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I am not really fond of reblogs. Derrick, one of my online friends here shared a link to his post about his library so I am sharing mine too. This was written more than seven years ago and I have accumulated more and so did Nissa. Sometimes, when I like a particular author, I tend to collect all his books. My most loved books are hidden in a cabinet so they won’t get dirty. They are hardbound and trade paperback copies which are gifts from friends.

Dreams And Escapes

I CAN’T!   And that’s written in big bold letters. This ongoing love affair knows no bounds, an insatiable thirst for more, loving the feel and smell of new pages, waiting to discover something that would either make you cry, laugh, think and smile. I need more space for more books. If my brother could hear me now, he would say, get a Kindle. He offered to buy me one but I am in a quandary whether I will enjoy reading without holding the book in my hands.  I took some shots of some of the books we have now after I lost most of my collection more than two years ago. Someday, I’m going to replace them one by one because I want to read some of them all over again and get lost in the magic of words.

I need one more like this, a wooden cabinet where…

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