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Gosh, I saw this lovely spider web attached  to our Tagpo tree early this morning. I tried taking a photo but the web looks so transparent under the morning sun, I could hardly see it on my cam.  It reminds me so much of Charlotte of the story, Charlotte’s Web. This book is a personal favorite, reread it so many times in the past.  It is considered a classic of children’s literature that adults could enjoy too. It’s about life and friendship and time’s passing.

I have some favorite quotes in the book that I have also written in my notebook of quotations.

“Why did you do all this for me?’ he asked. ‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’ ‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte. ‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.” 

Friendship. When you find someone who would protect you and help you without counting the cost, you  are blessed and lucky.

“After all, what’s a life, anyway? We’re born, we live a little while, we die.”

The cycle of life. We’re born and we carve our destiny here on earth. We enjoy life and  live it the way we think is the best for us and then it’s time to go to the great beyond.

“Never hurry and never worry!”

Sometimes this is hard to do. It seems as if worrying is part and parcel of our everyday life. We worry about the present and wonder what the future brings.  We hurry,  always chasing time. Before we know it, we have grown older and time still passes us by.


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Life As We See It

I wonder where he is now, that guy I blogged about here exactly two years ago. I no longer see him every time I attend mass at our Parish. His swollen and grangrened  feet were bound by dirty gauze. He used to have a small plastic can in front of him  for alms from passersby. Maybe he has died?

There used to be an old man here in our village roaming the streets of the subdivision early in the morning. He would knock or press the doorbell and ask for financial help. One time he showed me a spent packet of blood pressure medicines. It so happened that at that time, I used to take the same so gave him 2 pieces of it. Another time, he left two large pieces of milkfish at our gate so I have no option but to take it. The following day, he came back and asked for the payment way more than the price of milkfish in the market. I paid him a little more than what he asked for.

We used to have a janitor here in the village years ago. Every morning when I sweep the front and side streets of our house, I would see him with either  young sweet potato leaves or taro leaves in his hands  and he would sell them to some of our residents here at the village. Those veggies grow freely at some vacant lots here.  I no longer see him too.

I wonder where they are now. I wonder if they have family members who are taking care of them if they are still alive. Sometimes, circumstances force us to do things like begging and seeking help from other people to survive. Life is difficult and almost always does not treat us equally. Some people are more blessed than others. Some people are more successful than others. Some are fortunate to be born with silver spoons in their mouths.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard

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It’s those times like when you are  watering the plants that deep thoughts gather and you want to write them all but it is always not to be.  When you are busy, your mind is busy too with so many things.

There was a cold wind that blew early this morning and I told myself, “what a perfect time to have that hot cup of coffee”. Sad to say though, I am no longer a regular coffee drinker.  When I do, I use coco sugar instead of the  regular table sugar we buy in the market. They say it is healthier, I really don’t know but since I experienced an elevated sugar last year, my  doctor prescribed maintenance medicines for me. My sugar  level  is normal now but I still take medications both for sugar and my elevated blood pressure.

When you’re getting on in years, you can’t help but be wary  of your health. Health is wealth, we always say.

So excited to go out tomorrow with the family, a late celebration of Nissa’s birthday.  Just  harvested kalamansi for them to take home. Happy to be able to see Nate  again.


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Maybe it’s just too much of being alone that makes me a little introspective, an awkward silence broken by the steady hum of the fan and a gentle gust of wind playing with the shell chimes outside my window – a sense of deja vu. It feels like those times when you cling to the memory of a dream before it fades and dies.

A timid smile might mean a start of renewed friendship or a beginning of a lifetime commitment, but somehow, we’ve got to learn that a YES is not a promise and a promise is not a vow.

Somehow, we’ve got to know that a simple NO does not mean rejection but a mere anticipation of better things to come.

Somehow, we’ve got to realize and accept that permanence might just be an illusion. In this life, there is always a challenge to overcome. Avowals of love today maybe words of hatred tomorrow.

That there is a difference between a friend who listens from someone who talks too much. Sometimes, it’s mere togetherness that counts.

That it is better to admit you were wrong than say it wasn’t your fault.

That trials and sufferings can strengthen the soul and success is inspired by ambition to reach one’s goal.

That it does not mean that God does not answer our prayers but it’s because He has better plans.

We call unbelievable things miracles but it’s God saying, “my daughter, I am here”.

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So it’s October finally.

Made this meme a few years ago via muzy.com. I used to make memes like this before but I’ve grown tired of it that is why I am using  this old photo to greet the October month.

Yes, I often blog about month endings and beginnings, a sort of summary for the last month and an anticipation of the following month.

Excited about October? I am of course though I’ll be getting a year older again before the month ends.

Started this morning gardening outside.  Our good neighbor planted snake plants alongside our perimeter wall and I have to weed and uproot unwanted grass and as usual  sweep it of candy wrappers and cigarette butts.  Our walkways in the subdivision are cemented but I made them leave a long planters box  on one side of our perimeter wall so I could fill it with  plants. I love ground covers but I could not find plants that would need minimum care, that is, even without watering them every day. Jom heard of it and he said they have plenty of snake plants in his parents’ house in Paranaque.  Our front garden outside is filled with Santan plants and they are presently in bloom at the moment. How lovely to see red flowers in the garden.


Gone are those days when you were so busy taking care of your kids and working at the same time. Now that you are in your senior years, you just enjoy their company. You just enjoy wearing  comfy slippers and  mules when you go out of the house. No serious thought about the future anymore except perhaps how you could maintain your health  so you could stay longer with your kids.  Growing old has its advantages too, enjoying simple things in life that you used to ignore because you were always so busy earning a living for your family. Sunrises, sunsets, gardens, morning cups of coffee,  romping in the garden with your cats and dogs. Gone are those days too when you could still hire household helps that you could trust and leave the house in their care. Now, they’d rather work in fast food chains, grocery stores, factories and the like. If you are raising a family nowadays, your reliable help in the household would be your parents or in-laws.

Now that you’re getting old, you take things a little slowly too, sometimes more of rest than work but that’s okay, you are not at race with time.  Just enjoy the remaining years, make new memories with your kids and grandchildren.

Be happy, October is here!

And here’s from WordPress:

You’ve posted 12 days in a row on DREAMS AND ESCAPES! Keep up the good work.

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These fake news propagators are just too much. Who would even think of doing this to a child, allowing her to rant  and say bad and unpalatable words in  several videos  about VP Leni Robredo, Sen. Trillanes and Sen. Hontiveros?

Obviously, there is a director and scripts behind all these. What does a child know about politics mouthing those ugly words? They are using her for their own selfish ends and bad intentions. I wish someone would report this to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  There is an existing law on child abuse – child exploitation.  There is a department that handles children’s concerns. It is so sad that some of those who still believe in the present administration would do all means to destroy their opponents and political enemies to the point of using an innocent child.  It clearly speaks of bad parenting, setting a bad example for the kid concerned.

I say “sayang”. They are feeding her all those lies just to be on top of the game. Why have we come to this? Where are those values that we learned early in life? Is it because of money?

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Hey, I’m Back

I just got online. Two days of no internet connection Globe said they were under maintenance.

Anyway, I think it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to finish trimming the carabao grass and pruning some plants I planted earlier. Now, the garden is clean and looking fresh. I have missed blogging though and reading posts even if it was only two days since I  was  not able to visit WordPress.  Read two more books after my post on Maya Angelou.

I found this lovely title called The Book That Matters Most. The story is about a book club whose members chose books that  made impacts in their lives. It was nice to know that among the eight books they chose, I was able read five.  Isn’t it nice when you can relate to the book you read?  You’ve been there, read them too and you had your own  memories of them all. You remember the characters and the stories.


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