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Today is the  Feast of Santo Niño. It is celebrated every third Sunday of January all over the Philippines. The Sinulog Festival in Cebu City is the most popular and the biggest one celebrated in  honor  of the Holy Image of Santo Niño.

Tondo where Nissa’s family live and our town in Pangasinan are also celebrating their own fiesta today. Until last year since Nissa got married, we used to celebrate with them braving the traffic of the place while a long parade of floats,  bands  and several images of the Child Jesus lined down the streets.  Imagine going home stuck in traffic for more than two hours in one place.

Early this morning Josef and I heard mass then we saw this lovely image of Santo Niño ready for procession  along the streets near the church.  Beautiful!

We dropped by the supermarket for a few minutes because I bought a small transistor radio which I could use outside when I am gardening. It has a three-way  power supply, AC-DC, battery operated and there is also a rechargeable battery inside which recharges during the AC playing.  It’s locally made but for its price, it’s great. I could now listen to my favorite FM station while trimming the grass and weeding. They play 60’s and 70’s music all day long during Sundays and those waltz tunes I seldom hear nowadays.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone 🙂



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I chanced upon some fresh items at the wet market early this morning. I bought 1/4 kilo of dulong  which I made into fritters. Dulong is called silver fish in English maybe because of its color. A very tiny fish, barely an inch and quite transparent in appearance.  It is a popular dish in the Philippines. Fritters and patties are so yummy especially when the dulong is fresh. I also bought sea weed which is eaten fresh with tomato salad.  Some call it lato but I guess there really no  English translation for this one. Locally, we call it  Ar-arosep. 

Yummy lunch for  mom and me.  Blue rice is of course a given.

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May the road rise to meet you

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face

The rains fall soft upon your fields.

May green be the grass you walk on

May blue be the skies above you,

May pure be the joys that surround you,

May true be the hearts that love you.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

I am rereading a little book on Irish quotes and prayers from the book Irish Blessings. They lift me up.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Before we went to Sip & Gogh, we spent lunch first  at Sultan Mediterranean Grill at The Podium.  I love what Nissa ordered for the two of us.

Souvlaki Platter


Braised Lamb Shank

The braised lamb was so big it was good enough for two but we finished it all and shared the rice.

We can’t resist to have a souvenir photo at the lobby of The Podium while waiting for my son-in-law to fetch us.

They have a smaller Christmas tree at the entrance with the Christmas countdown.

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Come to think of it. It was not even in my bucket list as one of those things to try.

It was Nissa’s birthday gift to me, an afternoon of learning, fun and laughter. Precious bonding with my daughter.

Early this morning, I asked Josef if he was not going to work since he woke up late. He said he is on vacation leave. I didn’t have any inkling that Nissa was coming over to fetch me. She went on leave too so we could go to Sip & Gogh,  a  paint and sip studio in the market today. A new concept of learning how to paint. That was why Josef went on leave so he could take care of Oreo 🙂

My golly, I didn’t know where to start.


Can I do this?


What else is lacking? Amateur when it comes to this…haha!


They served finger food.


Finally done. Nissa attempted a more elaborate one, I settled with a silhouette figure.

I had a hard time drawing those trees, and those three silhouette of a family. Finalized it by painting the sides of the canvas black too and putting my name of course. It’s a 16″ x 20″ frame in acrylic.

Did I tell you that it was my first time to dabble in paint? All I can draw before were mere stick figures and flowers.  I’d like to think this is my masterpiece. Nissa was positive though that this won’t be the first time that I’ll visit this place. Who knows?

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And here I thought my tab with pre-existing Facebook upload when I bought it was not working right  the past several days although I could still use it for my Moonreader.

Come to think of it, I could not log off from Facebook when I am using my tab. I read somewhere about Facebook issues with Android phones. Finally, it is now working again. I could now upload photos then copy them to my documents.  I didn’t bother to check  that there was a problem of Facebook with those using Android phones. I  receive this message always, Facebook  has stopped. I still use my reliable old PC when posting except when uploading  photos.

My kids didn’t grow up actually believing in Santa. They’ve known since they were old enough that Mama and Papa bought all those gifts under the tree. It is nice though that the image still brings the magic that kids  nowadays always look forward to.

I am not done yet with the decorating. I am just so excited to put up the garlands I bought yesterday. Josef has to secure them with thumb tacks.  I am thinking, do I have to put up  later the Christmas tree or not? It is hard to place something that Oreo can reach, he will surely play with it. He is fascinated by blinking lights as it is.  You can’t hang a tissue in the tissue holder without him playing with it so what I did was to buy a separate tissue holder and place it at the to of the tank where he can’t reach it. One time, I discovered that he played with one of my pencils.

And did I say, it’s 52 more days to go before Christmas? Advent is the next season I really look forward to.

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Gosh, been busy the whole day I didn’t even have time for a siesta. I took advantage of the holiday today, there is no work. Tagged along with Josef and Jovy and did my grocery shopping for next month.  I had a grocery list, mostly ingredients of the recipes I want to cook come Christmas. It’s hard to shop when you don’t even know how to drive. We took Oreo to the mall, he was excited.

I also bought some garlands and ribbons. And here I am watching a tutorial on how to make a ribbon bow the easiest way. I chanced upon this lovely Santa figure with his sackful of gifts so I bought one too.  Then there is this door hanging decor that says “Please Stop Here”. Can’t resist it….haha!

I guess I could relax now, only a few more gifts, one more trip to the mall and I’m done.

Jovy and I went to  the bazaar near our place  where they sell all kinds of ingredients  and materials for baking.  Josef waited in the car with Oreo.  There are all kinds of baking chocolates, nuts  and everything you need when you want to bake. They discovered it online and  I was surprised there was a big branch in our town.  When I want to bake cookies and brownies again, I will buy here.  It’s Jovy and Josef’s extra earning venture. Now that it is nearing Christmas, there are lots of orders from their office mates.

It’s a long weekend, Nissa’s family and her in-laws all went swimming in Bolinao,  Pangasinan, about an hour trip from  our place there but about five to six hours by car from Manila.

Today is All  Souls Day. Let us remember our dear departed in our prayers.

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