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We were blessed and lucky, we were not much affected by the floods that hit some parts of Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces.   But my brother and his family together with  my cousin  were trapped in some  parts of Luzon while going home to our town after they brought Mom here again  yesterday because she was not feeling so well.  A normal five-hour trip turned to twenty-four hours agony on the road. Good thing they brought a van instead of the  small car my brother owns.  They spent last night in a motel. My gosh, you can’t see the road, they were under water.  Typhoon Josie definitely  brought so much amount of rainfall.

It’s my third day of having a daily antibiotics injection.  I don’t know why the medicine was not covered by my health insurance. The Medical  City satellite clinic has a different rule from other  outpatient facilities covered by Intellicare.  Bought the medicine with closed eyes, it is that expensive.

I met this very friendly nurse yesterday. She was the one who administered my injection.  In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that one of her relatives died of cancer six months ago and when she learned that I am a survivor, she kept saying “ang galing niyo ma’am, you endured all that. We talked of so many things while she was preparing and mixing the solution.  I told her I blog and she does too but in a different platform. This morning she was again on duty. Exchanging ideas, talking of our pets, talking about books we read. I say we are kindred spirits.  Carla was so accommodating, we even exchanged our blog sites addresses. When we parted, she said, “can I hug you ma’am?” I was touched. We hugged each other. We were both teary-eyed.

When you meet people who are kind enough to know what you are going through, you are simply touched by the gestures. Even those small words of saying “sorry po”  while she was injecting a one gram ampoule made the difference.  I admire those health workers who reach out to make a patient feel welcome.  Being shown compassion is one sure way  of gaining that much-needed confidence to face your ailment.

Doing your little bit of good to others, showing kindness, these make for a wonderful attitude towards your fellow human beings.


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