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I haven’t seen the sun’s face for almost a week.

It keeps hiding behind  the thick dark clouds  which are threatening rain again. We are still experiencing monsoon rains and maybe this will last until the weekend.

I  miss the summer days.  I miss the early morning sunrise, I miss those mornings at the garden with a hot cup of coffee while watching the  traffic and the students pass by.

My thoughts wander….beyond.  Time seems to go too slow or maybe because I always wake up early and the morning chores are done in a jiffy.

I am  presently reading The 3rd Victim by Sydney  Bauer, a  thriller. Murder, a  dead baby, IVF  (In Vitro Fertilization) , court scenes and a criminal lawyer trying his best to know the truth and defend  someone who everybody thinks is the guilty one.  When you are in the middle of reading something, you have your own conjectures on who is the criminal and you form an opinion but will get  disappointed because you do not expect what happens next.  I slept late last night trying to reach the end of the story  but it’s all of 528 pages and I am just halfway through.

Sydney Bauer is an Australian author and this is the first time I encountered her work.




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This rain never stops.  It’s been raining since last night. I woke up around 2 am since I could not sleep because of it. That kind  which is intermittent and sporadic, strong one minute then it stops then rains again. The new low pressure area is stationary so it is bringing in more monsoon rains in several provinces of Luzon including Metro Manila.  It’s one thing I dread – flooding. I still can’t forget those days when typhoon Ondoy flooded Metro Manila and we had to renovate.

It is okay if it rains as long as it does not bring flash flood and does not destroy properties in the process. Josef came back after a few minutes. He attempted to go to work early this morning but “no can do”.

This is just the ninth weather disturbance in our country. We are usually visited by around twenty typhoons on the average every year.


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How are you guys? It’s been a while and I mean I haven’t actually read posts on my reader feed and posted something in mine. Do you know that feeling that you have neglected something, something precious and maybe you will agree, blogging has done that for me.

It was a busy weekend and it will be a busy week too. I got some blisters on my fingers. Wearing gardening gloves is a useless exercise. We have let the carabao grass grow thick and it is hard to skirt around the  concrete walkways. I am halfway through and have to finish it before the rain comes.

August is here, one of the rainiest months of the year and there is a typhoon coming although it would just pass through the Philippine area of responsibility but it would bring monsoon rains to the north. We’ve been having  thunderstorms the past days but I am praying the  monsoon rains would not inundate Metro Manila. There is still that inner fear that I feel every time the rainy season sets in.

It’s still dark outside, a perfect time for that hot cup of coffee before I go out and finish the task of trimming our carabao grass.  I am looking forward to catching up on my reading once I finish it. Lately, I was engrossed reading news and comments on social media  about  politics here in our country although my head aches with all those negative comments. The way a certain politician would do anything to win, by hook or by crook  makes me puke. If he wins, we are doomed. I am praying that the electorate would think twice and discern enough before deciding who to vote for and not be swayed by dirty politics. We never learn, some of us  have that sadistic tendency to vote for someone who does not deserve our votes. Sorry, I always try to avoid writing political blog post but this one takes the cake.

How do you greet each morning when you wake up? Do you start it with a prayer like I do? Or do you spend a few moments just watching the day unfolds?  Do you welcome the day with gladness in your heart? Do you celebrate each day with anticipation? Are you thankful for another day of blessing?

Good morning, I’m off to garden 🙂

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