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Let me rant a little. I just can’t pass this up.

It was in the news yesterday that the UST Alumni Association gave a recognition award to Mocha Uson. She is  an appointed assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operations Office by no less than their president Duterte.  Prior to that she maintained a blog (until now) at FB proliferating fake news in favor of the administration. And still prior to that she was a singer (kuno)  and a dancer. She is a Med Tech graduate of UST.

I am an alumna of the university and I deeply feel that she does not deserve this award.  The UST administration has nothing to do with the giving of this recognition to her but it was the prerogative of the alumni association which operates separately from the UST administration.  UST is being bashed and dragged down by those people who are misinformed in the social media.

What has she done to deserve this award? What has she done to the welfare of the UST alumni? She’s  been in the government for  just  a few months. She  still continues with her FAKE news. And those who are gullible enough believe her.  This government is going to the dogs. When you are a pro-Duterte and you promote what he is doing to the country, you are assured of a seat. Never mind if you are qualified or not as long as you make yourself close to him. What a shame!

The UST Alumni president explained that they give  awards to those graduates who work in the government. Period. Maybe it is about time for them to amend their rules/policies and give rewards to those who are truly and sincerely working in the government.  There are so many Thomasians out there who are more worthy of emulation.

The UST Alumni Association is supposed to represent us, the alumni. We as Thomasians are supposed to exemplify the core values  of Competence, Compassion and Commitment. Meron ba nun si Mocha? They sullied the good reputation of the university.  How sad!

Just my two cents.


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I always laugh when Mom calls our dog Noki by another name. Boo is the only name she can remember out of our several dogs that have passed on. Of course, Noki just would not respond. He would just look at her and would only come near when there is food in his dog plate.

Haha, Mom is getting bored with my company I think. We could not talk like we used to since she could not understand.  She said she could not read small letters, even the big ones that I write with a  pentel pen. At her age of almost 89, she’s getting thinner.  Her doctor prescribed  vitamins and for her to drink milk every day. He said that the more we grow older,  our body  mass diminishes.  She still watches TV though, a bit louder than before.  I wonder how she could understand those stories being shown. When she speaks, it is loud because she can’t hear herself  while speaking. Her right ear is now completely deaf. She hasn’t adjusted to using hearing aid.

Can you live in a world where you hear only noises? I can’t imagine a world without sound but I can’t even fathom how it is to go deaf  and just hear sounds without understanding anything. One good thing though is she can comprehend words when you speak softly to her left ear.

Mom is the youngest of four girls. Their oldest sister died last year. She reached a hundred  I think.  the bonus years were definitely kinder.

Thinking of life, thinking of getting older. Of course most of us want to live longer and enjoy life a bit more.

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Coffee in hand

She watches the sun shows itself

from a cluster of morning clouds.

A little sparrow sits  nearby.

Did it just break into a song?

She listened

Until the little bird flew

Maybe for some food to find.

The dew shimmers on the grass.

Did it rain last night?

The cold morning  bites

She  smiles and shivers.

Remembering, just remembering

Some days  that she was happy.

Some days that she was glad.

The coffee is getting cold

One day is enough.


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Went to bed late but had to wake up early for New Year’s mass.  Gosh, can’t believe it is now 2018. It does not only fly, it rolls fast too.

Christmas is still until Epiphany but we had to clean the house and store all the  Christmas trimmings we took out more than a month ago. Our Christmas tree is back to its old box.  I could not  dismantle everything without Josef and he has to report to work tomorrow hence we have to keep them early. I think it is more difficult to bring them back to their proper places than when we have them taken  out for Christmas. Every year, something is added to the pile.

I changed curtains and bed sheets. The smoke and smog  from the firecrackers lit by some neighbors to welcome the new year  made the house a little dirty. Compared to last year where our place was like a war zone, this time they stopped early. There is actually a firecracker ban in our country. an executive order was signed last June which confines the use of pyrotechnics to  some areas to lessen the risk of injuries.

I laughed when Mom said I should not be washing those curtains and bed sheets on a New Year.  She said further that  we should celebrate New Year by resting.  I actually loaded the first batch of laundry in the washing machine earlier. Can’t help it, I don’t want to be lazy on the first day of the year…haha!

A friend asked me if I keep a New Year resolution. I used to but not anymore. I can’t keep them anyway. I’ll just be thankful for everyday graces and blessings.

For the year that was, thank you. For all that will be, a big YES.






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I do.

There is never a spam comment left on my spam folder. I delete them immediately. I don’t even bother to read them most of the time. There are those though who  are so persistent – same people, sometimes the same messages too even if they are not exactly related to the post at hand.  I noticed they love going back to old posts  and commenting on them.  I was even alarmed one time when somebody said he copied my blog.  Gosh, my blog? Or just a post in it?  Good thing there is Akismet which always filters everything.

Yesterday, I received this message from an unknown number that said “you have a vary urgent and crucial information. please contact my email now for the details”. His/her  email address was attached.  Maybe in his/her haste, the word “very” was misspelled.  Of course I was not gullible enough to believe someone I don’t even know.  This is not the first time I received such. Most messages I received before told me that I won in a lottery or  a raffle draw.  What a laugh! How could you win if you haven’t even bought a ticket and you don’t know what it’s all about?   Have you been victims of  such modus operandi?

I hate spam mails. They all go to my DELETE folder every time I receive one.   There are those bloggers too who just link your post to their sites and when you check, all posts are  just that, links from other blogs.  Since I started blogging,  I discovered  a dot.com which completely copied  one of my earlier posts and just changed some of the words. I reported it to WordPress and blogged about the site.  It was really annoying.

Just attended the first Simbang Gabi (evening mass) earlier. What a lovely and touching homily.


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Year 2017 is about to end. It’s barely two weeks to go before we’ll see  year 2018.

Some of us keep New Year resolutions religiously every year. I used to, maybe about three decades ago  but not anymore. I seldom follow it anyway. It’s just one of those things you think of when another year is over and a new year is about to start.

Things  change and priorities  change too. what we used to think as  something important is set aside for another one. What we used to  think we need to do is replaced  by something  more precious in our eyes.  Priorities are set but  plans sometimes go awry  in the process.   We like to think we are in control of our lives but we never know what  comes, those unexpected moments  (good or bad)  that change our direction.  You reach a point in life when you won’t need to  worry that much. You reach a point when you just watch what happens day  by day and  you try  to grasp what it means. Is it beneficial to you? Will it make you happy? Will it let you be at peace with yourself?

I hope and pray 2018 will be a good year for all of us, if not for the world, at least in our personal lives.  I hope 2018 would see us fulfilling life-long dreams and desires.  I hope  that in 2018, we’ll be more understanding and compassionate to our neighbors, friends and family members.  May love be there always.

Do you keep a New Year’s resolution?

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I was inspired by a friend’s post about following blogs and blog followers. You can find his post here.

We could not hide the fact that when we gain more followers, we are happy.  Either it means they truly love our blog posts and they would like to participate through comments and likes or they are those who are new in the blogging world and ask us to follow their blogs as well. Sometimes I return the gestures back when I read the content of their blogs and I like it.  There are bloggers who follow you just to promote their site with nary a like nor a comment on your posts. I wonder if they really read what you write. There are those who have deleted their accounts and would still follow you.There are those who just love to  link their sites to  yours but when you try to visit the sites, you would be surprised,  most if not all posts are ping backs. Sometimes I am in a quandary whether to approve those comments or not.

We could always control all those comments  by manually approving them, We could always choose who to follow. I don’t always follow those who follow me. I only follow more than a hundred blogs that I regularly read. Last night though, I learned that you could also remove followers that you are not comfortable with.  I started the process of visiting some blogs and  removed those I can’t even see when I clicked the links.  Never mind if I’ll have fewer followers in the process.  This is a work in progress and it may take sometime to check all those 2,800 plus followers that I have.

A few months ago, I learned how to block  some people who visited my site.  There were one or two that  I decided to block.  I must admit that  I am learning so much in this blogging world.  Sharing a bit of your life in cyber space takes courage but the happiness that you get through blogging, unleashing those lovely thoughts, putting into words those  ideas and feelings, giving vent to something you have encountered and do not necessarily agree to.

Blogging still.

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