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Mom and Dad

My youngest brother Noel took this shot several years ago. Dad was still hale and hearty then. I had it printed and framed.

🎶The sun’ll come out tomorrow
So you gotta hang on ’til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You’re always a day away🎶

Mom, though you can’t see this well, I am still sharing it here. You’ll be reaching 94 tomorrow. Such blessings. HAPPY AND BLESSED BIRTHDAY🎈🎂🌺😘.


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Have you ever tried eating outside on your own?

Back in the early eighties when I was just starting to work at the prestigious and oldest bank in the country, eating out alone was quite taboo. You need to have at least an officemate to eat with you when you go out. Even having lunch at the bank cafeteria or eating your baon, you were always in the company of your friends and officemates. You felt a little pitiful eating alone.

Gradually, it has become the norm to grab a bite after shopping for a few grocery items during your lunch break. Going back at least fifteen minutes late was still acceptable. Tropical Hut is one of the oldest fast food chains in the Philippines. It made the burger become popular. When Jollibee started, we also started taking out something for lunch. And be it a celebration of a birthday at the office or just having snack together, it would always be Jollibee. And since during those times there were no delivery guys to service our orders, it’s always our floor janitor who volunteers to buy and that means free snack for him too. Nowadays, even little kids know the sign of the big bee even if they can’t pronounce it right. Us seniors have always the privilege of having 20% discount in hotels, airplane rides, medicines, restaurants and food chains, cinema and some grocery items which are considered as basic.

And this reminds me, when I was still at the bank, every one in our unit would contribute to buy a cake for the birthday celebrator to take home. It would always be a round chocolate Cookie Monster cake.

Gosh, such memories, still vivid like they just happened yesterday.

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It’s 6am October 29, 2022 Manila time

It seems like a few winks ago but now October is rapidly melting and saying goodbye. How time⌚ flies.

I was so excited at the beginning of this month because it is my birth month but it came and went like lightning – quiet and rainy still. Our 16th weather disturbance Paeng is affecting almost all of the entire country. Metro Manila is under signal #2. It’s windy this morning and it rained last night. The garden is truly wet. There is a drizzle this morning accompanied by occasional winds and it’s cold. You would think that the rainy season has stopped because Amihan was already declared a few days ago but always, it is at the last quarter of the year when we have strong typhoons. Hopefully, it won’t be a rainy Christmas season.

Read all the comments and messages on my birthday yesterday. I was touched seeing those inspiring ones. How lovely!

The miracle is you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone driven by faith and love of Christ on this day and every day – from Fr. Jessie, OP. I share a birthday with him. Scorpio both.

Happy, happy birthday po Tita! Regardless of whatever life has in store may you always remember that you are embraced by a God who loves you more. Ingat po and God bless. – Bro. Russel is a seminarian from the Society of Saint Paul.

True friends stay forever, beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time. – this is from sis Odette, a friend for more than ten years now. She included some of our pictures.

Happiest birthday Mama. I wish you good health and happiness always. I love you. – from Nissa, she sent it via a video with my picture and attached a poem about motherhood.

Happiest birthday miss A. Rest assured of my prayers. – a message from Fr. Louie, OP. He is my mentor at our Catholic page on FB.

These are just a few of more than 200 greetings I got from FB and my heart ♥ is happy. Aside from my individual acknowledgements and thanks for their birthday greetings, I posted this on my wall.

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I started blogging about my birthday back in 2008 at Multiply. I didn’t even know that there is a WordPress, I was blogging at Multiply. A good friend recommended it to me and I set one up but it took me a year to come back, customize and update it. Been blogging about my birthday since then.

I can’t resist writing about all these years. The year 2022 brought so much pain when my younger brother Alden left us. And mom could not even remember that he is no longer around. She kept telling me to call him so she could go back to the province.

In a few hours, I’ll be turning 66. I am not asking for material gifts but I would like to ask you to say a little prayer for me for my health. Got so many issues but I like to think they are being addressed now. I’ll be having lab tests again come November 4 then I’ll go back to my internist. First week of December, I’ll be seeing my ENT. She wants my ear test repeated by an audiologist, a different one this time. Eye cataract operation is out at the moment until my blood sugar goes back to normal. Oh, the pain and hassle of getting old. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to my loving God guiding me, loving me and egging me on to trust Him always.

Maybe, we’ll have a late celebration when Noel and Lanette arrive. Jovy and Josef have work tomorrow.

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Haha, I received my first birthday greetings today from Bank of the Philippine Islands where I used to work. But I am a client now. My actual birthday is exactly three weeks away yet on October 27. It is nice though to be remembered. My heart is happy 😆 😊

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Last week I received this sad news that our neighbor and friend in Kamuning before passed on. The family live in Australia. Mama Julian was 98.

I remember those days with fondness when we were living in the same place and the same compound. Almost every night, Mama Julian would bring his ukulele to our place and dad his guitar. They would play music together and I would just listen. They could pick chords of several songs without even looking at anything. During lazy days, the four of them – my mom, Nana Mina, Mama Julian and Dad would play cards called Entre Siete in our place. Mama Julian and dad would partner together and they had this what they call dentoy, movement of their heads, sway of their hands and other such nuances which they do together to let each other know what cards he had. Nana Mina and mom could not defeat them. Mama Julian was the godfather of my youngest brother.

His youngest daughter told me this: Arlene, I felt warmed when I hear these very precious moments in the life of your dad and mine. I remember these too.

She said further that truth be told, your Dad was the only true and loyal friend to tatay. He’ll have his memorial service on Sunday via Zoom and that happens to be Dad’s 100th birthday.

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I hope you can see this. I had a lovely time watching it. What a creative birthday gift.

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Since I cannot accommodate all the photos Nissa and I took yesterday, I am posting only four here.

My 65th pink birthday pic.
We had lots of food. We even forgot the array of sweet desserts from one of the best stores of kakanin here in Cainta.
My wish? Good health always for the family.
One of the best gifts I received yesterday. Nate’s homemade greeting card. The front is full of cut-out paper flowers.

I was surprised, Nissa and Obet came by to greet me and we had lunch together. They went on leave from work for a day for my birthday. Sad though that Nate was left at home but we had a one-minute chat via Messenger.

Got hundreds of greetings from my friends and relatives on Facebook. Oh, they are still coming and all I did yesterday afternoon until late last night was to answer them all.

It was a lovely celebration. Thank God for all the blessings.

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Gosh, I am having an LSS and it goes like this.

“We’re not alone, we’ve got the world you know
And it won’t let us down
And we’ll grow old, but think how wise we’ll grow
There’s more you know,
It’s only New Year’s eve”.

Yes, since a friend greeted me once happy new year instead of happy birthday, I always consider the succeeding birthdays as new years in my life.

My goodness, this is another pandemic birthday. Tomorrow I will be turning 65. How did the year go? It was quiet, so quiet but I am not complaining because I was able to catch up on my gardening, reading (another favorite pastime), updating our Catholic page and two groups here on FB, updating my blogs (yes, I have several of them) and attending daily masses online despite the limitations of not being able to go out. I don’t experiment in the kitchen anymore because most of the time, I feel so lazy to cook so we order food online. Besides, I am afraid to go out because of the low immunity I have due to cancer eleven years ago. For the past years, face masks were always a part of my get-up every time I went out.

THANK YOU LORD for all the blessings, for this beautiful life You gave me. Grateful for another new year in my life.

Yes, tomorrow, I’m turning 65.

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I went back reading medical thrillers, detective novels and crime fiction. I haven’t read Robin Cook in years. He is a doctor. Michael Connelly is another author that I admire. I have a collection of Robin Cook’s books and I read about twenty books of Connelly. Reading Host at the moment by Cook.

Have I told you that I started another journal? So exciting to see how the pen glides smoothly on the pages. I hope I could fill this up again soon. I started with copying cellphone/contact numbers from my CP.

Oh, that journal cover of a dog, it looks like our own Cookie.

Opps, Google Assistant keeps reminding me of my birthday, haha. It’s still a few days away.

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