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It was one of those things that you sometimes enjoy while browsing at Facebook. There is this site called en.nametest.com  which somehow has become a favorite of  some of my friends at Facebook. I tried it but instead of posting the result at Facebook, I copied the pictures. It asked something like “what are your outstanding moments?” The result was based on the Facebook photos of course. It’s kind of weird sometimes that you get to see photos aside from where they were published.

And  it  includes  my solo pic at Caleruega, Nate’s grad pic in Nursery. Pope Francis pic during his visit to UST,  Nissa and me at a wedding of my niece, my first ID picture when I reached 60 and had it in readiness for other issued IDs.  This is only the second time I tried this site. My Facebook wall is for friends only but one can’t really avoid seeing those pics in other sites or on Google. Once you post something in cyberspace, it becomes public.

I tried checking my name through Google and most of those photos that I posted  here at WordPress are also there.  When you are using social media, expect something like this. It is the downside of this technology called the internet. One thing I like though is I don’t need  to have our photos printed, I just copy them to my hard drive and may be print some when needed.

(Oops, by the way the Tagalog word “daw”  in the title simply means “it is said” or something to that effect).


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There is no official declaration yet from PAGASA if the dry season has already started but seeing how the sun shows its face every day and brings that humid weather  specially at noon, it seems like it is summer now.  I  stepped out for a while at around 7 am and the sun was hot on my back.

Goodreads  says I am done with my 46th book. It’s called Protect and Defend by Richard North Patterson. It’s been a while since I read a legal/political thriller and it’s been  years since I read a book by Richard North Patterson.  Back in 2012, I read  The Final Judgment. 

What is legal? What is right? Protect and Defend tells a story of a fifteen-year old girl who got pregnant and the fetus was hydrocephalic.  What follows are courtroom scenes  whether  to abort the baby or not.  She wants a partial birth abortion but the parents are  opposed  to it.   The girl’s lawyer was a former clerk of a judge who is chosen by the president of the US to be the next Chief Justice.  Senators are at odds with each other, Some oppose her nomination while the rest are in favor of it. Though it is a work of fiction, you can just imagine how each one feels when the girl files a case in court against her parents and the President will do all means to have the  chief justice chosen. Into the mix is the life of the nominated  chief justice and the lives of the political allies and foes

I don’t know much about US politics from where this story was drawn but looking into  what we are having here in our country,  there must be something similar. Corruption is everywhere,  the president is quite relentless on his war on drug but they never get to jail drug lords.  They even set free those big-time drug lords  a month ago. They set free a plunderer and has become a state witness.  How’s that again? Are we going to the dogs?  They are not even focused on our  declining economy.

The rice reserve of the National Food Authority (NFA) is now completely gone. It’s the first time since 1972 that subsidized rice  had run out. Compared to commercial rice, NFA rice is cheaper. It is what the poor in our country consumes.  Since rice is the staple in  the Filipinos’  daily meals,  this is a big problem.

Oh, the controversial  justice secretary has resigned and the president accepted it. I just wonder, will he be given another post or will he run for Senator next election? The nerve of this guy,  his performance sucked.

Such is politics here in our country. it totally, totally sucks.  There is really something wrong with the elected officials as well as the appointed ones.


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A friend and a fellow blogger wrote about learning to wait. I am afraid I am one of those seemingly impatient persons when it comes to waiting.  Be it in a traffic (I guess this is inevitable),  drugstores, mall payment counters, doctors’ offices and the like.

It is a good thing, there are  now “senior citizens” lane  when paying for one’s purchases. It rather cuts the time waiting  for a few minutes.  I usually buy my maintenance medicines at Mercury Drug Store. There is this branch close to our place  that serves their clients oh so slow.  There are more senior citizen buyers than  regular customers.  Now, I remember, the  municipal hospital is also close by so the customers are always in line.

When I left the bank where I used to work back in the year 2000, I enrolled all our utilities for online payments.  Paying online is easier than waiting for your number to be serviced by a bank teller. As long as you have a wi-fi and your app is updated, you’re good to go.  Online transactions too  are now  in place for those merchants selling clothes, gadgets, even grocery items. Most of them deliver the items free (I guess the delivery charge is  already included in the cost). Some are paid in cash as soon as you get the items. Food  merchants  have delivery charges when you order online but you’d be assured that the items you ordered would be delivered in  less than 30 minutes. If you are quite lazy to go out because of the traffic and  and the not so friendly smog  in your area, it is still the best option. You just have to wait for a while.

The internet has surely gone a long way to help us in our daily lives.  You don’t have to buy a newspaper every day to get updated with  news.  Just read online and that’s it.  For those trolls online, it is also the easiest access to publish fake news. So beware.

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Have you noticed the new feature of WordPress right on the comment box? Whereas before they only have  “approve” and “like”, now they have added  “trash,  “edit”  and “spam”. I was wondering whether Akismet is still working. It is. I just deleted a few spam comments. I wonder why these people keep on writing those nonsense, those comments are not even related to the post. They have their own stories, sometimes their comments are even longer than my blog post but I don’t read them, I just press “delete permanently”.  As I have said before in some previous posts, they are quite annoying. I don’t see the relevance of reading them before deleting. Occasionally though, some valid comments  are in my spam folder so I reverse it and put them in the comment box.

According to WordPress, I reached my 10th year here the other day.  Well, it took me just one blog post when I opened this account since I didn’t even know how to customize it.  A year after I posted that lone poem, I started writing here so I don’t really consider that year-long hiatus counted as my first year. I only started  actual blogging more than a year after,  just  when I found out I had colon cancer.

Back then, Multiply was still alive and I had about a hundred friends there who are now mostly on Facebook too. I think those were the best years of blogging and posting Music videos and my own CDs at the site.  Multiply was a wonderful platform. My brother even subscribed me to the premium plan of the site.  It has closed its doors a few years ago.

How’s your blogging journey? Are you still inspired to share your thoughts in cyberspace?

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I was touched by a friend’s post in a positive way. A friend and fellow blogger wrote  that there is not much happening in his life.  It made me think how  we live our daily lives, probably anticipating something good to happen, excited about the following day, looking forward  to another commune with nature. Whatever it is, we all feel down at times. It happens.

When I feel that nothing is aligning with the Universe, I lose myself in words.  Inspirational thoughts comfort me. Finding new books becomes an obsession. I must admit, there are lots of books on my TBR list, some are still unopened and the second-hand ones are just waiting  to be discovered.

When I am bored, I go  to the garden. I take photos of flowers growing there. It makes me always happy to see new growth in the garden.  It makes me smile just to see them  sometimes with a hot cup of coffee in hand. Just a few minutes ago, I got some fallen “kamias fruits” from our neighbor’s tree and separated the seeds. Would love to try them here too.  Kamias is commonly called cucumber tree.  You can preserve the fruit for future use or make  fruit candies  with  it. Just this morning I noticed two guavas growing near our jackfruit tree. We used to have two guava trees  but over the weekend, I let Josef cut them because the trunks have dried up.  I love guavas too.

But fighting boredom sometimes is a losing battle. One has to be brave enough and strong enough  to face challenges.  As we grow older, we have a little too much time in our hands and it’s quite pretty hard sometimes to pass the day without getting bored. We need zoning out too. It could be a positive force for good or for a lovely self-reflection.


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One feels the welcome

the excited voices

an attempt to reach out.

You hesitate

planting yourself at the  gate.

Did they miss me

like I missed  them over the years?

Then you see their faces

and the smiles become laughter.

“I’m blessed”, you thought.

You are finally home.



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Okay, okay, you’ve probably heard of them before. Or you might have encountered them in someone else’s writing or blog post. Or it is probably a shout out from some friends at Facebook.

Long before these acronyms were coined, there was the shortened text on your cellphones. I hate it, yes I do. Why would you shorten a word of five letters or so into a misspelled three letters? Why would you deliberately misspell a word just to be  “in” with the crowd?  Why would you shorten  five words in your text when you can send them full and you’d be charged the same? Some say to save on time but texting always takes a little of your time and it does not take a few minutes to correct a misspelled word.

A few years ago, I blogged about those things I hate about texting. You can find them here. Take note, there were only ten of them that I posted but over the years,  I observed some more.  Nowadays there are more internet slangs than you can imagine. The internet  is such that every day, you notice changes and new terms used specially in social media like Facebook or Twitter.

What do these acronyms mean?


BFF, I am familiar with since some of my friends use it all the time even on texts and comments on Facebook, so with HEHE and HAHA accompanied by a smiley face at the end.  But I really have to look for what LMAO or IMAO mean. For those not familiar with the lingo, IMAO means “in my arrogant opinion”.  IMHO means a little better than IMAO, “in my humble opinion“.  TTYL is “talk to you later.  OMG is another word that I hate reading. It’s supposedly means  “oh My God”.  Call me old-fashioned, not going with the flow but that was how I was brought up.  LOL is supposed to mean “laughs out loud”. It is used to draw attention to a joke or  to express amusement. It is the most common slang term in internet communication. XOXO means “hugs and kisses“, a form of endearment.

Image is from Google.

These words grow day by day, there are more than a hundred acronyms in  the world-wide web depending on how you interpret them as long as the first letter of each word  is there.

Of course we are all familiar with those acronyms coined by institutions and companies and such foreign word like R.S.V.P  but some of these present day words that I encounter, I find them unnecessary.

What’s your take?

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