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Happy Father’s Day

via Happy Father’s Day

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When you are touched by God’s graces more than you ever expect, your heart sings with joy and gratitude. They always say,“into each life, some rain must fall” and those are the moments that you realize that you are not alone, that God is always there for you, you just have to keep the faith and believe!


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Oh my, all I  did this morning was to cook breakfast and to hear mass. A Blessed Solemnity of Holy Trinity Sunday to all.

Josef and Jovy left early for their weekend visits to Jovy’s  grandma. I really feel so lazy. My computer was open since 6am but I was not even wont to check my posts.

We were not able to see Nate yesterday. They went to the doctor because he had fever and cough. We just talked over the phone. This weather makes everyone sick with  colds and flu. Josef had just had his flu vaccine the other day. He also had severe cough but is somehow okay now.

I ended up cooking chop suey for lunch instead of fried chicken and baked marble potatoes. I made  a pitcher of sago’t gulaman instead of having soft drinks which is full of sugar. Then we had this for appetizer, fresh ararosep from the market. Sometimes they call it sea grapes or lato in Tagalog.

In Pangasinan, we call this ararosep.

Mixed with fresh cut tomatoes, diced onion and diced fresh ginger, it’s perfect for appetizer.  I used to feature my regular seaweed finds in the market.

Have a pleasant week ahead guys.

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