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I haven’t seen the sun’s face for almost a week.

It keeps hiding behind  the thick dark clouds  which are threatening rain again. We are still experiencing monsoon rains and maybe this will last until the weekend.

I  miss the summer days.  I miss the early morning sunrise, I miss those mornings at the garden with a hot cup of coffee while watching the  traffic and the students pass by.

My thoughts wander….beyond.  Time seems to go too slow or maybe because I always wake up early and the morning chores are done in a jiffy.

I am  presently reading The 3rd Victim by Sydney  Bauer, a  thriller. Murder, a  dead baby, IVF  (In Vitro Fertilization) , court scenes and a criminal lawyer trying his best to know the truth and defend  someone who everybody thinks is the guilty one.  When you are in the middle of reading something, you have your own conjectures on who is the criminal and you form an opinion but will get  disappointed because you do not expect what happens next.  I slept late last night trying to reach the end of the story  but it’s all of 528 pages and I am just halfway through.

Sydney Bauer is an Australian author and this is the first time I encountered her work.




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