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Where does a man find healing amid so many broken places? How does he find love in the ruins and wine-wrapped shattered pieces of his own soul? 

Wrapped in Rain – Charles Martin



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You think I’m nuts but I  love the smooth feel of newly waxed and buffed floors on my bare feet. I love to squirt water on my face every time I water the plants. I love the smell of newly cut grass and delights in discovering new blooms in my garden!

The magic of daily living, taking delight in simple things that make life worthwhile.

I was reviewing  the photos I took from way back then I saw these pictures of my kitty.  She is no longer here with us. In all the years that we’ve been taking care of our cats, we noticed that when they get ill, they just leave and don’t come back. Why do they go away to die? Do you think they know when they are dying. In all the years that we’ve been here, We haven’t buried any of them but our dead doggies are in one corner of our garden.

So serenely asleep on top of  one of my garden pots. Sometimes you wish you could steal a few moments in a blink.  Sometimes you wish you could take a shuteye at any time of the day then you wake up feeling refreshed.


I am supposed to have my eye check-up by an ophthalmologist  but I told my son to  just have it after Holy Week.  My left eye got an error reading when I went to an optometrist a few days ago.  Maybe, the grade has increased.  The optometrist said  I might  have a cataract  and need to be seen by an ophthalmologist.  Oh well, this is really something that I need to do.

Happy Monday everyone!

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We attended the early morning mass at 6:30 am.  Since Pope Francis’ directive came out a  couple of weeks ago, we were treated with brief but meaningful homilies since then.  Oh yes, “no more than ten minutes please”.  Before, a priest would deliver his sermon  for almost thirty minutes and when the content is not that inspiring, the churchgoers get bored.  Their attention is lost in the middle of  it.

Dropped by the supermarket after the mass and we bought something for breakfast. There is a new product by Oishi which some of my friends were raving about when it came out in the market.

Gourmet Picks – Salted Egg

I am not really a fan of junk food but now and then, the craving is there. Wow, salted egg flavor. Gosh, it is better than your more popular Pringles. Salted egg is one of those easy things to prepare for breakfast or during the season of Lent when we are required to abstain from eating meat every Friday. You just have to add fresh diced tomatoes and bingo, you have a tasty breakfast.

Going back to Gourmet Picks, the chips were not really salty but the flavor of salted egg was there.  No wonder, it has become a hit when it comes to junk food.

Nissa and Obet bought a new bike (his old one is now a  bit small) for Nate as his prize for being an honors student. They went jogging at Roxas Blvd.  very early this morning before going to mass at 10am.

The joy of seeing the sunrise and spending time with the family.  The joy of putting your feet on the pedals of a bike and let the world go by for a while. The joy of having a new bike.

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Can the day get any better?

I am just choosing to ignore all the “bad” happenings   yesterday.  Yes, it’s pretty bad.  Politics here is literally  thriving on fake news and persecution of  those who are opposed to how the government is run. A self-confessed drug lord set free  ( including their cohorts) by the Department of Justice and the one he accused  of  receiving millions from him is languishing in jail for a crime she didn’t commit?  Where are we going? Our economy is practically in the doldrums.  When will this end? I am getting tired of it all.

It is a nice Tuesday morning though. I just updated my Garden and Empty Spaces blog. for the past several months , I have neglected blogging there. It’s nice to post photos again in their original format.  I usually reduce  what I post here  to save on space but at the other blog, I’ve only used up a mere 9% of it.  Way to go, it will probably take a long time before it’s filled up with those random photos that I post there.

This is just a short post. Happy Tuesday everyone!


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Four years ago, I wrote   a blog post on my birthday, just being thankful for everyday blessings.  For the past several months it always shows up in my Most Read Blogs/Top Posts. It is quite  surprising since  those  were just simple words of thanks for blessing me with life, health, friends and family.

It actually  reminds me of the book I a reading at the moment, The Kindness of Strangers.  

Being grateful and being thankful.

Sometimes in the midst of joys and happiness in our lives we forget to utter those words of thanks to our Saviour.  We take for granted that these days and moments of happiness are God-given.  We get lost in the euphoria.  Every day that we are alive, we should not forget to be grateful.

My priest son always asks  me every time he says mass in other churches what my petitions are and I always answer,  “just good health”. When you are healthy, alive and kicking, everything falls into place. No amount of money could ever match good health in the family.  When you have experienced  life-changing  moments in your life, you are thankful for everyday blessings.  I’ll be on my 9th year in remission come July. That alone is a wonderful blessing in my life.



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I had these lovely thoughts earlier in my head but when I sat down in front of my PC, they all vanished like air. My goodness, I am getting old and forgetful at certain times too.  Is this what we pay for adding years in our lives? I like to think, it’s the other way around because I value the wisdom I learned through the years. I am blessed to have  experienced things in the past that lifted me up somehow, given me strength to face what lies ahead. Yes, I am still looking forward to more years spending with my family and friends.

Today, we celebrate International  Women’s Day. Google says that  “in 1917 against the backdrop of the war, women in Russia again chose to protest and strike for “Bread and Peace” on the last Sunday in February (which fell on 8 March on the Gregorian calendar). … 1975 During International Women’s Year, the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March.”

photo from Google

So why does the world celebrate International Women’s Day?  Why do we fight for women’s right?   It  is “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.”

Do you really believe that women are the weaker sex? I don’t agree. We were born equal – equal opportunities, equal  chances to do good, equal chances to rise up to challenges.  What men could do, we could do too, sometimes even better.

There are jobs in most aspects of life that people think men could do better.  I know of women cops, women who do carpentry works, women who are skilled in any given field of choice.  We all know of women leaders.  I remember my days as an employee at the bank I used to work before. In all the years I’ve been there, all my big bosses were women.  And yes, they were all good. There was that nurturing amidst problems at work, there was that motherly care of all the employees under their watch. The camaraderie of having them around was priceless.

And talking of women, we talk of mothers too.  How could you juggle  a job caring for your little ones and at the same time working outside of home?  In times of crises, they stay strong for their family.

I love this quote from Mother Teresa:

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

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I was touched by a friend’s post in a positive way. A friend and fellow blogger wrote  that there is not much happening in his life.  It made me think how  we live our daily lives, probably anticipating something good to happen, excited about the following day, looking forward  to another commune with nature. Whatever it is, we all feel down at times. It happens.

When I feel that nothing is aligning with the Universe, I lose myself in words.  Inspirational thoughts comfort me. Finding new books becomes an obsession. I must admit, there are lots of books on my TBR list, some are still unopened and the second-hand ones are just waiting  to be discovered.

When I am bored, I go  to the garden. I take photos of flowers growing there. It makes me always happy to see new growth in the garden.  It makes me smile just to see them  sometimes with a hot cup of coffee in hand. Just a few minutes ago, I got some fallen “kamias fruits” from our neighbor’s tree and separated the seeds. Would love to try them here too.  Kamias is commonly called cucumber tree.  You can preserve the fruit for future use or make  fruit candies  with  it. Just this morning I noticed two guavas growing near our jackfruit tree. We used to have two guava trees  but over the weekend, I let Josef cut them because the trunks have dried up.  I love guavas too.

But fighting boredom sometimes is a losing battle. One has to be brave enough and strong enough  to face challenges.  As we grow older, we have a little too much time in our hands and it’s quite pretty hard sometimes to pass the day without getting bored. We need zoning out too. It could be a positive force for good or for a lovely self-reflection.


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