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Someday perhaps we will meet each other again,

We’ll sit by the fire and reminisce

Those lovely days of old while drinking hot cups of coffee.

We’ll laugh how it was then,

The innocence of youth,

How insecured we were.

Trying to find that elusive thing – happiness.

We’ve gone a long way now,

Counting the grays in our hair

But the essence of friendship remains.

Ah, it is beautifulšŸŒ»

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More memes I did yesterday. They are actually excerpts from my previous blog posts. I shared these with our two Catholic groups at our FB sites.

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She looked –

As the sun merges slowly with the thin cloud

What would this morning brings, she thought.

Will it be better than yesterday?

Will it bring heartaches again?

She held the cup of almost tepid tea in her hands

Thinking of tomorrow.

The tea leaves have spread at the bottom of the cup.

And she wish she could read what’s written there.

She likes to believe happiness could be hers again.

Maybe tomorrow

Maybe in the future

She wish she could bring the smiles on her face again.

The tea leaves say,

Get up my child, dream on.

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Sometimes I wish we also have these four lovely seasons that some of our friends experience in other parts of the globe.

I love looking at thoseĀ  fallen leaves and trees that turn gold to orangeĀ  to brown and other colors in between.Ā  They fascinate me no end.Ā  I have a friend who takes photos of every season she encounters. She said there is magic everywhere and like me, she loves Fall. She loves it when those trees bear their foliage in glorious colors andĀ  everything turns intoĀ  a paradise of sort.Ā  She loves walking and feeling the crisp morning airĀ  communing with mother Nature. I could only shake my head, smile and wish I were there too walking with her.

We used to have an avocado tree in our backyard a few years ago. It gave usĀ  lots of fruits and I even tried selling a sack of them to our friendly neighbors. Every morning around this time, I would sweep the yard of fallen leaves from the tree.Ā  Those days that I used to spend in our garden while sipping a hot cup of coffee andĀ  listening to the morning’s news on the radio while our dogsĀ  lie serenely nearby areĀ  priceless moments that I treasure. Our avocado tree is gone now but I still have two jackfruit trees and two calamansi treesĀ  that I have to take care of.Ā  Same ritual every morning, sweeping the yard and watering our plants.Ā  And the closest thing that reminds me of the Fall season are the yellow and brown leaves that fall to the ground. Oh well,Ā  one could dream, right?

Early morning last Saturday before Nissa’s family came over for breakfast, I harvested calamansiĀ  (Philippine lime) for them to take home later. TheyĀ  are in season now and I picked more than a kilo.Ā  More than having fresh calamansi juice every day, it is also used as ingredient for dipping sauces, marinatingĀ  fish, pork or meat.Ā  It has lots of vitamin C. I need not tell you the health benefits of the fruit, it has lots.

I love these OctoberĀ  days,Ā  I am really not counting but I am looking forward to Christmas once again.

Have a blessed week ahead.


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