goodreads 2017 Reading challenge last August 20 finishing the 150 books I set myself to read. I’ve added about five more books since then. I am presently reading The House on Honeysuckle Lane by Mary McDonough, my first book of hers. Gosh, it’s full of Rumi quotes and one character was even named Rumi.  I remember those  earlier days  when I used to write on my little notebooks several quotations from that  writer.  His works are still widely  read until today. Reading is such a leisure that is so fulfilling. Give me a book anytime.

Last September 7 and 8, I got a total of more than 2,400 views alone on my post about Mama Mary.   I guess since 2013 thereabouts, my stats always jump during Mama Mary’s birthday. Busy Google.


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