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I was trying to look for  previous posts if I ever blogged about the Martial  Law years. Nada!

Except for a little mention when I blogged about the Aquino family, there was nothing about the martial rule. Forty six years ago,  Martial Law was declared by then president Ferdinand Marcos suspending the civil rights and imposing military authority. It was declared on September 21, 1972 but was officially announced on radio and TV on September 23. I remember that was a Saturday and we had our PE class. One of my high school classmates used to bring a small transistor radio which we often listened to in between our PE and Music classes. That day, September 23, we couldn’t find any live music station and all we got was static. We were not aware that Martial Law was declared then and so many personalities who were against the government were put to jail and some just vanished without a trace. One of whom was of course Sen. Ninoy Aquino who was my personal hero.

I was already working in Makati  City when rallies were daily occurrences in the afternoon  after Ninoy died  on August 21, 1983.  We threw confetti, watched live programs/rallies in front of our building at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue. It  was there I saw so many freedom-loving people, personalities opposed to the Marcos regime. The Marcos family fled to Hawaii during  the EDSA Revolution back in 1986.  They came back lording it over again, this time Imelda, (the wife), BBM (the son) and Imee (the daughter). We never learned from history. We allowed them to come back. With those billions of loots they got from the Philippine coffer, they are back in  Philippine politics.  Marcos trolls are everywhere. They want to unseat our duly elected VP Leni Robredo by contesting the results of the 2016 election. BBM is relentless.

The latest report was that Imee made “sumbong” (complaint)  to Duterte regarding the COA (Commission on Audit). The COA is ” is an independent constitutional commission established by the Constitution of the Philippines.  It has the primary function to examine, audit and settle all accounts and expenditures of the funds and properties of the Philippine government”.  

COA found out about the anomalous transactions  at the turf of Imee  And she is not happy about it. Duterte is not happy about it. COA is now the only institution that does its functions so well.  How’s that again? It was Duterte saying “ihulog sa hagdan ang COA auditors”. Don’t wonder if he said that, he has a foul mouth.  He said at the beginning of his presidency that he hates corruption but almost all of the people he placed in the government (alipores as we usually say) are corrupt.

We say NEVER AGAIN. Never again to  Martial Law. Never again to  dictatorship.


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