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The first time we went out of ourselves

to reach another – that was  Love

– the hesitant touch

– the guarded phrase

Each was an attempt to express

the inexpressible.

(Yes, I remember I wrote this short poem when I was still in college experiencing the pains and aches of a first love….or so I thought)


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Is wonderful when you are happy

But it pains you sometimes when you are sad.

Life’s surprises don’t always come in dainty packages

Of pink ribbons and lovely boxes

Life’s surprises come sometimes in inopportune moments

Catching you unaware.

You smile with a certain sadness in your eyes

You greet the day

Dragging your steps along the way.

I’m here to listen

When the time comes that you want to share

I’ll be here to make you smile again

and make you believe that life is worthwhile.

Happiness lies in your heart my friend.

And it’s really wonderful to be alive.

(reposted from September 05, 2011)

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You  feel you’ve triumphed

Seeing your opponent cry

But did you ever see

The hurt look in her eyes?

You feel you have scored

Making life like it was a game

But did you ever think

That in an argument,

Nobody wins?

She hurls hurting words at you

And you do the same

But did you ever see

That she was trying to let you know

“I take that all back

Because I don’t want to hurt you.”

And behind those shouts of anger and pain

You long to see her smile again.

(Reposted from July 13, 2011. I remember during my early blogging years, comments and like were practically unheard of although visitors just came and go. It was then WordPress would get back to one’s post and you’ll read the words fantastic, amazing, beautiful etc. etc.)

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I greet the new day with a smile and a prayer

A hope for good things to come

A loving remembrance of the past

A new lift of the heart.

Hello –

I welcome with fondness the new dawn stirring

A new day unfolding…

(reblogged from June 15, 2011)

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I look at you

What seems so funny is that

I see myself in you.


I cannot touch nor feel your face

through my fingertips

Nothing is really wanting of anything

Except perhaps that old glass case

of your photograph

Sending sinews of hope.


I’ve thought I’ve learned to bury the past

Again, you came,

Disturbing my complacent breath

Renewing old dreams

At this moment, you live again

in my thoughts.


And yet –

What I only see

Is your old photograph!

(Reblogged from March 3, 2011)

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It will come

When you least expect it

Hope is alive!

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A cold morning

She watches and smiles

As the leaves dance in glee!

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Another Day

She gazes intently

She looks far beyond

As the morning unfolds gloriously.

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December 9, 2022

And she says, there is life without love.

I guess it is that sudden impulse you want to do and do it without thinking of the consequences.

Hala bira!

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Morning comes softly

In the gentle whispers of the breeze

A kaleidoscope of orange, blue and purple

The sun is slowly showing its face.

Like a flower slowly showing its petals,

I see your serene face

Anticipating what the day will bring.

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