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What public figure do you disagree with the most?

I’ll keep it short – the present admin of this country and all his cohorts.

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It ‘s First Friday of Lent.

A friend who is based in Canada is now active exchanging news with me through Messenger. She lost her husband a few months ago and had a knee operation earlier than that. Grace is another friend for fifty years. Back in college, we used to write each other almost every day using date due slips of the UST Main Library, Humanities Section. She is like an older sister to me. Instead of going out to enjoy ourselves, we’re both regular visitors of hospitals for medical appointments. She said, these are the signs of getting old. She’s older by three years.

Early this morning I went to the Medical City clinic to have some lab tests then I’ll go back on Tuesday to get the results and consult with my internist. Not a month passes that I don’t get to visit the clinic. Two days after my ENT told me to go back for check-up after a month, my ear began to ache, it was tolerable but uncomfortable. For three days I had my ear drops but I stopped this morning. Hopefully, it won’t hurt again until my next check-up with her.

It’s a holiday here today, a rapid declaration supposedly to celebration People Power 1986 when the Marcos family fled to Hawaii carrying so much cash and jewelry with them. I told you before about the three private ITs who were concerned about the “unusual” result of the May 2022 election where it was obviously rigged. After submitting the mandamus to the Supreme Court, the SC finally ordered the Commission On Election to explain it. The People Revolution in 1986 is celebrated every 25th of February where the organizers now in different sectors will be joining the street protests at EDSA tomorrow. The government might have thought that a three-day off work might result to the people to ignore Saturday’s event and go somewhere else instead. Nervous? Haha, they just gave time for the people to prepare for tomorrow.

Marcos, Jr. is trying to cleanse their names from history but we Filipinos who are still alive now are witnesses to what happened before. My goodness, I think with those junkets abroad, he is trying to bring respect from the other countries and to help the Philippine economy through investments. Is anyone biting? He is the most travelled president during his eight months in office. And not only that, he brings with him his family and gargantuan members of his cabinet including close friends. Around the world in eight months. And they are using the people’s hard-earned tax money. Wala silang kahihiyan.

Praying for tomorrow’s event. I hope people would finally wake up from their blind obedience to the one in power.


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The president of this land has lifted the wearing of face mask in public places except those who are senior citizens and persons with comorbidity. It is now voluntary.

I’ve been wearing one since my chemo days back in 2009. I don’t want to give it up since I have low immunity. It is so easy for me to pick up germs on the streets especially when I take a commute. Pollution is such that sometimes I am afraid to go out on my own.

They never update us anymore of the situation of Covid in the country. Based on some news, most vaccines for Covid have already expired. That’s a lot of money.

Peso to the US$ dollar is getting worse. We could not even hear from this administration what they are planning to do with the rising cost of almost all commodities and basic necessities. Shall we just sit back and wait? How pathetic🤔😒☹

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I wonder how it was during the last six years if we had a good governance then maybe we had not incurred the almost 13 trillion debts borrowed by the past government.

Some people never learn voting for unwanted personalities. There is still a question mark on those 31M in the SD cards transmitted to Comelec in the first two hours of the votes last May. And you guess it right, another Marcos sits in the throne. Poor Philippines, poor us, the burden of paying those international debts rest on our shoulders, the ordinary citizens. Our taxes are paying for those greedy politicians in our midst.

There is now an artificial shortage of garlic, salt, sugar, basic necessities that the people need. They prefer to import these products so they could earn more in overpricing. Prices of eggs are on the rise too. I bought a tray this morning but I was even shortchanged by the seller. He gave me 28 pieces instead of 30. Our poor farmers are in a quandary. The ordinary Juan and Juana could hardly make both ends meet. And guess who is the Dept. Of Agriculture’s head? It’s no less than the president.

The Philippine peso is at its lowest nowadays. Your P1,000 pesos could not even make a small shopping bag full. They have let loose a good candidate in the person of VP LENI.

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Gosh, I could not believe I haven ‘t blogged for a week. Though sometimes, I have lots of things to share, I am more focused on social media.

It is the last leg of the campaign period then we’ll have our election on Monday. I keep praying it would be honest and clean but knowing how the Comelec works, I have my reservations. Back in 2019, tbere was a seven-hour glitch which they haven’t explained until now. All the candidates of Duterte in the Senate won, even those who were not that much qualified compared to the opposition. They are now mere ‘decorations’ on the Senate floor. People say that china was involved.

I need not elaborate on how the campaign trail is doing. We call ourselves kakampink. Pink is the color of hope, everytime there are scheduled pink rallies in different provinces, people come by the thousands. There is this Pulse Asia who conducts surveys and release them now and then but it is so biased in favor of marcos dayunior. They usually have 2,400 respondents but not all sectors are represented. They are trying mind-conditioning on people gullible enough to believe that Marcos, Jr. is leading. He is not, he has money to pay for the false survey. Some people actually call it false asia. There is a similar survey by Google Trends and Leni/Kiko tandem is very much far ahead.

#Leni/Kiko for the win!

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Holy Week started yesterday which was Palm Sunday. I just attended mass online because I have cough, it might trigger more unhealthy days mingling with lots of people. Although things seem to have gone back to normal with minimal infections of Covid, we still wear face masks when we go out.

Josef is working from home the whole week so I’ll probably have that much needed hair trim one of these days. They have gone back to the office the past days but there are times that WFH is scheduled like this week.

It’s sad, I somehow lost my mews in blogging. I got lazy visiting WordPress the past days. Life is quiet. Couldn’t think some worthy content for my blog. Sometimes I think, a blogger is only good as her last post. Sad to say, I lost some of my regular commenters and visitors. I’ll be lucky if I get 100 views a day nowadays. I don’t mind really but it is just a little disappointing.

I am more active now on social media, it’s only about a month now before our national election. There are still red-tagging and many fake news from the other camp. I’m glad though that so many people prefer VP LENI and her slate. Last April 9, they have the biggest rally ever with an estimated 220,000 people attending in Pampanga and to think ex-pres. Arroyo promised thousands for dayunior but they postponed their scheduled rally in the same venue. Afraid? I think they are really getting afraid that VP LENI and Sen. KIKO will win.

This is a drone shot in the Pampanga rally.

I believe that given two choices of electing between a liar and a tax evader who has nothing to show except his name and a busy Vice-President, I will go for the latter. She initiates and the Filipino people love her.

Hoping we will win this fight. The Philippines is going down the drain and we need to save it. My vote is for the future of my grandson. We don’t need more trillions to add to the Philippines’ debt. That was through the six years of the duterte presidency.

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Hello friends, I’m back after more than a week.

To tell you the truth, I really miss blogging but can’t think of a good content I could share with you. I am more focused on the online campaign for presidential aspirants. The Leni/Kiko tandem are doing well in all provinces that they visit -10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 45,000 and an astounding 86,000 in one venue two nights ago. Truly amazing. People seems to be so inspired. Some local officials in some provinces even tried to block their way but resourceful and enthusiastic “kakampinks” shared a ride, people walked to the venues. Even VP LENI hitched on a motorcycle to reach one of the venues because the road was blocked by a seating politician who belongs to the opposite political party. They are even red-tagging her and making videos which are all lies to destroy her.

We don’t want another Marcos, someone who is a college dropout and hadn’t done anything even to his constituents when he was governor there years ago.

They are using their ill-gotten wealth to pay people to join their sorties. Really, what a shame!

The pink revolution has become a movement and if our Commission on Election would not cheat, then it is a sure win for VP LENI. What is frightening is that all commissioners were appointed by Duterte and even the supplier of election materials is one of his Chinese friends. The Filipinos should be vigilant come May 9. We don’t want another glitch like what happened last 2019.

Nate and I had a voice chat early this morning. Nice to hear his voice again even if it was just a simple hi and hello. He is managing quite well with his online class even without the supervision of Nissa and Obet who are back to the office. He is in grade 111 now. Another quarter and the school year ends. Sharing with you his grades for the last three quarters.

Blogged this before at Our Precious Bundle of Joy. Truly happy to see this.

I was reading some notes and tributes by a friend whose friend died a week ago. Gosh, truly touching, I shed a tear. Life is unpredictable but no matter what, we should always be positive and not lose that faith.

Will you again include Alden in your prayers? Thanks a million🙂💐🍀🎉🎈🎊

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How long has it been since I last posted here? It’s more than a week I guess. I even forgot making a blog at the end of January and greeting the new month of February. Blogging has taken a back seat for a while. Haven’t even visited those blogs I regularly read. Sorry for that.

Tomorrow is the start of the ninety days campaign period in the national level until our election day on May 9. Been busy watching those presidential interviews by different broadcasters. I AM FOR VP LENI ROBREDO. No doubt about that. She is vying for the presidency along with nine other candidates although it seems that is a fight between her and another Marcos. It’s between LIES AND TRUTH. Marcos junior insists that he graduated at Oxford but the truth is he only stayed there for a year and just earned a diploma and not a degree. He enrolled at St. Edmund Hall Oxford. His false claim that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in PPE is laughable. He passed Philosophy but failed in Economics and Politics. He didn’t pay his taxes when his father was president. Comelec has yet to decide whether he’ll be disqualified or not. The remaining commissioners are all duterte appointees.

VP Robredo earned her degree in Economics from University of the Philippines Diliman and studied law at the University of Nueva Caceres. She passed the bar exams in 1997. Participatory governance and transparency are major thrusts of VP Robredo’s legislative agenda. She is the only working vice-president of the country despite the very small budget given to the Office of the Vice-President.

It’s only now that almost everywhere, people are going out of their way to campaign for her with their own resources. We call our selves kakampinks. Pink is the color of hope.


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What a laughable scenario, if not really disgusting. In 118 years, past presidents have the highest country debt pegged at 6.1 trillion in 2016 while duterte accomplished more than double that in five years that he is in office. We now have a staggering 13.7 trillion debt under his administration according to reports. Maybe even Nate’s great grandkids in the future will still have to pay for it. If you ask me, these last five years were the worst time in our history. I wish the ICC would hurry in its investigation of the human rights violation by the present administration.

Joeam, one of my friends at Facebook asks, “What part of due process is in killing someone? Duterte started the idea that cops should kill, dela Rosa implemented it, a whole government enabled it and media reported the deaths as if, that’s the way we do it here.”

There you go, cops got a corresponding amount for every head they gun down. Gosh, it is as if one life is not important. We never heard them arrest the drug lords. As we say in Tagalog, “kapit sila sa patalim”.

Today is another pink Wednesday. Every Wednesday and Saturday, you see everything in your newsfeed in pink. As I have said before, it is all voluntary from concerned citizens all over the land, even most Filipinos living abroad who wants democracy back.

Here is my profile photo. I am voting for VP LENI ROBREDO.

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Allow me to count the days, yes, it’s 66 days to go before Christmas.

This is vastly different from the anticipated days of the season the previous years. Around this time every year you’ll hear Christmas carols in the air and malls have lovely Christmas decor all around. Or maybe I don’t listen to a radio anymore nor watch television. Since the pandemic last year, I have only gone out twice in a mall. We just buy basic necessities online and through the grocery store in our subdivision.

Although I have completed my Christmas gifts to family, I don’t even feel that Christmas is coming so close. Everyone on social media are busy with the coming election, me included. Duterte’s minions have troll farms posting fake news every day and those vulnerable enough, the D and E crowd who don’t have enough resources to research and know the truth believe everything they see on the news. Imagine a troll having hundreds of cellphones which he uses to post fake news. So frustrating. This was how duterte won last 2016.

I believe in the pink revolution. May we be delivered from this present ugly governance.

The first photo is my profile pic on Facebook. The second was sent by a friend.

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