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I suddenly miss Bank of PI. It’s where I used to work for almost twenty-two years.

This morning, Nissa and I met up in front of the building then we went to Ayala Triangle to have lunch at Banapple. 

A few days ago, Nissa posted a solo photo of hers with Bank of PI as the background. Their office has now transferred to another BPI Bldg. in Buendia Avenue. The facade has been there for almost forty years. We transferred to that site back in the early eighties. Pretty soon, it would be demolished to give way to a new and better  Bank  of  the  Philippine  Islands. She told me to pose with BPI in the background 🙂

Suddenly I am reminded of those days when I used to walk the  streets of Ayala Avenue.  BPI  lies at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas so it was always the venue for rallies back when we were trying to oust Marcos from the presidency.  That monument  at the corner across the street is of my hero Ninoy Aquino and soldiers who accompanied him when he was assassinated at the tarmac of NAIA.

Ayala Avenue has changed a lot, more high-rise buildings, more restaurants and eateries. Back in my time,  Ayala Triangle was a vacant lot intersecting Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. Now it is an oasis for tired eyes. I love the garden.

Looking at the denizens of Ayala Avenue each with  lanyards on their necks and cellphones in their hands, I suddenly miss the corporate world.  It’s now a far cry from those days. I don’t miss the traffic though. It has become a gridlock even at noon. It’s a good thing it was easier to take a UV Express going back home.



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It was an unexpected trip last Sunday night. It was a long six hours  along the road going back to our town in Pangasinan.

We have to accompany Mom  in going home because her sister (my aunt) died. Had to be at the wake right after we had dinner at 11pm. Stayed until 3am and my cousins and I had a nice but sad reunion. I haven’t seen some of them for almost a decade.

Mom was hysterical when she saw my aunt’s coffin repeatedly saying, “bakit di mo ako inantay?” (Why did you not wait for me”?).

An uncle twice removed said that we only get to see each other during such happenings.  When you have your own family and relatives live far away from you, it is not always a possibility to see each other regularly.

It was another long trip going back to Manila. Gridlock at NLEX because of the large volume of cars traversing the expressway. When there is  a holiday close  to the weekend, expect those long lines of cars going North and back.

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She watches –

Those little black ants crawling

along a rotten piece of wood in the garden.

They’re busy

greeting each other along the way.

And each one carries something on its back.

Food, glorious food

Preparing for the rainy days.

Sometimes you wish, you were as

resourceful and industrious

No opportunity wasted

No frittering away with time.

Loving each moment

Looking forward to each day that comes.

Life’s lessons are learned

the simplest way sometimes.




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The words keep coming

Forming sentences and paragraphs

in my mind.

I should have minded the sharp tip

of the knife.

Red trickles and mixes with the words.

Maybe I could write some lines

out of this.

My finger throbs.

And the words get lost somewhere,

between the band-aid and slab of meat.

Dinner would be late.


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Two days, only two days of not blogging and it seems like a week.

I saw these  porn links on my spam queue early this morning.   My gosh, they are so annoying. I always immediately put them on my spam folder when I see links and comments like these. It’s a good thing there is always Akismet which filters those ugly and hateful words. What do they get out of commenting on a well-thought of posts? Nobody in his right mind would open such links.

We attended mass last night here in our village chapel. It’s the only mass held during Sundays here since the attendees are homeowners of our subdivision. One can always hear mass at the town proper  every hour of the day during Sundays. We brought Oreo along. They always have these blessings after the mass and we laughed when the priest blessed Oreo first before us even commenting that he is a lovely dog.  Oreo is always behaved when he is outside the house. He had his regular walk at the village park right after.

Last Saturday, our neighbor trimmed the bamboo he planted near their gate. I asked for some sturdy branches and Josef made them into trellis yesterday at the back of the house. We have a permanent trellis made of wires but I need something that my ampalaya could climb on to  when they grow.

How did your weekend go? Was it a busy one? What is your typical day like?

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So much hype about Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being cynical but I don’t envy those who seem frantic on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Malls are dressed up with red hearts and red balloons shaped like hearts.  You’d think they are celebrating another  Christmas. Chocolates packaged in heart-shaped containers, fake rose blooms in one corner and those real flowers cost sky-high.

I was watching a morning show today and one of their reporters showed a portion of Dangwa Flower Stalls full of different blooms (imported and locally produced). The price? You bet, it is twice as much from last week. If you’ll have it arranged, you’ll pay more. Those vendors make a killing during these times.  Flower arrangements come in boxes or in a bundle of  dozen roses or one long stem with a little bar of chocolate thrown in. Even eateries and restaurants are full during Valentine’s Day.

When I was still working at the bank many, many years ago and most of us girls were not yet married, we had a grand time teasing those office mates who got flowers.  There was even a time when a singing telegram was in vogue and we laughed while a guy with a guitar serenaded some of us, singing love songs.  Quite embarrassing for the girl to be serenaded in front of all her office mates in the middle of the day. But our boss was always all smiles to see love-a-blooming.

Once you get older, Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for you.  It doesn’t mean though that love comes flying out of the window. Sometimes you are just too busy to celebrate it. You can always tell your loved ones any day of the year that they are special and you care.

Do you still celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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It was a lovely morning spent with Nate and Nissa. As Obet wasn’t around to drive for them, they came here via a Grab car and left the same way a few minutes ago.

After lunch, Nate and I  read his books.  I am so amazed. Last time we read together, Nate could barely pronounce the words right but now he is quite fast enough to pronounce the words. Except for those “ed” of past tenses which he pronounce as it is spelled, he could read them all.

When we were kids, mom and dad didn’t enrol us in kindergarten.  There was no grade level like that in the province. I told  Nate that when I was his age, I was just learning to write my ABC.  It is so different now, they have all the tools to learn easier than before.

Nissa gifted me with a bottle of Olive moisturizing lotion  (it smells so heavenly) and a box of Mark  and Spencer organic green tea. She knows I love tea. Just perfect for those cinnamon raisin cookies that I baked earlier.

Nate calls this his wacky shot. As he was moving a lot, it was somehow blurry. He took photos of all the corners of the house including our shelves of books, Oreo, Mom while playing cards and different angles of our sala. I erased most of them and we were laughing so loud when he took Nissa’s photo atop the bed.

What a lovely Saturday and  when  Nate  is around it is even lovelier.

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