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I went back to my doctor this morning so he could check the result of my lab test. Thank God it’s normal.

While waiting for my name to be called, I had a good chat with three other patients. We each shared our journey to healing and maintaining our health.  Come to think of it, as we grow older, we normally feel those aches and pains that  also grow with age.

It was always the case, at least for me, ever since I regularly visited the hospital to visit my OB Gynecologist years  ago, I always find it easy to share with people  I have just met while waiting for the doctor to arrive. Is it because one is safe behind the anonymity of it all? Is it because you know at least that you would only meet them once in your life and  you have the same journey to go through? Is it because  you can also relate to what they feel  inside? Meeting them for a few minutes or even an hour, unburdening yourself and they listen and share their plight too. Unbelievable isn’t it?  You feel you belong and you’re not all alone on what’s ailing you.

Normally, it is a little hard for me to open up and talk to people unless they are close friends and I feel comfortable with them.  It takes a while, right? But in a hospital setting, you feel that someone really listens.

My internist now is so open sharing about his family. This morning, we talked of growing old and he  told me about his father who is as old as Mom. Usually, there will always be a drama when he thinks of his wife who is staying in the province.  I just smiled and told him that mom is getting a little forgetful and  always nags about going home again now that she feels well.

I am listening to The Beatles while writing this post. Oh yes, I am singing along with them. I love their earlier songs. Shake your head, clap your hands, sing 🙂 Smile and be grateful for small  mercies and show of kindness from other people. It makes life wonderful.




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