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We were gathered atop the bed. The two were toying with their cellphones. Nissa was looking for sites and hotel, Obet  was updating the apps for his phone.

Nissa said, “I wonder if it is better to go to Hongkong’s Disneyland or to Malaysia’s Legoland on Nate’s birthday”.

I told her, “why don’t you ask your cousin who lives in Singapore”?

“It gives me an idea”, she said.

Eventually, she asked Nate what he prefers, Legoland or Disneyland. he readily answered he likes to go to Legoland. He is fond of Lego toys. He has several sets of them given as gifts. If they book a trip to Singapore, Malaysia’s Legoland is just an hour away and the fare is reasonable. I am pretty sure, Nate would enjoy the latter considering there are lots of amenities too where both adults and kids can enjoy.

Nissa is seriously planning a foreign trip for  Nate’s 7th birthday for November instead of giving a party. He is at that age where he remembers what he did in all the places they’ve been to lately. I guess, he has reached more places in his first six years than I have in the last ten years.

“I’am gonna have a blog”, he seriously said.

I laughed and asked him, “you mean a vlog?”

“The videos Nonna”. Nissa has lots of stored videos in her lovely phone. I told him they need a vlogging camera to take more. He just smiled at me and said, “okay”, as if that is already a given. Kids sometimes take everything for granted, haha 🙂



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Did I just say that?

Yes I know, Sunday is for relaxing. For the first time in so many weeks, I attended an anticipated mass last night after doing the laundry late in the afternoon. So  Sunday is free, apart from the usual task of watering the plants (it’s still like summer here), doing a little cleaning here and there and preparing breakfast for Mom and me. Mom attends  mass on television because she can’t walk that far when the car isn’t here.

Yesterday was another family day for us. Nissa, Obet and Nate came over  to join us for lunch, late celebration of Josef’s birthday the other day.  We just had food delivered and I bought two kilos of ready to fry chicken mix at SM Ortigas City. I went earlier to Medical City to get the result of my lab for Vitamin D deficiency and to visit my doctor.  Thank God, everything is normal. Even my blood pressure is in the normal range. Still have to go back maybe in two weeks to have labs again, re: fasting blood sugar and urinalysis.

Nate got tired of his old toys here so he re-arranged his books and read some of them. I am pretty amazed, he could read now. He and his dad played frisbee together in the garden then later on picked calamansi for them to bring home. Nate was so happy they gathered more than a kilo of it.

Bonding time with family is priceless no matter how you spend it together. What is important is the presence of each other. It is nice to be updated on what is happening in their jobs, how hard it is sometimes to cope with so much work.

Oh, I remember, I’ll be going out in a few hours to redeem my  free  boxes of pizza and mojos from Shakey’s. A  P3,000+ spend in one purchase entitles you to one redemption certificate which you will just have to show at the food chain. It’s courtesy of Bank of PI. I am entitled to three redemption for the three purchases I made earlier  between March 22, 2019 and June 22, 2019. Hooray!

Have a blessed and fruitful  Sunday everyone. Happy week ahead.

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