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I pity this arrogant congressman.

There was this incident at NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure  where security level alert 2 is being implemented. He ignored the screening officer and showed his ID arrogantly at the former. As if that is not enough, he got the ID of the personnel concerned and asked the general manager of  MIAA  to remove  and lay him off in his job. What arrogance! It was this same guy who was featured recently while those board passers in the recent  Engineering board exams, were having their PRC Oath-taking who joked that if they don’t know Bong Go, PRC wouldn’t issue their licenses.  He is proud of Bong Go.

Who is Bong Go? He is the current special assistant to Duterte with the rank of a secretary. He is that guy who is always behind the president or in front of events enjoying selfie shots. He said he won’t be running as senator next year but he is campaigning as early as the past few days, months actually. His face is all over the metropolis and in provinces too – in bill boards, streamers, shopping bags etc. Isn’t there any rule of law for this premature campaigning? But then as long as you haven’t filed your certificate of candidacy yet, it is allowed.

These people, shame on them. They let their positions go to their heads.


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Imagine yourself awake at 4 am. Up with the lark so they say.  Imagine yourself holding a broom (walis tingting) and a dustpan in front of your house  sweeping the street with cigarette butts, candy wrappers, plastic with straws thrown by unscrupulous passersby.  Imagine yourself sometimes seeing a whole bag of Jollibee or  McDonald’s trash thrown by people in cars just passing by our place.  How dare they do this, it pollutes the environment and a sight for sore eyes.  But they are undisciplined. One of the reasons why sometimes we get flooded when it rains hard.  You can’t help but shake your head in wonder. Don’t they clean the surroundings of their homes? Are they just happy throwing their trash everywhere? It is a case of, “as long as it is not in my backyard, it is okay”.  Really!

Nowadays, it’s my daily routine, waking up early, meeting the dawn and the sunrise and sometimes enjoying  few precious moments in the garden. I sleep early too. Around 8 pm, I couldn’t get my eyes wide open enough to read a few more chapters. I feel so sleepy.  Maybe that’s what’s growing old is all about.  The routines are comfortably  and necessarily observed and followed in our lives.

I am getting nostalgic again. I think of the younger days trying to recapture those moments of bliss.  See what the morning brings? Nostalgia  🙂

“People leave traces of themselves where they feel most comfortable, most worthwhile.” 
― Haruki Murakami



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I was trying to look for  previous posts if I ever blogged about the Martial  Law years. Nada!

Except for a little mention when I blogged about the Aquino family, there was nothing about the martial rule. Forty six years ago,  Martial Law was declared by then president Ferdinand Marcos suspending the civil rights and imposing military authority. It was declared on September 21, 1972 but was officially announced on radio and TV on September 23. I remember that was a Saturday and we had our PE class. One of my high school classmates used to bring a small transistor radio which we often listened to in between our PE and Music classes. That day, September 23, we couldn’t find any live music station and all we got was static. We were not aware that Martial Law was declared then and so many personalities who were against the government were put to jail and some just vanished without a trace. One of whom was of course Sen. Ninoy Aquino who was my personal hero.

I was already working in Makati  City when rallies were daily occurrences in the afternoon  after Ninoy died  on August 21, 1983.  We threw confetti, watched live programs/rallies in front of our building at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue. It  was there I saw so many freedom-loving people, personalities opposed to the Marcos regime. The Marcos family fled to Hawaii during  the EDSA Revolution back in 1986.  They came back lording it over again, this time Imelda, (the wife), BBM (the son) and Imee (the daughter). We never learned from history. We allowed them to come back. With those billions of loots they got from the Philippine coffer, they are back in  Philippine politics.  Marcos trolls are everywhere. They want to unseat our duly elected VP Leni Robredo by contesting the results of the 2016 election. BBM is relentless.

The latest report was that Imee made “sumbong” (complaint)  to Duterte regarding the COA (Commission on Audit). The COA is ” is an independent constitutional commission established by the Constitution of the Philippines.  It has the primary function to examine, audit and settle all accounts and expenditures of the funds and properties of the Philippine government”.  

COA found out about the anomalous transactions  at the turf of Imee  And she is not happy about it. Duterte is not happy about it. COA is now the only institution that does its functions so well.  How’s that again? It was Duterte saying “ihulog sa hagdan ang COA auditors”. Don’t wonder if he said that, he has a foul mouth.  He said at the beginning of his presidency that he hates corruption but almost all of the people he placed in the government (alipores as we usually say) are corrupt.

We say NEVER AGAIN. Never again to  Martial Law. Never again to  dictatorship.

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What happened to me?

My mind is blank. Oh no, that’s a lie. It is actually full of thoughts at the moment.  Would you believe, I spent  a big part of the day reading news and watching videos about politics here. I feel like I am punishing myself listening to all those lies, reading unpalatable comments, watching a little of everything.  I had a good exchange of ideas with a former office mate who is now working in another bank. She calls me “ma’am” and I  told her she doesn’t have to.  Nasanay eh (she got used to it when we were together).

Finally, The Supreme Court made a decision on Sen. Trillanes’ filing a TRO and they didn’t approve it saying the words of Duterte and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) they would not arrest Sen. Trillanes without a warrant  would hold. They however referred it back to the Regional Trial Courts, one of which has set a hearing  on the 13th September.  Until now though, Sen. Trillanes is still at the Senate grounds and the AFP said they will still arrest him. Mad, mad world. I don’t understand  it. I am afraid Duterte  won’t honor his words. Instead of focusing on the more serious problems of the country, he’d rather engage in politicizing the AFP and  his attention is solely on Sen. Trillanes.  I pity our country, I pity its people. The poor  in our midst are hungry, they barely have enough to eat because of the rising prices of basically all commodities, add that to the very high cost of fuel and the low exchange rate of the Philippine peso to the US dollar. The boat is sinking, It’s sad.

I console myself by finishing two more books. Right, they are billionaire stories again. They are  quite easy read finishing a book in a day.  At the moment I am again listening to various artists, 70’s and 80’s music this time and a spattering of instrumental music by Percy Faith and Mantovani Orchestra. Music soothes  the soul, right?

There is a strong typhoon coming this week and another one has just left the country.  I hope it would not be that strong as predicted.  Although the eye of the typhoon would not possibly hit Metro Manila, I am still afraid of the rain that comes with it. Gosh, that would be our 15th weather disturbance this year.

I am distracted by this disco music. Bye for now.

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Yesterday, amidst all those news about Sen. Trillanes, this came up on my news feed. We Filipinos know that inflation is rising since Duterte took office more than two years ago but this is an overwhelming and sad scenario. Why we have come to this, your guess is as good as mine. The ordinary Filipino is finding it hard to make both ends meet.

Imagine, we are the highest in the region. And that lowly poor’s man’s meal galunggong is now being imported. To think we are surrounded by hundreds of islands yet we import fish that came from our own shores. We are an agricultural country and we are importing rice too.  Back in the sixties and seventies, we were even teaching how rice should be successfully grown via the International Rice Research Institute.   Other Southeast Asian regions have benefited from research and technology but where are we now? Our poor farmers are still struggling.

Going back to this inflation rate, some people think  that the higher the percentage is, the more robust is our economy. I say, they don’t even read  and understand the news.

Sad Philippines.

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In his brief message yesterday at the  Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem,  Duterte said:

“I could not imagine of a country obey an insane leader. And I could not ever fathom the spectacle of a human being going into a killing spree, murdering old men, women, men, children, mother”. 

He said further that  “despots and insane leaders “should be disposed of at the first instance. This was the same guy who said two years ago that he’d be happy to slaughter three million drug addicts just like what Hitler did  to the Jews.

Oh my, was he talking about himself? For this is what is happening now in our country.  His enemies in politics are  being persecuted one by one. First it was Sen. de Lima who was jailed  supposedly because of drugs, Chief Justice Sereno who was stripped of her post a few months ago. Then now comes Sen. Trillanes who is so vocal about Duterte’s doings and his failure to address the pressing problems of the country. Last  August 31, the latter issued an executive order revoking the amnesty granted to Sen. Trillanes by then Pres. Aquino back in 2011. Can the executive, without going through judicial proceedings,  declares the nullity of the Amnesty granted to Senator Trillanes just because documents in their own custody “cannot be found”? So if my birth certificate was lost  by the NSO, does that mean that I am not a Filipino citizen? If my marriage contract could not be found in their files, does that mean, I am not married?  What kind of logic is that? I say it is so rotten, BULOK. Or maybe Sen. Trillanes’ application for amnesty was deliberately misplaced so they’ll find a reason to arrest him.  Arrest now, check records later, is that it?

Thank you Geri Apostol for this photo.

He has no pending case in any court of the land. He was jailed before for seven years during La Gloria’s presidency because of staging a mutiny plot to oust the former. And now here comes a president who I think is very much afraid of Sen. Trillanes.  I watched all the interviews and happenings yesterday  at the Senate. Imagine arresting a civilian without warrant.  Sen. Trillanes resigned from being a soldier when he filed his candidacy as senator years ago. He actually won while he was in jail.  He is the only senator who filed the most bills  and most approved too.

It was timed. Does Duterte has to go out of the country before his executive order came  out?  Is this another kind of distraction from the more serious problems of the land? Rice with “bukbok”. importing “galunggong”  with formalin, dwindling dollar reserves and a very low exchange rate for the peso, eroding economy, billions  worth of shabu  drugs that entered the country, the unresolved 25,000 killings that are still ‘deaths under investigation”.  Gosh, in two years the Philippines looks pathetic when it used to be the rising tiger of Asia during Pres. Aquino’s reign.

Again I ask, where are we going Philippines?


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It’s not anymore surprising that every day, the social media is full of unpalatable news and what not and you won’t be surprised either that these same trolls and the people behind them are doing their best to destroy those so few good-thinking, sensible and seriously concerned politicians  in  the country.

Two  days ago, the breaking news was that Duterte appointed Teresita de Castro as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, same gal who was one of the responsible judges of the court to oust CJ Sereno. What the hell are these guys thinking? Imagine, she will only serve for more than a month because she will be retiring by October 08 and yet she gets all the additional benefits of a CJ. Good luck to us,  that’s people’s money.  That’s clearly a “pabaon”  for siding with  Duterte. She’s known as the “ampalaya” queen in social media, bitter about not being chosen before by Pres. Aquino. Opposition lawmakers have criticized her appointment, they see it as a reward for testifying against former  CJ Sereno.   She’ll be the head of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal where election protests are heard.  Will she be impartial? That’s the big question. People think  it is a done deal that she will favor Marcos’ claim to the vice-presidency despite the fact that  VP Leni  won. A refusal to accept defeat in good grace.

With all their billions, I wonder why the Marcoses  still covet power in the government. They cannot take the money to their graves, sad to say. They cannot buy their place in heaven.  Imelda Marcos wants her son to be president before she dies. Haha…what a deep sense of entitlement.  And trolls are working non-stop.



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