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 Time drags –

Such endless waiting!

I ask myself when

I’ll ever see you again

Only then will this verse be complete

Only then will I sing my song.

(Reposted from April 01, 2011)

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Dreaming that one day

I’ll be healthy enough

To go places.

Dreaming that I won ‘t ever see

The face of the hospital in my life again.

Dreaming that one day,

I’ll share some adventures with you

And make memories to last.

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Morning comes softly

In the gentle whispers of the breeze

A kaleidoscope of orange, blue and purple

The sun is slowly showing its face.

Like a flower slowly showing its petals,

I see your serene face

Anticipating what the day will bring.

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Five days, five days of not even touching the keyboard of my computer. I just  rely on my CP and  tab to be updated on social media. I experienced the lowest stats in the last three days at 45 views average but that is irrelevant to me now.

I am more focused on the latest news about this deadly virus. Called up some friends too to get updated. I  talked to my brother in the province last night and told him about their mayor’s directive that those with private cars register them at the municipal hall to ferry those people who don’t have any means of transport. He told me, no way, he is the only driver available now and he’s been ill the past year. His car is too small for that so called social distancing.  And how would you know if these people are healthy and are not carriers?  Hospitals and puericulture  centers are sorely lacking in the province and  there are  no good doctors to take care of the sick. Come to think of it, they don’t even have thermal scanners, how much more with the PPEs?

The president  is missing.  He has been missing since they approved  around 275B budget to combat this virus. That was about a week ago. The sad thing is, we still don’t have enough test kits for the people. These so called VIPs in the government are being prioritized for testing to the detriment of those ordinary citizens who need help.  We are losing good doctors, specialists in their own field. We have frontliners who are mostly on self-quarantine and some are patients too in the hospital.

I was aghast at the news peddled by our Department of Health (DOH). Three days ago, their speaker told us in an interview that those test kits that came in from china are defective, only 40% reliable so they set it aside. People might come out false-positive. Here comes china’s ambassador telling DOH that those test kits didn’t come from them.  Yesterday, the DOH chief, Dr. Duque published a message that those test kits from china adhere to the requirements of WHO, they are 100% effective. How would you call that, clearly pondering  and still defending china with this blunder? I say, it is laban o bawi.

A friend of our neighbors gave them 100 sacks of rice to distribute to those who  aren’t able to afford to buy. Earlier on, he called me and asked Josef if he could drop by and he will give us some. He gave us  around 25 kilos of rice.  There are so many people outside, some even reaching our gate  so they could have their meager share of the free rice.

Have we reached this somehow desperate move by our citizens to go on a long line just to have  two kilos of rice? Nakaawa sila di ba?

In a  short span, the line has doubled.  it was just a few minutes ago that they were done distributing.  I craved for pancakes, so yesterday, Jovy made some for our snacks. She also made vanilla ice cream for Oreo and chocolate ice cream for us.  We are now using the two boxes of baking supplies previously allotted to their small business.

duterte is supposed to give an assessment on what they have started since he was given emergency powers by the Legislative branch of government a week ago.  He was supposed to speak at around 4pm today but he was a no show.  They might again choose to air what he has to say around midnight or thereafter when most people are sound asleep.  I don’t see any changes, our hospitals are still begging for donations of PPEs from the private sector. VP Leni Robredo is on the ground, she is the only one visible but duterte didn’t even give her a position in his administration. She is doing everything, some given through private donations so she could help the frontliners. There is a very small budget allotted to the Office of the Vice-President but private businesses have enough trust in her to do the job. they don’t trust duterte.


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We are like a rudderless ship in an ocean of inept and irresponsible fools.

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Just wondering why my old posts are being resurrected by new bloggers, some  have just started blogging.

This is it, pancit. I just reached a total of 540,058 views at the moment. I know some bloggers don’t really mind the numbers but I do. It just means some people still find my blog worth-reading about. Though I have almost reached 3,400 followers  (about a hundred  via e-mails and Twitter), only a very few  probably read what I post.

I love reading your comments and I make it a point to answer them all whenever possible. I love exchanging ideas with friends from  far away places and knowing how they live.  Having you all around makes blogging a joy to do. This is my 2,342nd post for this particular blog.  I wonder how much longer it would take me to reach 3,072 MB space allowed,  there is still a total of 27%  free space.  It is hard to maintain a total of five blogs and this is the only one I regularly update. I haven’t bought a camera yet so my photos at COLORS  are not updated. I rely on my  camera phone and my tab plus other photos regularly sent by Nissa.

BY the way, I love to share these with you. They’re lovely quotes from one of my favorite authors  Kristin Hannah from a book called Angel Falls.

The measure of a man comes down to moments, spread out like dots of paint on the canvas of life. Everything you were, everything you’ll someday be, resides in the small, seemingly ordinary choices of everyday life. it starts early, this random processions of decisions.

Each decision seems as insignificant as a left turn on an unfamiliar road when you have no destination in mind. But the decisions accumulate until you realize one day that they’ve made you the man that you are.

A blessed and happy Thursday to all.


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There you go, another lovely quote to ponder upon.  I had this for quite sometime on my news feed  and seen it again today so why not blog about it?

Are people judgmental? Some are but not everyone.  Some people  rely on truth and veracity of one’s statements, some are fooled by false promises. Many belong to the latter especially when they meet people with glib tongues echoed by wonderful  but empty words. Some who are wise enough couldn’t care less, they just raise their eyebrows with an unexpressed “unbelievable” word.

Last week, he did it again cursing the Catholic Church and calling God stupid. My God is not stupid, he probably is. Many people reacted not just Catholics but others of Christian faith. That’s clearly crossing the line of propriety and respect. We are all brief sojourners in this world but God is eternal.

Now Duterte would like to create a panel to dialogue with the Catholic clergy.  He had clearly touched  a very sensitive spot in the lives of majority of Filipinos. Too late, the damage is done and those ugly words about the Bible and God won’t be forgotten by many. Why make a dialogue with someone who doesn’t even know how to keep his words and tells more lies while he stays in office? He is there not to serve the people but to divide them. He says one thing today, tomorrow he refutes it. Do you still believe in this guy? I pity you if you still do.

There was a survey released lately. It implied that  he was a failure as president and that crimes are still on the rise. He kept saying that he will resign (for so many times) but why is he still there?  Do it now!

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.


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Summer is quite different this year. I haven’t experienced this stifling heat before. Humid, no wind, even the  chairs feel hot.

Had to be outside again this morning to buy all the things that the carpenters need tomorrow.  The hardware owner said I could just ride home with her staff when they deliver it. My goodness,  riding on a truck is hot even if the windows are open. I won’t bore you with the details.

I was trying to clean my room of old utility receipts late this afternoon when I saw my old, old journal way back in college. You know those yearnings of a teenager  for someone out of reach. You can write volumes of thoughts , you can write every day about your experiences. you can be a little more dramatic with your words. Teenage life – the days of discovery, the stirrings of first love (or so you thought).  Whoever said that first love never dies must be lying. Mine did when I graduated from college. Absence does not makes the heart grow ponder, sometimes it makes  you forget 🙂

In short, that old, old journal is now in a sack of carpentry debris and old utility bills. I saved some of my writings before during the early years which I copied here at WordPress when  I started blogging.  The rest are just ramblings of a teenager crazy in love….haha!

I am keeping a journal still and I have several journals and blank pages to fill but mostly they are a list of books I have read and still wanting to read, a lot of recipes culled online and through my readings, my monthly budget and total expenses for the year, lovely quotes from books I have read, writings about my life now and gardening of course. Really it is a smorgasbord of  thoughts  and how my life is now. My hard drive is full of Nate’s photos, those that Nissa sent to me via messenger, photos I took  from my  camera phone and my tab. Focusing on the family and enjoying the blissful years of togetherness and hoping that I still could see Nate to be a successful young man  in the future.

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”  – Anne Landers



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Let me rant a little. I just can’t pass this up.

It was in the news yesterday that the UST Alumni Association gave a recognition award to Mocha Uson. She is  an appointed assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operations Office by no less than their president Duterte.  Prior to that she maintained a blog (until now) at FB proliferating fake news in favor of the administration. And still prior to that she was a singer (kuno)  and a dancer. She is a Med Tech graduate of UST.

I am an alumna of the university and I deeply feel that she does not deserve this award.  The UST administration has nothing to do with the giving of this recognition to her but it was the prerogative of the alumni association which operates separately from the UST administration.  UST is being bashed and dragged down by those people who are misinformed in the social media.

What has she done to deserve this award? What has she done to the welfare of the UST alumni? She’s  been in the government for  just  a few months. She  still continues with her FAKE news. And those who are gullible enough believe her.  This government is going to the dogs. When you are a pro-Duterte and you promote what he is doing to the country, you are assured of a seat. Never mind if you are qualified or not as long as you make yourself close to him. What a shame!

The UST Alumni president explained that they give  awards to those graduates who work in the government. Period. Maybe it is about time for them to amend their rules/policies and give rewards to those who are truly and sincerely working in the government.  There are so many Thomasians out there who are more worthy of emulation.

The UST Alumni Association is supposed to represent us, the alumni. We as Thomasians are supposed to exemplify the core values  of Competence, Compassion and Commitment. Meron ba nun si Mocha? They sullied the good reputation of the university.  How sad!

Just my two cents.

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Once in a while we feel so inspired that we would want to share those inspirations with the world through our blogs.  And it is even better when we find a good content to write about.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”


This is a quote from Stephen King from his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.  Back in 2011, Nissa brought home  a copy of this book for me to read which she borrowed from the bank’s  Stress Management office.  I loved it so much that I dreamed of finding my copy every time I visit a book store. I was lucky enough to find one at Booksale, still with the dust jacket on and looked so new.  What a nice surprise. I even blogged about it twice. I thought  at first it was his autobiography but I was mistaken, it was about how to begin writing and going on.

“Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe.”

I know, it is most of the time hard to start but once you have written that first sentence, everything follows.  I mentioned in my previous post that I would like to write everyday again but I don’t know if I will be able to.  Sometimes, laziness sets in, sometimes you can’t think of a nice content to share and to write about. You might think it is kind of stressful to write every day. You’d think you are forcing yourself to write, deep inside though, you have that desire to be heard.

“Your job isn’t to find these ideas but to recognize them when they show up.”

Do you agree? I do.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.”

Sometimes the blank pages seem so hard to fill up but there are those inspired moments that you simply have to touch your keyboard or glide your pen across the blank pages and the words flow smoothly along.

From past experience, I noticed that when I don’t blog for about a week, it is so hard to start again. It seems  I am  lost in space  and the words would not come.

I know it would be an ambitious undertaking, writing every day I mean but I’m gonna try.

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