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Vico Sotto, a young mayor in Pasig City is being summoned by the National Bureau of Investigation regarding his suggestion if he could use tricycles to ferry patients to the hospitals who need their regular check-up, dialysis  etc. and to help the frontliners to reach the hospitals where they work. It was rejected by the national government so he rented  Combis but they were never used. Nasapawan bigla ang national government. He belongs to the other side of the fence  and is doing his best to help his constituents, a young leader who has genuine compassion for his people and he gets called out because they said he violated the law.


Compare their treatment to a certain senator who was already PUI and yet he still attended two parties, accompanied his wife to Makati Medical Center, went shopping  at S & R when he was supposed to be on quarantine. The same day that he brought his wife to MMC, he received a message from RITM that he was  COVID positive. One of his reasons was, he didn’t know he was to be on quarantine, his doctor didn’t tell him.  MMC has to fumigate their obstetric ward, put the doctors and nurses on quarantine after the incident. The Dept. of Justice said, we had to be “compassionate” even if he put several people at risk.  See the injustice to Vico  while favoring a senator who belongs to the same political party as the president?

I say this is clear stupidity. A political harassment. NBI should focus their eyes on those non-performing local government officials  who let their constituents go hungry. Here’s what Senator Pangilinan has to say on the matter. I am quoting him verbatim. It’s written in Tagalog guys  for more effect.

Paano nilabag ni Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto ang batas na hindi pa batas? Ginamit ang mga improvised tricycle bago mag-March 18. Umapela, tinanggihan, at sumunod sa utos si Mayor Vico March 19. Naging batas ang Bayanihan to Act Heal as One Act (Special Powers Act) noong March 24.

A case against Mayor Vico for acts done before the effectivity of the Special Powers Act will not fly as it will violate Art. III, Sec. 22 of the Constitution, which reads “[n]o ex post facto law or bill of attainder shall be enacted.”

Sa madaling salita, labag sa Saligang Batas na gawing krimen ang isang bagay na nagawa na bago pa man maipasa ang bagong batas.

I-atras na ang pananakot na kasuhan si Mayor Vico. Nagtatrabaho siya nang mabuti at naghahanap ng solusyon at paraan para makatulong. Habulin ang mga tunay na pahirap ngayong may epidemya.

Panawagan ko sa mga kapwa lingkod-bayan: Huwag tayong magpagamit sa ibang interes at kapritso — kapakanan ng taumbayan sana ang pokus natin sa lahat ng oras lalo na ngayong panahon ng peligro.

Huwag na ninyong dagdagan ang mga kapalpakan at pagsipsip. Hindi kayo nakakatulong. Umayos kayo.

Sorry guys, I haven’t  read nor  commented on all your posts yet. Just here to vent my frustration with this government.

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Five days, five days of not even touching the keyboard of my computer. I just  rely on my CP and  tab to be updated on social media. I experienced the lowest stats in the last three days at 45 views average but that is irrelevant to me now.

I am more focused on the latest news about this deadly virus. Called up some friends too to get updated. I  talked to my brother in the province last night and told him about their mayor’s directive that those with private cars register them at the municipal hall to ferry those people who don’t have any means of transport. He told me, no way, he is the only driver available now and he’s been ill the past year. His car is too small for that so called social distancing.  And how would you know if these people are healthy and are not carriers?  Hospitals and puericulture  centers are sorely lacking in the province and  there are  no good doctors to take care of the sick. Come to think of it, they don’t even have thermal scanners, how much more with the PPEs?

The president  is missing.  He has been missing since they approved  around 275B budget to combat this virus. That was about a week ago. The sad thing is, we still don’t have enough test kits for the people. These so called VIPs in the government are being prioritized for testing to the detriment of those ordinary citizens who need help.  We are losing good doctors, specialists in their own field. We have frontliners who are mostly on self-quarantine and some are patients too in the hospital.

I was aghast at the news peddled by our Department of Health (DOH). Three days ago, their speaker told us in an interview that those test kits that came in from china are defective, only 40% reliable so they set it aside. People might come out false-positive. Here comes china’s ambassador telling DOH that those test kits didn’t come from them.  Yesterday, the DOH chief, Dr. Duque published a message that those test kits from china adhere to the requirements of WHO, they are 100% effective. How would you call that, clearly pondering  and still defending china with this blunder? I say, it is laban o bawi.

A friend of our neighbors gave them 100 sacks of rice to distribute to those who  aren’t able to afford to buy. Earlier on, he called me and asked Josef if he could drop by and he will give us some. He gave us  around 25 kilos of rice.  There are so many people outside, some even reaching our gate  so they could have their meager share of the free rice.

Have we reached this somehow desperate move by our citizens to go on a long line just to have  two kilos of rice? Nakaawa sila di ba?

In a  short span, the line has doubled.  it was just a few minutes ago that they were done distributing.  I craved for pancakes, so yesterday, Jovy made some for our snacks. She also made vanilla ice cream for Oreo and chocolate ice cream for us.  We are now using the two boxes of baking supplies previously allotted to their small business.

duterte is supposed to give an assessment on what they have started since he was given emergency powers by the Legislative branch of government a week ago.  He was supposed to speak at around 4pm today but he was a no show.  They might again choose to air what he has to say around midnight or thereafter when most people are sound asleep.  I don’t see any changes, our hospitals are still begging for donations of PPEs from the private sector. VP Leni Robredo is on the ground, she is the only one visible but duterte didn’t even give her a position in his administration. She is doing everything, some given through private donations so she could help the frontliners. There is a very small budget allotted to the Office of the Vice-President but private businesses have enough trust in her to do the job. they don’t trust duterte.

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We are like a rudderless ship in an ocean of inept and irresponsible fools.

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The sun is hot.

31 °C is like summer but it is not yet officially declared.

Apart from the occasional motorcycles passing by, the road is empty. They made us to apply for a quarantine pass (one in each house) which we will use to run errands for the family. What is annoying with this is that, they will only allow that person written on the card to go out. Couldn’t they have made it at least a “bearer card”? The things they do, hindi pinag-isipan.

Yesterday Josef and Jovy went to Mercury Drug to buy medicines for mom. Some medicines like Vitamin C are out of stock. Even the grocery store they went to outside our gate needs to replenish its goods. I don’t know how long the lockdown will last, supposedly it is for another three weeks but the dirty old man they call our president wanted emergency powers on top of all what he was privileged to do to the country. He proposed a take-over of private corporations if public safety is at risk. I wonder why, the past days even before the numerous floods in various provinces, the Taal volcano eruption and now this CoVID-19 virus, he has been a no-show except to mouth directives left and right. He is clearly not in control of the situation. One netizen remarked: “He has already made a mess of his legally constituted presidential powers; imagine how much more mess he would do with emergency powers!” Our enemy is the corona virus but they are not addressing it properly. The cases at the moment are rising, bringing the total to 396 cases. 33 have died while 18 have recovered . Lockdown is useless if they won’t do enough testing for those PUIs and PUMs in our midst. What is even more annoying is that, there are VIPs (senators and government officials) who insisted to have the test together with their families. Those kits could have been used to those people who badly need them. Come to think of it, these government officials wanted immediate results even if they haven’t shown any symptom. What the____. Mapapamura ka talaga.

We already lost four doctors who are specialists in their fields. We have lots of medical frontliners who have been found positive of the virus. They were the most vulnerable since they deal with patients with positive cases every day. Earlier, the congressmen and the cabinet secretaries put up a sign on a manila paper that says, ” together with doctors and frontliners, we went to work for you so please stay at home for us”. The nerve of these people. they are shameless to compare and align themselves with doctors and frontliners. They were only there this morning just to approve duterte’s request for emergency powers. Gaya-gaya.

Except for the hum of the electric fan around my feet, everything is quiet. Even Oreo is asleep.

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Four straight days at home without even going out of the gate.

You won’t believe this. In his first speech, he announced a community lockdown in Metro Manila. Two days after, he amended it to enhanced community lockdown in the entire Luzon. He issued directives to the local government and barangays without guidelines leaving them to their own  devices. They were given power to act for their own constituents. This government didn’t even consider how  our health workers, those who are badly needed in stores, supermarkets, drug stores and utilities in hospitals would report to their respective work. VP Leni spearheaded seeking donations from the private sector to buy PPEs (personal protective equipment) for our public hospitals and some private hospitals too. Her group procured several buses (at the same time observing social distancing) to ferry those medical personnel who don’t have cars at their disposal.  Some local governments  followed suit. The twenty-nine year old Pasig City mayor even purchased drones to disinfect the city. He is on the ground and knows the needs of the people and yet those paid trolls did not stop maligning him on social media. He suggested that some tricycles be allowed to operate for free in the city so those who need treatments for other diseases in hospitals could go but Malacanang rejected it outright.  Would you allow a five-kilometer walk to those patients to reach the hospital? He does not belong to the administration so he is hot in the eyes of the DDS and the national government.  What the ____. Last night, the old man issued another directive  that mayors should adhere to what the national government tells them to do and not make their own decision in their localities. What if their ideas are better? What if they have more productive means of carrying out what is supposed to be  a better alternative in this situation?  The one up in Malacanang seems to be threatened by a “baguito” mayor who thinks of better ways to do his job.

Know what Mayor Vico did? He purchased these earth-friendly rides COMET for the city’s use. zero-emissions shuttles to offer ‘libreng sakay’ to health frontliners and city personnel.

It is quite frustrating to read news nowadays.  Believe me, most of us are complying with staying at home. I wonder where the gargantuan budget supposedly for situations like this went to. Your guess is as good as mine.

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This COVID-19 does not just affect individuals but it has great effect in our economy.

This early we could see how the people are affected. We are afraid not only  for ourselves but for our loved ones. Those who are in the work force and the students in different areas face this daily threat.  Since  this government lacks testing kits, they are not sure if they are in the right path in tracking down those people who are positive carriers too.

People may not be in a panic but almost everyone I meet on the street is wearing face mask. Ako parating may face mask every time I go out since I got sick.This is not just because of the deadly Covid-19 but I am afraid of the pollution outside. My oncologist told me before that when you have undergone chemotherapy, sometimes your immunity goes haywire, it becomes low.

I am afraid of full-blown community transmission. At the moment, there are 49 cases positive of the virus. WHO even admitted that this has become pandemic. And we just had  a case of second death for a patient who has no previous  experience in going to china. It was a local transmission.

We badly need prayers for all. Let’s all pray for our safety.

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 I went out for a while to buy my maintenance medicine for another month. I was surprised  by the number of people at the drugstore, and that is not even the busiest branch of  Mercury Drug.  What is even more surprising is that there are no bottles of Alcohol left on their shelves. All they had are a few small bottles of hand sanitizer for kids and three bottles of hand sanitizer for adult.  I chose to buy the two so I’ll have something in stock, one senior citizen grabbed the remaining one.

There used to be several bottles of alcohol when I went there last month, but they are all gone. Mercury Drug provides free Alcohol  in their counter to rub your hands though. I went to a small grocery store where I bought two bottles of  70% solution ethyl alcohol (yes, combined with moisturizer). I now have five of them in our medicine cabinet.  Last Saturday, I also bought a pack of disposable hand gloves (it contains 100 pcs). Gonna use them when we go to the market and when we go  to the grocery stores. Long ago, I read somewhere that one of the dirtiest items you can ever find in  a supermarket is their push cart. Some people have this habit of having their kids ride on it while grocery-shopping which is not practical because they don’t regularly clean it. When  someone buys cold cuts and fresh food items, the drips are left on the cart.

Has it come to this?

I have a friend who went to the supermarket yesterday to buy only a few items. She was so surprised when there was a line-up of cars at the parking lot and so many shoppers were buying loads and boxes of groceries as if there is no tomorrow. They’re in a panic that this corona  virus might bring further damage to the country.  She only intended to buy three items and ended up with three bags  full of groceries.  Only  those who have enough in their pockets will be able to because an individual with a lowly job could not even afford to buy grocery items in bulk. Nakakalungkot.   I am saddened by this turn of events.  People are growing crazy, so much more if you have a government whose priority does not include the health and well-being of its citizens.

I read  the report of a journalist friend saying that private hospitals don’t have their own test kits.  Department of Health admitted in a Senate hearing a few days ago that they only have 2,000 test kits and the number of cases is increasing.  The budget for the department was slashed by 10B and went to the coffers of the president. They substantially increased the budget of the Office of the  President by the billions. Even The Department of Education was not spared.

This contact tracing that they are doing and not reporting the true numbers of positive cases here is just alarming.  The local residents who were found positive with COVID-19 might have infected others too without their knowledge.

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