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Good morning!

I was attending an online mass at the Manila Cathedral (I still attend online masses because of my ear problem) when I received a message from Nissa asking me if my other account at BPI is still open. After a while, she asked me to check my balance and activate my online notification through my phone. What a morning surprise, she credited my account with a big amount. Time and again, she would also credit my prepaid Globe phone. So grateful for a daughter who is so thoughtful. She was just promoted as Senior Manager of BPI two months ago. I am more excited for them to transfer to their new home eventually.

I miss those perks and benefits of being a BPI employee, the quarterly bonuses that they give without fail. Two weeks ago, Union Bank credited my account with them with their yearly cash dividends, good enough for more than a month’s worth of groceries. Such blessings, I couldn’t ask for more. I also had a nice chat with Mel three nights ago via Messenger. They are here on vacation with his wife and daughter. He said a month is not enough to spend with family here. He offered to shoulder my hearing aid but I told him there is no need. He said although he is not rich, he is so blessed and he is sharing his blessings.

Blessings abound. I have more than a week to go before my lab tests next. Enjoying my stay at home re-reading my 2011 blog posts and catching on some Lenten readings too.


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A good friend and a neighbor messaged me yesterday and asked if I have already submitted the new data form for senior citizens. She gave me a link and asked me if I could drop by our village’s senior citizens building and get a form to fill up. When I reached the place, there were so many people outside and I asked her why. She told me they are getting their social pension for the past three months.

Back in April last year, I applied for a new senior citizen’s card for mom here in our place because she doesn’t have benefits there in the province and all because she is a survivor pensioner which started when dad died. Every birthday here, a senior gets some groceries and an umbrella. When I read about the national social pension for those aged 80 and above, I decided to apply for her. The mayor in our town endorsed the cancellation of her senior citizen’s ID. I applied for social pension only last December here in Cainta. I didn’t expect that she will be included soon but our neighbor (she is the secretary of the SCs here in our village )checked the list and found mom’s name and asked me to go back and secure an application in lieu of mom. Since she can no longer write, a thumb mark was okay. I have to submit xerox of her SC ID and mine. I was surprised when they gave a full year benefit in her name. For some people, the amount of 6k might be too small but it is a blessing for us. It could buy at least a full grocery cart.

It is a blessing indeed. Hereon, they give benefits to the most senior members of our country every year (80 and above) and when one reaches the age of 100, they ģive P100,000.00 benefits to survivors but of course that seldom happens nowadays.

Since they no longer have a copy of the forms for the new data update, I filled up two applications online and submitted them yesterday with the help of Josef.

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When you have all these, you are rich beyond measure.

Culled from sketches and stillness!

Yeay, family comes first. When you can’t rely on no one, your family will always be there by your side. So grateful for having a caring, kind and loving family🫂

Good friends will always be there to lift you up when you’re feeling low, they will listen to you without judgment. Just being by your side is quite enough.

Hugs, laughter, happy memories. They make life meaningful. They keep you going when you have far to go. They always say that laughter is the best medicine.

Sleep. This is one thing that I lack sometimes. Last night, I was in bed at 7pm. I didn’t even finish praying the rosary. I woke up at 1am still clutching my rosary and my hands smelled of roses. Yes, it was one of those gifts I received from a friend when our grotto was blessed after my chemotherapy almost thirteen years ago. It is a rose rosary. By the way, I collect rosaries and alternately use them in prayers. I have one from Sienna, two from Jerusalem, one from the Vatican, another two from Rome, some bracelet and ring rosaries from friends abroad but the one I use most is the bracelet rosary from Josef. It is always on my arms when I go out. Back when Nissa, Josef and I were still making rosaries, I made one for myself out of pink quartz crystals. When our friend Fr. Aly came over, I have some of them blessed. Most of them though were already blessed when friends gave them to me.

Truly, the best things in life are free.😘🥰😉🌹🌻🌱🎉🎈🎊

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Aside of course from being hit by the lazy bug to make a blog post, I was busy.

Finally, we got to meet again after several years. What a lovely time with the family. We had a mini reunion last November 1 when Noel and Lanette were here. A late celebration for my birthday. I just ordered food online so we had enough time to exchange news. We invited my oldest brother Kuya Roy and my sis-in-law, Nissa’s family too. They brought with them lots of goodies for the family. Nissa and Noel took a lot of photos. I am compiling them in an album at Facebook.

At first mom could not recognize Noel but when he embraced and kissed her, she smiled and shouted “Oweng”, Noel’s nickname.

A family pic but the others were busy with lunch. (Josef, Noel, Nissa, Nate and me).
Ang maglolo.
With Noel and Lanette
Look at how old my mom is now. She’ll be turning 94 by April next year.

Nate’s legs are so heavy😘

They spent four days in Mindoro with Lanette’s family, then yesterday, they were off to Pangasinan to visit Alden at the cemetery and a quick visit to my niece and sis-in-law and some cousins. Good thing one of Lanette’s brothers was free to drive them around. They’re coming back today and on Saturday, Nissa and Obet will bring them to Tagaytay to enjoy another tourist attraction.

Mae is Alden’s only child. She said she looks more like his tito than her Papa.

Just a hectic two-week visit.

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I think I am getting old. I now have a forty-year old daughter but I wish I have more grandkids. It must be nice to have a big family.

Back in our time at Bank of PI, we were always allowed to file a vacation leave on the day of our birthday. So they are still doing it until today. Obet also filed a leave of absence and Nate does not have class today.

I asked Nissa where they’ll be having their lunch. It’s at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel. Wow, what a grand celebration. I enjoyed reading the comments on the tribute I wrote for Nissa. Nate is as smart as his mom. I hope when he grows up, he’ll be as successful as Nissa.

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More memes I did yesterday. They are actually excerpts from my previous blog posts. I shared these with our two Catholic groups at our FB sites.

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If you could touch one soul out there through your words,

If you could make someone smile despite the tears,

If you could inspire someone who is depressed to move on,

Then you are truly blessed.

God sees the goodness in everyone of us.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my family and friends living in the US. May you always feel the warmth of family and may you always be blessed.

Despite of what is happening around, we always have something to be thankful and to be grateful for.

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It was a quiet quarantine birthday.  We just ordered food at home for lunch and dinner. I’ve missed Nissa’s family though. I was busy almost the whole day answering comments and greetings on Facebook and a couple of long-distance calls to boot.

I enjoyed reading all their messages. I guess that is how a quarantine birthday is celebrated. Since we can’t all go out, we just decided to stay at home.  I got a lovely surprise when someone called that he was at our gate, he greeted me a happy birthday first before delivering a big box from flowerstore.ph – a gift from Nissa. Wow! Took shots of how the day went.  It is quite touching to see  Mum smiling and lovingly touching those lovely blooms. She just love flowers.

Wohoo, that’s me at 64!

Look at the white hairs. I haven’t been to David’s for almost eight months now.

A boodle “bilao” (a big tray)complete with sisig, barbeque, tapa, fried chicken, chicken inasal and lumpiang shanghai plus a kilo of ready to fry veggie lumpia.

A birthday cake from Red Ribbon, a gift from Josef and Jovy.

Making a wish? Just for good health always!

Sunburst! A beautiful, cheery bouquet of two toned violet mums, pink carnations and a sunflower.

It came with this lovely birthday balloon.

Those carnations and mums are just so lovely.

How they look in our sala. I noticed the leaves that look like cuttings from Gardenia. Can’t wait to plant them soon.

So that’s how the day went. Glad to be 64 at last.

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Monday, Monday, so good to me. 

Ah, I think it is a line in one of the songs of the Mamas and the Papas, right? I am having a LSS at the moment but I just hope Monday would be good and also the rest of the week.

Here’s one good news I guess. Nissa told me last night that there is another medal  waiting for Nate which she and Obet will get today from  Nate’s school. It is still part of the two medals  ( High Honors and Character Traits Awards) plus the  certificate he got earlier this school year.  Best English Speaker.  I  am not surprised since he is speaking the language since he learned how to talk and speak.  Mother and son are comparing notes…haha! Nissa  told  him  that she had hers (from nursery to college) kept here. She was able though to show him her college diploma and took shot of it last night. Nate asked her what Magna Cum Laude means so she explained it. She told him to study well. I told you he is seven going twenty, right? He has this dream of being a Magna Cum Laude too when he graduates….yeay!


Dreams are not impossible to come  true as long as you believe they are  achievable.  Focus, diligence, conscientiousness and right attitude coupled with prayers for guidance.

Proud Nonna here.

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