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Took these shots a while ago. We had an early dinner, some sort of late lunch too. Another birthday to remember. I just wished that Nissa’s family was here with us.

the birthday boy at 36

Of course, Oreo wouldn’t be left behind.


KFC fried chicken sent by Nissa via Grab.

A tray of Lumpiang Shanghai, Lechon Kawali and Embutido

Pancit Malabon

Pusit Sisig

We have a dessert of Carrot cake

and Tiramisu

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Yesterday was a quiet, oh so quiet birthday celebration for mom. Come to think of it, she didn’t even know it was her birthday so I had to remind her. She even asked how old she is now. 91 I think is a great age. There is a saying that says that when you reached 80, you are doubly blessed.  I agree.  Those reaching this age have  probably enjoyed life fully. Still standing tall with occasional pain in the joints, frequent forgetfulness that needs reminding now and then.

I cooked Ziti pasta for mom and ordered 6 rolls of embutido online, left-over bibingka for dessert, Tang apple juice for drinks.  Josef went to Mercury Drugstore yesterday to buy medicines for us. There was a long line of customers, he waited for two hours. My online order of Vitamin C capsules arrived today. It will tide us over for the next two to three months.

I am reminded of those  doctors we have lost, specialists in their own fields, at the prime of their lives and careers. They lost to this virus while saving more lives in the process.  It’s only now that this government is getting  focused in this pandemic. It would be a hard decision for them if they will lift this lockdown or not. Prolong it and so many people will get hungry. Many live on day to day basis relying on food packs from the government. Some breadwinners of the family lost their job at the beginning of the lockdown. Prolong it and the economy will suffer too. Lift it and more people would go out  while our hospitals are still full to the brim. Our frontliners are overworked  and some are underpaid. Mass testing is ongoing but it hasn’t made a dent yet on the number of people infected.  The curve hasn’t flattened yet so to speak. Statistics is still rising. What more if those who are in their homes now would go back to their supposedly “normal” activities and they get infected, we lack facilities to accommodate them.

Not all Filipinos  stand to benefit on the Social Amelioration Program of the government,  emergency subsidies to help the people cope with the effects of COVID-19. There are more exceptions than those qualified to receive it. Even seniors like us are exempted with the government saying that we have our monthly pension. Some sectors are sadly neglected.

Here’s my simple prayer for everyone: Lord, help us to hang on no matter what storms tomorrow brings.

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I did enjoy it.

Though it was just a simple lunch with my kids, Mommy and Jovy. I wish I could upload my birthday video here which Nissa took yesterday. I am sharing some photos instead.

Ah Oreo, you are part of the family


With Mom, she’s 90 years old.


Our group photo sans Jovy.


The boy with the missing tooth.


Josef and Jovy with Oreo of course.

Since pets are not allowed inside the restaurant, one of the waiters fixed our tables just outside the door.

Oh and yes, Nissa brought home a bagful of gifts some of which were given by my niece Liza.

I have refrigerator magnets and key rings again with lots of chocolates, a lovely blouse, condiments for Singaporean dishes,a big bottle of Neutrogena facial wash, Hainanese Kaya Spread With honey. Kaya is a sweet creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk, eggs, and are flavored with pandan leaf and sweetened with honey, Laksa and Tom Yam noodles.

And the highlight of course is purchasing a brand new Samsung phone, Samsung a20s which was newly launched last September 2019.  And I won’t have to add a memory card. It has a 64 GB memory /4GB RAM. a triple camera (13MP, 8MP and 5MP)…lovely

Samsung A20S

It is always a joy to spend an important occasion with the family no matter how simple it is.

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Let me see, I’ll be turning 63 in a few hours. Another milestone to reach, more dreams to uphold.

I have always said before that celebrating a birthday is like waiting for New Year to arrive.

The past year has been a quiet one, just the way I like it. I was overjoyed discovering new authors and new books. Yes, give me a book anytime, and I’m in 7th heaven.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life.

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Thunderstorms in Singapore?

Nissa’s family is scheduled to visit the zoo today (and it’s already fully paid) but she said it is raining. This is their fourth day in Singapore and Nate is enjoying it although twice now at night he had slight fever probably due to fatigue. Yesterday, they were at the Universal Studios the whole day then rode on the cable car afterwards. Nate complained that he was tired 😦 This is Nate’s first trip abroad although every year Nissa schedules trips in different provinces here in the Philippines. It’s a seventh birthday gift for him.

Nice to see them via a video chat with my niece who is staying there. And since Nissa could not use her phone except when they are at the hotel through messenger, my niece let her borrow one of her iPhones just until Thursday before they go home.

Five more days to go before I turn 63. Wonder how it feels to be on my 63rd year. Somewhat exciting but I am getting old.

They were able to visit the zoo after all. Tomorrow would be more exciting for Nate, it’s Legoland Malaysia.

So there is a branch of our local Jollibee there at Causeway point Woodlands but according to Nissa, the price is twice more expensive than what we have here in the Philippines.


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Sometimes I think blowing a candle on a birthday cake is something old-fashioned. But yesterday I did  it with gusto.  Nate said, “I’ll help you blow Nonna” while singing happy birthday at the top of his voice.  I guess, birthdays are not complete without blowing candles on your cake, having a liter of ice cream and sweets.  The ref is full with many left-over food and something I cooked earlier yesterday that we didn’t touch.  It’s just  the family, a friend and I. I guess I won’t have to cook for two more days until we’ve  eaten everything. Home-cooked meals are always the best I think. You can enjoy those moments without worrying about what to order in a restaurant setting.

Nissa told me she will bring me to the place where she learned to paint and we’ll have some moments to ourselves together soon. Not exactly looking forward to it but she said  I would enjoy it.  We’ll see.  My son gave me some cash and Lilet brought a jar of pili nuts and one of my favorite collections….keychains.  Received a nice shirt from Jovy.

We had some fun sorting out Nate’s loot at the  Halloween party at Nissa’s office last Friday.  He brought with him a big bag of assorted candies and chocolates. He gave all the wafer biscuits to Lilet because he is not fond of wafers, haha! Since Nate was born, Lilet would always give him gifts  on his birthday. Nate was overjoyed to receive more books and glow in the dark stickers from her.  He’ll be turning  six next month.

I received so many greetings on my wall on Facebook.  Some photos are just so lovely.  Nissa posted this yesterday. Just have to edit the resolutions so it won’t eat up my free space.


What does it feel like turning sixty-two? Growing old and getting older too but the enthusiasm of living life every day the best I know how is still there.  I look forward to the days that I get to spend more with the family and maybe learn some crafts too. I hope to make rosaries again for gifts to close friends who visit me now and then.  I have to start those coloring books that Nissa gave me  two years ago. Yes of course, I would love to discover more books and new authors too. Blogging of course would always be  a happy medium of getting in touch with online friends.  So really happy to find you all here.

Another year is over and another year is here to look forward to.

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About an hour ago, two employees from the Municipal Hall came over and brought a small bag of groceries and an umbrella courtesy of Mayor  Kit Nieto. This is the second time I received such.  They give these gifts to all senior citizens of the town when they reach their birthdays. I’ll have mine this coming Saturday.

It’s the gift that counts, right?

I texted Mayor Kit to say thank you and he greeted me a very happy birthday 🙂

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Another birthday, another new year in your life and I welcome it with joy. It’s another gift of life for us both.

I love this  comment from a long time friend when she said and I quote:  Happy Birthday to Nissa and Happy Anniversary of your motherhood, Arlene🌺 

Time flies!  Imagine, you are now 36. Can’t believe I now have a 36-year-old daughter and a smart and loving grandson in Nate. 

I remember the younger years preciously kept in my memory box.  I remember those times you made me so proud of your achievements, both in school and at work.

I thank God for a loving, lovable, smart, kind and responsible  daughter. I feel so blessed.

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It’s Josef”s 34th birthday today. He didn’t file a leave of absence  so probably we will just celebrate when he comes home this afternoon.

I recycled one his photos   from two years ago. Taken on the same day when he took a vacation leave so we could go out and celebrate.

Today is another blessing, another year of celebration of life. I remember when he was born. Compared to Nissa, it was a very easy birth. We arrived at the hospital at about 10 pm then at 11:15 pm, we touched faced.  He was a healthy 7.3 lbs. baby, low forceps.  We checked out the following day. He was named Alvin Josef. We call him Sef at home but his friends and office mates call him Alvin.

So really blessed and lucky to have a very responsible, loving and lovable kid. Way to go Josef. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

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It’s my daughter’s  birthday today. Called her up earlier, she was on leave from work.  Funny how one feels about our kids’ birthdays. I remember the time I gave birth to her after staying in the hospital for more than a month. Almost on my 7th month, I had pre-eclampsia  so I had to be confined at the hospital. During my 8th month, my OB Gyne decided to induce the  birth since there was a fifty-fifty chance for us both to survive. She weighed 3.9 lbs. when she was born and was left at the hospital more than a month  after.  We took her home when she was about 4.1 lbs.

Feeling nostalgic remembering that day we were gifted with a tiny baby. God is so good. It’s been 35 years.

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