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Josef, Jovy and I went to SM City East Ortigas to have a hair cut for Oreo. His fur is getting thick so it needs to be trimmed again. For the second time, we tried the summer cut and  he looks so neat in it.  He is always happy when we are at the mall because he could run around in a cool place. He always position himself in front of the car’s air vent when we are traveling. Once he is cool enough, he sleeps on Josef’s back.

While he was having a hair trim, the three of us went to Shakeys to have a late lunch. I’ve forgotten how crispy their chicken was since it was so long ago since I’ve eaten here. It reminds me that I still  have a coupon for free pizza courtesy of BPI. Next time I’ll visit the mall, I’ll gonna exchange it for a hot plate of mojo.

We dropped by the Candy Corner. All items are sold by the grams and they are so expensive. They have different fruit flavors coated in chocolate, almond candies in dark chocolate, wiggly gummies and licorice. Would you believe that I got curious about the taste of licorice so we bought some? I only used to read it in my books about England and Ireland.  Josef has his own favorite candy flavors.

It is nice sometimes to go with the kids, they are fun to be with. Jovy bought some Lotto scratch cards just for the fun of it and she exchanged two cards with two more.  The other day, she said she won P160.00 pesos…haha 🙂

We went home exhausted but happy. As usual, it was so hot outside. It doesn’t look as if the rainy season is coming.

Happy weekend everyone.


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