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Good morning everyone!

It’s a dark Tuesday morning. There is another storm brewing in the North and heavy rains are predicted this afternoon and that include  most provinces and towns in Luzon, including Metro Manila.  The students are happy, most of them have no classes.

Have you ever thought how much you have shared in your blog in all the years that you have been blogging? Come to think of it, your blog becomes your online diary, the difference between having a journal is that in a blog you share what you write publicly while in a journal you probably keep it under lock and key.

We’ve talked about the weather (the easiest one to do I think), our family, hobbies, books we have read and will read in the future, politics (occasionally), we even talk about what we had for dinner or breakfast, places we’ve been to, we post lots and lots of photos we took with our high-end cameras or those convenient built-in cameras in our cell phones and tabs. We talk about the daily happenings in our lives.

Sometimes you think you have shared too much and after more than a thousand blog posts you have published, you think you have covered every subject there is to blog about. Maybe some of us even dream of publishing books out of those writings we’ve done over the years. That’s great of course but not all of us are brave enough and talented enough to pull it through.

I remember my first foray into having published  something in a national daily. Years ago, I was invited to join a contest at Philippine Star sharing about how it was being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) family. I didn’t win, there were so many writers whose works were more meaty and interesting than what I wrote but I was paid in cash for my efforts. That was a thirty-minute of writing. The newspaper had saved them  somewhere but I could no longer find the articles now. About a year after, I was again invited to share my thoughts about our former President Cory Aquino when she died, how she affected my life as an individual  and as a citizen of our country. Then came the newspaper’s anniversary and I again contributed a few lines to congratulate them. I no longer subscribe to the newspaper now since I could always take a look online, some fresher news to read.

There are still bylines that I read regularly online at Philippine Star. I love how Barbara Gonzales writes her articles weekly. She’s married now (again), she’s in her mid-seventies when she got married for the second time. Her kids have grown and she enjoys her moments teaching writing at home and doing beadworks.

How do you spend your free time aside from blogging of course? How do you make those moments memorable?



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It’s cloudy but it’s not raining. And yes, the breeze is just enough to dry the bedsheets  and pillowcases I ran in the washing machine at 5am. The sun is trying to show its face but it is  still partly hidden by those dark clouds.


Just done pulling out those stubborn weeds in the area at the side of the house which was not planted with carabao grass.  I brought home some cuttings  of Pothos plants, Mayana and another crawling plant that I could not identify. The Mayana cuttings come in three shades/varieties and they are now thriving well. There are so many plants there in our old house that I could bring home but I just commuted back so it would be an inconvenience to bring so many baggages.

Going green.

Trying to make green veggies our staple too.  They are actually healthier than eating red meat. Fish is a nice alternative to eating pork or chicken. You just have to be a little creative in cooking recipes from fish. I was just talking to my youngest brother from Tulsa a while ago and he suggested that I could also use the leaves of our Philippine lime (calamansi) to sour fish sauce like “sinigang”. We have lots of ripe calamansi from the two trees that we have here.  Just harvested almost a kilo the other day. Best used for juices and marinades.

Books and Reading

Last night, Josef uploaded Moonreader, an app used for e-books.  I can now see my shelf  on my new tab. Still learning  how to navigate this Samsung Tab A 8. Just been released three months ago. I wonder if it also has some features about the last page where you stopped and continue reading. I lost my recent list of TBRs but gained all the books I deleted and read before. My previous tab has features where you could enlarge or reduce the font for each book that you would want to read and you can also choose font types. Haha, I didn’t know that you can trade off previous phones to shops that deal on repair. Josef did and got a little cash value out of it.


Who would know that your tab or phone would go kaput on you and you were not able to save all those beautiful photos that you took and photos from Viber and Messenger that you uploaded? My gallery is back to zero. Nada. Zip.

No idea what title I’ll give to this post. So I am borrowing a title of  our high school presentation called Walang Pamagat which means no title in English.






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Oh gosh, I could not open my tab. It just blacked out but it is charging. I have to wait for Josef to do the trick. I couldn’t read e-books since they are all in there. When you are used to reading bigger fonts with light in it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived reading those small prints in a real book. I am learning how ….again.

It’s a good thing I still have my other CP to use for texting and calling. I use the unli call feature of Globe almost every day to call my brother in the province. P20.00 is good for 24 hours of calls without limit. Sometimes, I use messenger to call my cousin and niece. They are always online but I don’t like using my CP to connect to Facebook. I always prefer my reliable PC to connect to Facebook. Since I don’t have a microphone on the speaker attached, I could not use the messenger for calling. Viber is having problems. I am thinking of removing  it then reinstalling it again. It might work.

How have we become so dependent on these gadgets? Our lives have evolved using them almost every day. What if internet hasn’t been in use yet? For some, letter-writing has become somehow obsolete. E-mails are way, way faster to communicate. I still love receiving snail mails though, hand-written letters or greeting cards. I love that feeling that it is better thought of and personally given enough time by the writer.

Do you love snail mail like I do?

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For about three days now, it’s been raining cats and dogs again because of the “habagat” winds.  I love the rain when it is just for a while but I don’t like the intermittent ones that bring havoc to traffic on the roads and flash flood to streets which unfortunately sometimes even floods homes like ours. I am always wary of it when rainy season comes. The months of August and September are the most rainy months here. The only good thing about it is the weather is cold and it is nice to just stay at home and  read.

Josef connected his Bose sound link to my cellphone and I am tuned in to YouTube listening to the album of the Beatles and other artists of the 60’s and 70’s.  Ah, we’re using the blue tooth features of the CP. It is wonderful to listen to music when the sound is so good. Rainy days bring that nostalgic longing for old songs of yesteryears.

I thought I am lagging behind my reading goals for this year. I haven’t read a book for more than a week when I was in the province.  When I checked my Goodreads account, I am still advanced by 22 books.  I started one last night.  It’s about the Spanish Civil War back in the mid 1930’s. I brought home three books which one of my nieces gave me when I had lunch with them a few days ago – The Death Instinct by Jed Rubenfeld, After the Fall by Charity Norman and The Affair by Santa Montefiore. The last author is quite familiar but I haven’t read books by these three authors yet. Looking forward to reading these three after the historical fiction about Spain that I am reading at the moment. Hopefully….

I am not much updated with the news about our lunatic president. Yesterday though, he even asked the firemen of the country to arm themselves and help the police fight “supposed” crimes in the country. What! Firemen with guns? Aren’t they there to protect the people from the eventualities of fire?  This is insane. I pity our beloved country  going down the drain fast. They are distracting the people from the real issues of extra-judicial killings, drugs, chinese nationals rapidly “invading” some places in the country, the seven-hour-glitch in the last election making all administration candidates win, the corruption galore of those appointed in sensitive positions in the government. I could go on and on and  it really pains me to see our struggling economy since the focus of the government is somewhere else. Sad, really sad.

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Late lunch. Just one of those you buy in the supermarket then just cook for a while then presto….lunch is served.

Had to undergo  routinary laboratory tests for UTI and and FBS. The latter needs fasting for at least eight hours. I’ll go back to my doctor once I get the results of my lab tests. Just bought  medicines for a whole month supply for maintenance and such.  I bought a topical ointment for my blistered fingers because one of them is sore and swollen. I was surprised by the price, a 5-gram tube is so expensive. I couldn’t garden because I could not wear a glove on my right hand since I cannot fold one of my fingers.  So inconvenient really!

I guess it’s time to sit back and relax for a while, catch on my reading and maybe find new titles online to buy later.  The other night, I watched a lovely movie on YouTube.  Har, har, why couldn’t I remember the title now? These senior moments are sometimes quite annoying.  Or maybe listen to good old music on my transistor radio while trying to take an afternoon nap.

Wow, I remember now, it’s a Hallmark  Hall of Fame  production.called The Magic of  Ordinary Days, an adaptation from a book of the same title.  Though I am not that enthusiastic about watching television programs and movie features, I visit YouTube once in a while and watch their free movies.  And once in a while,  I do find movies worth-watching.

Do you watch YouTube movies? It’s where I found some movie adaptations of the books of my favorite author Richard  Paul Evans.



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For the past two days, I was trying to lose myself from all these “ugly” events happening in our country. Sometimes though, because you have a sense of patriotism and that nationalistic attitude towards your beloved country, you just can’t help but react.

This actually happened more than a week ago when 22 Filipino fishermen at the Red Bank was rammed by a chinese vessel. It took a week for Duterte to react by saying it was an  “an ordinary maritime incident”, instead of investigating what happened and protecting the rights of the 22 fishermen.  He would not dare punish china for intentionally sinking that fishing boat. Now it can be told, he loves china more than he loves his country and his countrymen who he promised to serve.

Let me quote an  opinion of a netizen Allan Bernabe how these people from the government  coerced the fishermen to doubt themselves and eventually retract their own statements:

It’s so tragic that Duterte had to parade excessive force, to cower Insigne into submission. The poor fisherman-captain was taken down by shock and awe.

Piñol was sent to boat owner’s home, in the guise of bringing relief goods. But the real purpose was to force Insigne and his companions to change their story and apologize to Duterte.

When Piñol met Insigne, there’s no doubt that Insigne showed defiance.

But Piñol was ready. Duterte had anticipate Insigne will stand for principle. So he had assigned a battalion of fully armed policemen to go with Piñol, to do nothing else but scare Insigne. Once Insigne resisted, Piñol signalled the troops to surround the house in full battle gear, threatening arrest of the fisherboat captain.

Insigne, who had already received arrest “feelers” prior, must have broken down in fear.

After losing his command of the rammed boat, losing his right to fish in Philippine territories, losing his dignity to Duterte’s lies and fierce fanatics trolling, and almost losing his life to Chinese militia, he cannot afford to lose his freedom.

Not knowing the threat of arrest was only a Duterte’s bluff, Insigne surrendered to Duterte’s propaganda.

The most powerful tyrant of the country crushing the heart and soul of the poor beaten victims of China’s aggression, using the full might of a country’s resources.

Such unspeakable cruelty only a Duterte mind can produce.

Injustice can’t even begin to describe this.

Pinol is the present Agriculture Secretary sent by duterte.He conducted a closed-door meeting with the seafarers. When it was done, they were singing a different tune. You can see from their faces how conflicted they were of what happened, even having their photos taken with that hateful  fist sign like a Nazi salute.

First Lorenzana changed his tune, then here comes the captain of the Philippine vessel who says he is no longer sure whether it was a chinese ship who rammed them or not. What’s happening Philippines? Ganito na lang ba kababa ang tingin nila sa atin?Yung iba diyan, ang daling bumaliktad, may nabibili, may nasusuhulan, may madaling himukin. Yung iba tinatakot at binabantaan ang buhay nila. Which is which people? I am confused  . Or maybe to save your life and the lives of your family, you just follow blindfolded. We can’t really blame those poor fishermen.

(Lorenzana is the present Secretary of  National Defense).


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Hello everyone!

Just curious. Are you that type of blogger who only reads your reader’s newsfeed and  do not visit the sites of the bloggers you are reading and commenting on? I’ve done that for a number of years till I discovered that it is nicer to visit the sites than just commenting and reading on your feed. You will be able to discover how their blogs look like, how the blogs were customized to fit their themes, how photos were arranged for a better look and views. I used to see those votes in every blog post I write then it stopped but lately it is back again. Maybe some new bloggers  clicked the “vote” button at the lower portion of the title of each post which you can’t find if you are just reading your feed.

I have different photos on my header when you click different posts but I haven’t changed my theme. I just love the Sadish look. I love the clear lines and simple look of the customized site. I am using a free team and that won’t change because I don’t want to pay every year for a blog that is quite personal. It is not a business blog and I don’t earn anything from it.

I am quite sad that a friend who blogs in another platform has given up on blogging. He is retreating from being active on social media because he could not take the tragedy happening to our country day by day. He actually wished he could do anything actively like some of  our friends are doing but he is staying in another country so it is a bit hard for him to do so.

This is a blatant insult to us Filipinos. I saw some photos of people selling chinese flags at a public place like Luneta. I can’t help but react. We will be celebrating our Independence Day on Wednesday June 12 but why this? Who allowed them to sell those chinese flags? Ibinabandera nila ang hindi naman atin. Gosh, it gives me the shivers. There was a time when I felt so happy seeing everyone celebrates our Independence but it seems in all the three years that a certain individual took over, it has become so frustrating to see them ignore the importance of what our ancestors sacrificed for.

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