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I have this booklet of meditations and prayers which I bought at a book sale some years  back. It’s called Stepping Stones  (Meditations in a Garden) by Lillian Marshall. Time and again I read it for inspirations.

Each day is a stepping stone into future days on the upward path. Enrich each day with gratitude and a time of quiet.

Rest in the peace of God’s presence and feel His love and wisdom and guidance directing you to increasing love, joy and accomplishment.

Today is the day that God has given. Rejoice and be joyful in it.



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She remembers –

The feel of the wind on her face

The scent of the sea

Footsteps in the sand

Sea glass tempered  and smoothed

by time

Sea shells along the shore

The lap of water at her feet.

She remembers the happy times,

The smiles,

The laughter.

And sometimes the tears.

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Last night, I couldn’t sleep because of the heavy rain with matching thunder and lightning to boot. Thunderstorms are frequent  before the actual rainy season sets in. Maybe this is the start.  There is a low pressure area somewhere in the Visayas and it is somehow affecting Luzon too. The sun is afraid to show its face.

What I don’t like about the rainy season are the flash floods. When it rains hard, the streets on low-lying areas get flooded and traffic will be at its worse. When it rains even harder, it is a little frightening. I prefer the lovely months beginning October until March. By then the weather is just okay with little rain while April and May seem to be the hottest months of summer. This year, June is still so hot.

A friend from Cebu City and I started talking about climate change yesterday when she saw my post from CNN.

If we won’t do our share, then who will? Some people don’t care, some are not probably aware that this is a climate emergency that needs our attention. It is a global problem.

I’ve often blogged about those garbage that are haphazardly thrown at the sidewalks, on the streets and even in areas which are privately owned. I often see empty bottles of mineral water and plastic of soft drinks and straw atop my Santan blooms. Most people are undisciplined. Cigarette butts increase every day, some even reach our garage when it is windy.

I hate to say this but it seem we are in a water crisis. Water at Angat Dam where Maynilad and Manila Water  source our water supply (two concessionaires that supply our water needs)  is now below critical level. They shut down water distribution at night. Early this morning at 3am, I woke up only to find there is no flow even in our bypass faucet at the laundry area.  Enough water does not reach our overhead tank. The latter supplies our water needs inside the house.  Right now until probably around 8pm, we  don’t have water interruption but the flow is not as strong as before.

It’s a lovely Monday. The sun is finally shining….at last.





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When you are touched by God’s graces more than you ever expect, your heart sings with joy and gratitude. They always say,“into each life, some rain must fall” and those are the moments that you realize that you are not alone, that God is always there for you, you just have to keep the faith and believe!

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Some friends and I were discussing about writing.  One of them is a published poet. We have different outlook when it comes to writing. Some prefer beautifully sharpened pencils, some use ballpens, a lot of us though write directly on the computer. We discussed the merit of keeping a journal. I told them I still have lots of blank journals which are gifts from friends. I am presently using a thick one and it’s just filled more than half. I am no longer into a regular journal writing. Most of the entries are cellphone numbers from friends just in case my CPs conk out, confirmations on online payments that I did through Bank of PI, one or two liners of thoughts that come to mind once in a while and a list of books that I want to read first for my yearly reading challenge.
I used to have lots of colored pencils and pens wayback in college. My written notes in Statistics, graphs in my Economics subjects, pie charts were all so colorful. Assignments and dates were written in red pen while I  used  black pens for written lectures. When I started working, I again learned to use a pencil.
One of my friends has this to say about using writing materials:
I’m a pencil fan when it comes to drafting written work. There’s that very satisfying feeling of erasing lines and lines and replacing them. Oh, it’s a lot easier clicking delete on the computer but I see the wisdom of handwriting drafts of any literary work. The slow processing of the words gives much time for reflection.
Have you ever tried chewing on an eraser’s casing at the end of a pencil? Have you ever tried snapping a pencil into two because you are pressed with deadlines and nothing good comes out of your head? Who hasn’t drummed a pencil on a desk because you can’t get the exact words right while you are writing? Ah, the days of glory for a pencil are gone now.
When I am writing a blog, I type directly in front of my PC, one or two reviews of words I have written then I hit publish. There is that inner satisfaction of seeing your thoughts in prints finally.
Pen or pencil?

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So it was another road trip for the family and Nate enjoyed the water.  Enjoying the rest of the summer at Adventure Beach Waterpark in Subic, Zambales. Nate prefers the latter compared to Ocean Adventure.

Our little boy who is not so little anymore is quite adventurous. He is not afraid to try new things.

Paddling on a banana boat

Enjoying the water.


He found a friend.


Father and son

…and we make memories.


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Multitasking can lead to memory loss.

I think most of us feel guilty about this. We do not want to waste precious time, precious moments spent doing other things while there is still an unfinished task at hand. It has become a way of life.

Multitasking is not actually new, it is as old as time itself. Even when we are  in front of the computer, we do it, opening several windows all at the same time. My two kids, when they were still students, were so used to listening to the radio while studying.  They said that they can concentrate better while they are at the same time tuned-in to their favorite music station or playing a favorite CD in the background.

Contrary to what we believe, we are actually being less efficient while doing several jobs at the same time. Going in several directions at one time means that there is a greater likelihood that details will  be overlooked and often forgotten due to lack of focus.

Studies show that multitasking is bad for our health, for one thing it can cause stress. Sometimes, we are depressed when we can’t finish  the things that we want to do all at the same time and when we are depressed, inattention can result with memory loss as one of the symptoms.

Memory loss can mean that a precious part of ourselves is lost too. It is a frightening scenario.

This reminds me of my conversation with my former boss at the bank yesterday morning. We talked through messenger. She sent me pictures with some former officemates who visited another former officemate who has dementia for eleven years now. We talked of the aches and pains of growing old, we talked of maintenance medicines that we are presently taking. I told her I have Vitamin D deficiency so I am taking 2,000 IU of it every day. She said that she and her husband are doing the same because Vitamin D prevents early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. I didn’t know that.

Memory loss, dementia, alzheimer’s – some unfortunate diseases that may or may not happen to us as we grow older.

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