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I took a rest the whole of yesterday. I was not feeling so good. My throat hurts until now and last night was a struggle to sleep well. I woke up before 12am, then was able to sleep again before 4am.  I have to brew some ginger slices  which I drank as substitute for water.

I am so afraid when I get sick because over the years my immunity has gone down. If I have colds, it would take me weeks to get well. And to think flu is rampant nowadays because of the cold weather. Early this morning, I went out to buy pandesal for breakfast and I had to wear a face mask.  Just a precaution.

I found this very inspiring  and uplifting book entitled The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes. I could wholeheartedly relate, a case of been there, done that.  Mia was nicknamed Rabbit by her family and friends. She is a young mother battling cancer. The story mostly happened in a hospice where she was transferred  during her final days. She reflects on her life’s journey as she waits for the final hour that she’ll meet her Maker. She is an atheist though while her family members are Catholics.  The support of her family members, her friends and her twelve-year old daughter makes the story even more poignant. Anger, hope, despair  and denial, the love between a mother and a young daughter, the relationship of parents to their kids, the love between siblings. I guess this book is not for the weak-hearted for you will surely cry while reading it.  But there are instances where you would also laugh and could easily relate to what they are all going through.

Anna McPartlin was born in Dublin, Ireland.  Her inspirations are her friends and family. I wish I could find her three other books.  I love the way she write.


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Tomorrow, February 04, 2019 is WORLD CANCER DAY.

Would it be okay if you say a prayer for us, cancer survivors, cancer patients and those who are presently undergoing treatments right now? Thank you so much.

We remember in prayers  our dear departed brothers and sisters who underwent the same ailments as we did.


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It’s one those rare luxuries that I get to indulge in. The last time I went to a spa facility was about three years ago with Josef and Jovy somewhere in Quezon City.

They discovered  this spa place while they were walking  Oreo in our neighborhood.  The rates are quite reasonable so off we went there after dinner.  It’s just a few meters away from the house.

Whole body massage, just great. Loosening muscles and tendons that allow good blood circulation. An hour of this makes you sleepy considering the air-conditioned room and the soft music playing.And yes, I had a good sleep last night, waking up just in time to attend the 6 am mass.

We brought Oreo along and he played with the owner of the facility. He just kept quiet when he was able to kiss the cheeks of Ate.  He gets to walk with the two every night when they come home from work. It is impractical to bring him outside during the day because of the so many cars and motorcycles that pass by our place.

There is this newly opened gym in the next street from ours and Josef said they are offering reduced rates for a start.  Sometimes I wonder, it is hard enough for me to lift those dumbbells which Nissa left here when she got married. There is even this Orbitrek machine that we bought several years ago and is now relegated near our dirty kitchen, unused. I know, I know, we need to exercise. I guess gardening and doing those household chores are exercise enough. Don’t ask me, I am getting old. Sometimes even my left knee gives me a little pain and it is hard to walk.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll go back to the spa saloon  just for a back massage which is cheaper.


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I am venturing into another memoir, It’s Not Yet Dark. The author is practically unheard of, at least in my reading journey.  Simon Fitzmaurice, an Irish film-maker, was given four years to live.

I researched what MND (motor neurone disease) is and  it is another term for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ). It is an uncommon condition that affects the nerves and brain. It progressively damages parts of the nervous system.

The first time I heard of this disease was when I read the inspiring book Tuesdays With Morrie. Morrie was afflicted with the same ailment and a former student of his documented it.  I watched the movie adaptation too.

I promised myself I would read other memoirs  for my reading challenge this year. I’ve only just started  and it is definitely engrossing. What does it mean to be at your lowest of low and those moments when your health is compromised? Short of saying, “I’ve been there, done that”, you always cling to the hope that you will get well in the end. Despite everything, you cling to your faith that everything would be okay, that you will live a normal life again. It’s hard to get sick, and it is even harder to maintain that composure amidst hospital and doctor visits, laboratories, drugs and low self-esteem.

It’s Not Yet Dark!  It’s my 13th read for this year. I got a feeling it would be another unforgettable read. I have just finished a historical novel set in Tuscany. I love anything that has Tuscany in it…haha!

Here’s one quote that I love about It’s Not Yet Dark.

“Our lives are not the legacy we leave behind, or the value of the work that we do. Our lives happen in between the deeds and ideas that define us.”

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I hurt myself when I stepped into a loose stone at the garden while playing with Nate, Nissa and Obet  with the former’s plastic toy gun with plastic bullets. They made two of his  small robot toys as targets.

I sprained my left ankle and it hurt like crazy last night. Jovy made me roll my foot on a hot water bottle and it eased a bit. I used the Betit green balm to massage the hurt area. I still could not walk straight but the pain is almost gone now. Such is the enthusiasm of a lady getting older….haha!

Nissa gave me a big jar of the  Soothing Balm from Human Nature. I could use this for two years I guess or until it expires on the last week of November 2020. Like I told you in my blog before, it is very effective for headaches.

Nissa showed me the healing skin on her knee when she went down while walking along Paseo de Roxas St. in Makati.  Her unblemished leg which I took care of when she was small is now scarred with that fall. I hope, in the future it won’t show.

Sometimes, we feel awkward when these things happen and  are off-balanced. I wonder how we could go to the market tomorrow with this ankle hurting still.

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I went back to my doctor this morning so he could check the result of my lab test. Thank God it’s normal.

While waiting for my name to be called, I had a good chat with three other patients. We each shared our journey to healing and maintaining our health.  Come to think of it, as we grow older, we normally feel those aches and pains that  also grow with age.

It was always the case, at least for me, ever since I regularly visited the hospital to visit my OB Gynecologist years  ago, I always find it easy to share with people  I have just met while waiting for the doctor to arrive. Is it because one is safe behind the anonymity of it all? Is it because you know at least that you would only meet them once in your life and  you have the same journey to go through? Is it because  you can also relate to what they feel  inside? Meeting them for a few minutes or even an hour, unburdening yourself and they listen and share their plight too. Unbelievable isn’t it?  You feel you belong and you’re not all alone on what’s ailing you.

Normally, it is a little hard for me to open up and talk to people unless they are close friends and I feel comfortable with them.  It takes a while, right? But in a hospital setting, you feel that someone really listens.

My internist now is so open sharing about his family. This morning, we talked of growing old and he  told me about his father who is as old as Mom. Usually, there will always be a drama when he thinks of his wife who is staying in the province.  I just smiled and told him that mom is getting a little forgetful and  always nags about going home again now that she feels well.

I am listening to The Beatles while writing this post. Oh yes, I am singing along with them. I love their earlier songs. Shake your head, clap your hands, sing 🙂 Smile and be grateful for small  mercies and show of kindness from other people. It makes life wonderful.



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For the first time in more than a week, I was able to do a little gardening. Just planted the kadyos seeds  which was sent by a fellow member  of our Gardener’s Tambayan. I have lots more to plant. Maybe tomorrow I could garden some more. The calamansi fruits are ready for harvest, some of them have already ripened and they don’t produce so much juice when they are ripe.

Done going to the doctor, no change sad to say. Another round of medications for two weeks more.  I have to go the the hospital for a few hours so they could observe if I become allergic to the new medicine my doctor gave me. Thank God it is okay. Stubborn infection 😦

I saw Carla on duty again this morning. I told her I blogged about her and she said thank you.  She embraced me  with that wide smile on her face.  That feeling of finding a new friend…super happy. As they say, there is always a room in the heart for one more friend.



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