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Gosh, I only had an hour to spend in the garden before the sun is up. 7 am is already hot on one’s back so I have to start early. The Fukien Tea plants need trimming and I am finding it hard to trim it. I gave one of our jackfruits to our good neighbor. I don’t want them to ripen because sometimes there are thieves who just get what they see. It’s quite annoying.

Even 4 pm is still hot.  The rainy season hasn’t started yet. The thunderstorms which we experienced a few days ago are non-existent nowadays.  Maybe global warming has really something to do with the weather change. It is quite alarming.

Catching up on my reading finally. I found two books by Barbara Taylor Bradford. She used to be a favorite back in those days  when I was so enamored with reading. I love reading about England’s history, its participation during WWII, how its citizens survived during  those times. I love reading about England’s aristocracy, their families, their way of life and the way they deal with ordinary people on the streets. Bradford is a good writer. All her books are a bit too long, the subjects are never boring.

And this is the first time I’m juggling reading a historical novel and a memoir. Crazy isn’t it?


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