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Wet, cold and rainy Sunday afternoon. Or maybe this would be a blessing to us so we won’t have to smell those toxic chemicals from the firecrackers occasionally lit by some residents who can’t wait for the new year to begin. At least the air is somewhat balmy. And maybe, it would be nice if the drizzle holds until tomorrow night to lessen the smog. There’s a storm  and the rains are affecting Metro Manila too.

We were blessed and lucky early this morning to have Auxiliary Bishop Nolly Buco. He officiated the 6:30 am mass here at Our Lady of Light. He used to be the Parish Priest of said church. Although his homily was a bit lengthy (as always), I learned a lot from it.

Last night Josef gifted  me with a kilo of  this Sevona dark chocolate compound  for baking. It’s made by Beryl’s from Malaysia. I don’t plan to bake chocolate though for home consumption.  Since it will expire two years from now, I still have lots of time to use it.  They are still at it, baking cakes which are  additional orders.


I am planning to bake Granny’s Apple Crisp tomorrow for Media Noche, the only sweet I plan to serve aside from the fruits. Mom loves salad, any salad will do so I’ll make potato salad too. Some recipes are ready. Yesterday I made the lumpiang shanghai for frying, siomai and embutido (again) for steaming. Got to cook spaghetti too so I could give some to the neighbors.

Even if we don’t expect visitors this New Year, I’ll be glad to prepare something for the family. It is always nice to see Mom’s reaction when she sees the spread on  the table.



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Just done cooking something for dinner. It’s Pasta Bake with broccoli, cauliflower and diced ham cooked with a little cream then baked with quickmelt cheese on top. It would be a good partner for our steamed chicken siomai and fresh fruits.

Funny how we don’t even taste wine or any type of liquor here.  Just fruit juice or hot coffee will do.

It’s been a quiet day compared to yesterday’s celebration. We heard mass this morning at the Church then reheated some left over food last night for lunch. It is a quiet day to contemplate and think of the next year to come. It’s 2019 folks in a week’s time.

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Dream Cake

Josef and Jovy call it  Dream Cake. It’s their new sideline, baking this super yummy but not too sweet chocolate cake in three layers with ganache.  I love the dark chocolate on top of it. They started almost a month ago and there are  now so many repeat orders.

The cake is placed in tin cans. and topped with dark chocolate. Three days ago, I’ve only just tasted a small jar of it. I gave a tin to my friend Odette when she came over last Sunday. She loves it.



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Before we went to Sip & Gogh, we spent lunch first  at Sultan Mediterranean Grill at The Podium.  I love what Nissa ordered for the two of us.

Souvlaki Platter


Braised Lamb Shank

The braised lamb was so big it was good enough for two but we finished it all and shared the rice.

We can’t resist to have a souvenir photo at the lobby of The Podium while waiting for my son-in-law to fetch us.

They have a smaller Christmas tree at the entrance with the Christmas countdown.

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Our taro plants are blooming well. They  have large and healthy leaves. Yesterday, I gathered two young shoots of the leaves and made them into a tasty laing.  Laing  is cooked in  coconut cream. I added a few shrimps for flavor.

I added three pieces of sliced seed hot pepper for that kick.  Yummy 🙂


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It’s another memorable day for the kids and me. It was our first time to eat at Mesa where authentic Filipino food is served. Nissa and Jovy took pictures, I didn’t.  I love the food there.  We ordered  Pinatayong Manok  (one whole grilled chicken which was cut and served before us). It was my first time to taste  Sinigang sa Bayabas at Pineapple. The fusion of tangy flavors from the guava and apple slices, pork slices, a little of tomatoes and gabi, how  wonderful.  We Filipinos are so fond of sinigang. Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savoury taste. Be it pork, beef, shrimp or fish, it is often served in family dinners.  I’ve tasted sinigang before flavored with slices of watermelon  and it was flavorful and tasty too. Tamarind is one common ingredient used for this recipe. Their Binagoongang Baboy is equally yummy and wonderful.  The mixed veggies are crispy.

We laughed at  Nate when he requested for another cup of rice and finished it all.  Haha, this kid surely eats with gusto.  We went our separate ways after lunch. Nate and I went to the toy store and bought different flavors of popcorn along the way. Josef and Jovy went to the pet shop to watch Oreo being groomed.  Nissa  and Obet went inside SM to buy something for Nate.  I bought a simple toy for Nate. Imagine his smiling face while choosing one. I told him, I am still looking for a birthday gift for him and he asked, “will it be a Lego Nonna”?  Nope, he already has several sets of Lego toys.  When you are with  Nate, you can’t help but feel like a kid too, appreciating what you see and  viewing  things differently.  There is really no dull moment. What a joy.

When they went home, he said, “I will never forget this place, Nonna’s house”. I was touched.  Love you baby.


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We had our usual twice a month marketing early this morning at the Cainta Public Market. While we were buying fish, I saw this fresh seaweed which we locally know as lato.  It was selling at P200.00 a kilo. I bought just one-fourth and later made it into a fresh seaweed salad.  Paired with the left-over fried chicken we had last night, it was so yummy. One-fourth kilo is good enough for a plateful. All you need to do is add fresh white onion, fresh ginger, two pieces of tomatoes and a little salt. Presto, you have a yummy dish.

Since I forgot to take a photo, I googled it online and found this.

Lato is also called sea grapes because of its shape.  It  contains a high amount of minerals, balanced amino acid  and is also rich in iodine. And you won’t need to cook it.

If you are resourceful enough, there is always something you can find that you haven’t tasted for a while and this is one  of them.


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