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I’ve been following some people/bloggers for a number of years now liking and sometimes posting comments on their posts but even a like to acknowledge my comments is not even coming. Maybe, they should have put their blog as private if this is the case.

Natauhan din ako, I started unfollowing them. Although I don’t expect them to engage and exchange comments with me, I got tired…finally! Neither do I expect them to follow me back. I have enough of followers whom I could exchange comments. I have enough of visitors who read my blog posts. One could be polite enough to click “like” on one’s comment if you don’t want to comment back, right?

I’ll find some other bloggers whose blogs would give me more inspiration through their sharing.


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I used to look forward to the celebration of our  independence every  12th of June but then the picture has deemed since someone in Malacanang occupied it.

I read in one of our national newspapers that it would be VP Leni Robredo and Mayor Joseph Estrada of Manila who will do the wreath-laying and the flag-raising rites in Luneta tomorrow. So where is the president?  He does not participate in such an important event like this….haha! Better sleep in Davao???

One hundred and twenty one years  from the time General Emilio Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence from more than 300 years of Spanish rule on January 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite and most of us Filipinos are still struggling to remember it. Some people are just happy it is an official holiday. I guess, with all the things happening now in our country, some of us don’t really care. Some would rather follow their “tatay” blindly than show a little nationalism to celebrate it. It’s really sad that after all the sacrifices our forebears did to attain our independence, it seems like they’d rather be under another country’s rule. china is getting closer and closer. There are now so many illegal mainland chinese who are working here depriving some of our local workers of the jobs that are supposed to be theirs. They have put up businesses in some areas of the archipelago. They have caused rents in apartments and condominium units to escalate. Some even set up their own fast food chain and this government is allowing it.

Where are we going?

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