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Have you seen this before? It was shared by a friend. It is simply amazing.

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Back in 2016, I almost have an equal number of posts and followers. Now though, my number of followers has eclipsed my posts for more than a thousand.  I try to blog every day but sometimes, I am not inspired to or I am busy.

Last night, I watched a concert….on YouTube. I was inspired  by  a friend’s post, a fellow blogger when he wrote about Todd Rundgren’s song called I Saw The Light.  You can visit Pete’s posts here. I started with the 70’s songs then went on to find other artists in that era. Then I found this video about the Bee Gees, how their career evolved from small kids when they migrated to Australia and went back to England later on.  Imagine those famous compositions of Barry Gibbs and the twin’s lovely voices.  I was inspired.

I also played The Eagles songs which they recorded live in one of their concerts in Maryland. I remember now, Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I had this Walkman which could play a cassette tape and you can listen to it via an ear phone.  I remember buying an album of The Eagles and playing it repeatedly on my portable cassette player.  When I was still working at the Bank of the Philippine Islands, I would spend lunch break going to Music One and would listen to new albums and new releases on their CD players provided  for their customers.

Music soothes and before you know it, you are so engrossed  and let time pass away. Beautiful music, talented artists, what more could you ask for?





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I’m waiting for some pods to show their faces. The flowers are plenty though, just perfect for blue rice or tea.

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