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Multitasking can lead to memory loss.

I think most of us feel guilty about this. We do not want to waste precious time, precious moments spent doing other things while there is still an unfinished task at hand. It has become a way of life.

Multitasking is not actually new, it is as old as time itself. Even when we are  in front of the computer, we do it, opening several windows all at the same time. My two kids, when they were still students, were so used to listening to the radio while studying.  They said that they can concentrate better while they are at the same time tuned-in to their favorite music station or playing a favorite CD in the background.

Contrary to what we believe, we are actually being less efficient while doing several jobs at the same time. Going in several directions at one time means that there is a greater likelihood that details will  be overlooked and often forgotten due to lack of focus.

Studies show that multitasking is bad for our health, for one thing it can cause stress. Sometimes, we are depressed when we can’t finish  the things that we want to do all at the same time and when we are depressed, inattention can result with memory loss as one of the symptoms.

Memory loss can mean that a precious part of ourselves is lost too. It is a frightening scenario.

This reminds me of my conversation with my former boss at the bank yesterday morning. We talked through messenger. She sent me pictures with some former officemates who visited another former officemate who has dementia for eleven years now. We talked of the aches and pains of growing old, we talked of maintenance medicines that we are presently taking. I told her I have Vitamin D deficiency so I am taking 2,000 IU of it every day. She said that she and her husband are doing the same because Vitamin D prevents early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. I didn’t know that.

Memory loss, dementia, alzheimer’s – some unfortunate diseases that may or may not happen to us as we grow older.


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