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WordPress says it is an eight day streak🥰

Yes, I’ve been blogging for around eight days now with sometimes two or three blog posts a day. It is my coping mechanism to what is happening with my health at the moment. There is something about writing that brings me to a time of silence, alone with my thoughts and words. There is something about writing that is so fulfilling. There is something in writing that makes it worthwhile sharing to the world with friends who are religiously commenting and liking my posts. They may not be that much but I am not complaining. One thing is, I am able to share my aches and pains to those friends who take time to read my posts. I am grateful🥰

I’ve set aside reading for a while since I opted not to participate in this year’s Goodreads reading challenge. I am liking the ability to read slowly and post my thoughts in my new journal. Maybe twenty books this year would be enough.

I wonder where the other bloggers who have been active before got to. I miss reading their posts. Hopefully they will reach out again this year through their blogs.

Still and all, blessings for a healthy, successful, happy and a truly remarkable year ahead😍❤🙏



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Hello, Help Please

There is this gal by the name of Caissa Mae Ramirez who recently followed me. When I tried to view her site, it’s my blog Dreams and Escapes that appears.

Her site is http://caissayap.wordpress.com

Google says that: a secure URL should begin with “https” rather than “http”. The “s” in “https” stands for secure, which indicates that the site is using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. This lets you know that all your communication and data is encrypted as it passes from your browser to the website’s server”.

Any take on this friends? For those of you who are so good on how “www” works? Will my blog be compromised? Thank you!


Viewed it again, WordPress says the blog now doesn’t exist. But I just checked a while ago, it is still there.

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I am having an intermittent headache. Been taking pain reliever for two days now. It has stopped a few minutes ago.

I was trying to read some of my earlier posts back in 2011 when I joined WordPress’ Post A Day Challenge. How I was able to blog every day back then was such a big puzzle to me. The endurance of thinking of what to write about every day without fail. I wonder where my badge got to, it was lost somewhere when I tried to change my blog format. Those were the times I got so many visitors although commenting and liking was unheard of. There were words of encouragement though from WordPress, inspiring words at the end of each entry and the total number of posts you have written since you started blogging. They got lost somewhere along the way. There are so many bloggers now. There are new ones who post a few entries and then suddenly stop writing. Some maybe disappointed by the slow rise of followers and readers.

No matter how good your contents are if your tags and categories are not, you can’t expect people to follow you right away. You build your blog slowly. It always takes a number of years before you can be recognized as a seasoned blogger. There are followers who never take time to even like your posts. Some are there who are bold enough to say that we should follow their blogs too. You don ‘t need to tell me that I should follow you back because if I like what you write about, I will follow it.

I wonder why I could no longer see my dashboard since I started using my tab. It always shows that I have to log in but when I do, it reverts back to the same log in option.

As I have always said, blogging has become a way of life.

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I just wrote my  2,525th post a while ago. From time to time, I visit my dashboard  and clean spam comments which are filtered by Akismet (just so blessed Akismet is here to classify those unwanted comments in our blogs).

How do you find bloggers that you follow aside from those who follow your blogs?  Some are followers of our blogger friends who probably read our exchange of comments and decided to visit and read a few lines. Some probably appeared at the bottom of your post because they had posted similar subject like you did. Anyway, no matter how you found them, aren’t you glad that you did? Lately, I visited and thanked those who followed my blog the past few days, reading some post and comments and liking those that are wonderfully written.  Sometimes, I return the favor and follow back.

Are you that kind of blogger who looks for seasoned writers with thousands of followers and statistics in their blogs?  Or do you take a chance on those blogs  with not even a hundred followers  but their writings are interesting and they have lovely contents? I am one of the latter I guess. Photo journals are lovely, blogging about farm life is interesting too but I love garden blogs. I love those flowers which normally don’t grow in tropical countries like ours. I love blogs about family and faith.  I am mesmerized by those photo blogs featuring countries like Italy, France and some exotic places in Asia.  I’ve found memoirs featuring these countries and read them with gusto.

Just received a comment from a blogger promoting a product.  And this was approved by WordPress because it was nicely worded. Sorry, I am not into it.

Blogging about blogging, anyone?




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I am so wary of opening e-mails that simply say, No Subject. I feel as if I am threatened and subjected to something that I don’t really want to know. Sometimes though, I feel that certain curiosity and open them just the same just to be confronted with just a one-line link which I simply delete and put to trash. Even when it comes from relatives and close friends if the link  looks suspicious, deleting it is the only option. Why compromise your inbox with unwanted e-mails? I have experienced that before with my Twitter account and I have to change my password so many times just to be on the safe side. The downside is, I seldom visit my Twitter account now since I need to check on my journal first before checking tweets because I’ve written a long password complete with characters and numbers. I just feel lazy sometimes to check it with that long, long password.

One of the things I like about blogging at WordPress is their strict monitoring of spam mails. Come to think of it, there must have been more than ten thousand spam mails since I started blogging here three years ago. It’s kind of annoying that I see them everyday and they are the first thing I delete  when I open my dashboard to check my stats.  They’re getting bold. How would you feel if  you blog on some reflections about life or about religious things and you suddenly see ads with some “sex things” written on them? It is offensive.  One thing I am wishing is, if it is a spam mail, why  do you still need to show it, why not just delete it so bloggers won’t be clogged with unwanted e-mails? After all, who would want to have his blog inundated with such trash?

More than a year ago, I encountered a site which copied  one of my blogs and there was never a link back. They just substituted a few words and claimed it as their own.  The only time they stopped visiting my blog was when I boldly blogged about the site in my title page and reported it at WordPress. That’s why now and then, I check with Copyscape. It may not be one sure way of protecting one’s thoughts and writings but it helps in tracking down some unwanted sites from sabotaging what you have painstakingly wrote.

My own take is this, if it is not originally yours, put the link or source where you got it from. That’s common courtesy in the blogging world, I think. And don’t just open something with a No Subject.

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