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Time flies so soon.

When I think of the years gone I smile at the thought of my journey as a grandma to Nate. He is now in grade one. Where have the years gone?

I think of those times when we were eagerly awaiting his birth and so excited to buy those little things for a baby. I think of those times when we were excited to bring him home but he was left at the hospital because of sepsis. Nissa labored for so long and she was induced eventually but her OB wanted her to give birth the natural way until the latter decided to have Nate delivered by caesarian section.  By then, the baby in her womb has eaten his own waste and he has to be incubated for almost a month.  His paediatrician was good. We brought him back to the hospital two days after we brought him home because he had fever. And he has to stay there for almost two weeks more. God is good. Nate is now a growing boy, tall for his age and so thoughtful and smart too.

Many times, I ask him what he does  when he is at home and he doesn’t have anyone to play with. He always say, he plays with his toys alone or watch television. He loves the cartoon channels. He does not sleep in their room during the day but he sleeps on the sofa in their sala.  When they come for a visit, we just play all day and he would always ask for his fruit juice. He could finish off a pitcher in  a day. He loves picking kalamansi with me to bring home. He is afraid of Oreo because our dog is so playful when he is around.

He would press the doorbell repeatedly until I go out and meet them at the gate always with the words, “hi Nonna” coupled with a kiss and a tight embrace. They he would say “we have a gift for you” and true enough, they would always bring thoughtful gifts for me.

Counting the years and the days spent with Nate. I always look forward seeing him around.

And these are his books for grade one. When I was in grade one back in the province, I was just learning my ABC.


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