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She sits there quietly

At her favorite spot in the garden

holding a hot cup of the brew.

Her dog looks at her adoringly.

“Coffee”, she said.

Her dog hopped to sit on the table

Her day has started.


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Silence brings inner peace once more.

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Maybe it’s just too much of being alone that makes me a little introspective, an awkward silence broken by the steady hum of the fan and a gentle gust of wind playing with the shell chimes outside my window – a sense of deja vu. It feels like those times when you cling to the memory of a dream before it fades and dies.

A timid smile might mean a start of renewed friendship or a beginning of a lifetime commitment, but somehow, we’ve got to learn that a YES is not a promise and a promise is not a vow.

Somehow, we’ve got to know that a simple NO does not mean rejection but a mere anticipation of better things to come.

Somehow, we’ve got to realize and accept that permanence might just be an illusion. In this life, there is always a challenge to overcome. Avowals of love today maybe words of hatred tomorrow.

That there is a difference between a friend who listens from someone who talks too much. Sometimes, it’s mere togetherness that counts.

That it is better to admit you were wrong than say it wasn’t your fault.

That trials and sufferings can strengthen the soul and success is inspired by ambition to reach one’s goal.

That it does not mean that God does not answer our prayers but it’s because He has better plans.

We call unbelievable things miracles but it’s God saying, “my daughter, I am here”.

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Have you noticed? I just changed my tagline.

From this:

For the nth time, I wish I could put into words the thoughts burning in my mind. I do not know how you could take interest in reading all these muddled thoughts.

To this:

Moments  cherished, memories kept, dreams fulfilled  and little things that make everyday a blessing. 

I feel the first one is no longer applicable since I’ve shared my thoughts for so many years now. And they are not muddled anymore, they are everyday things that make life uplifting and such a joy to see. In fact I could no longer recall all the things I  wrote several years ago, all of 2,356 posts  in this blog alone including this  latest one.  If I were to add the other posts I’ve done  in  my four other blogs, maybe it would amount close to 3,000 entries.

I was thinking of changing the theme too but I feel most comfortable with this one,  Misty Look although I played with the header changing it to some of my previous photos.  So each time you click a single post, the picture changes and I like it that way.

Maintaining  a blog is still a joy for me, an almost everyday thing that keeps me grounded and a little creative in the process.  It’s a guilty pleasure.

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your thoughts here. I do appreciate your “likes” too.


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Sometimes you think you’ve been awake all through the night only to discover and remember later that you were just dreaming, a smorgasbord of events that seemed so vivid in your mind and in your heart.

What was your last thought before going to sleep? Do you dream about it later?  Sometimes I do and it’s like a continuation of what you’ve thought before you went to dreamland.  I dream of things, people, events and some childhood memories that somehow left indelible marks within me.  It’s a succession of images, emotions and such.  Oftentimes, you won’t even remember what you dreamed about the night before.

Do dreams really mean anything in our lives?  Until now there are those nights that I dream of our old home (back in the province). I could picture  some wall decor that my Mom and my older aunt would hang with water plants. I could still recall the crocheted bed cover that Mom used before and those smaller ones where they used to cover our la meseta (small table) in one corner of our sala.  Sometimes, the house is near  the university where I spent my high school and college years.  Sometimes, it would be a few steps away from the house.  I wonder why it often appears in dreamland.

When I was still working, I bought a dream dictionary. Those words may tell you about what your dream means. But I wonder if dream interpretations are valid and real. Is it true that when you have snake dreams  they may represent something that  you are afraid of facing, accepting or dealing with in waking life? It may also symbolizes someone or something that you feel is threatening to your physical or emotional well-being. And poop dreams means money? I wonder.

I do believe though that dreams represent our inner self, our subconscious. We may think of something that happened in the past and dream about it later or you may have seen someone after a long, long time and you dream of the events when you met before.

Dreams are perplexing!



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No moment in our lives could pass

without affecting us in one way or another

somehow, there is always

a special place remembered

a smile

a hand clasp

a simple meeting of the eyes

all stored in the treasure chest of our memories.


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if you listen carefully,

You would hear

the  beauty of silence.


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