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6:30 am is still dark and cold. It ‘s only Noki who is outside in the garden. Waiting for the water to boil for my morning fix of either coffee or tea. I don ‘t use sugar anymore with my morning cup of coffee, I use a small packet of green Stevia instead. Just perfect for two pieces of rich tea biscuits. I wanna learn to drink coffee without sweetening it. Nissa says it is easy to adjust.

I blogged about my Insulin plant a couple of days ago and posted a photo at my garden blog. Would you believe, it produced two more flowers and another is about to show its face. For three consecutive days now, I eat the leaves raw. Just need to wash it well. I don’t even use fertilizer, chemical or otherwise so it is safe to eat fresh. Some people boil the leaves for tea. I haven’t tried it yet.

Saw some previous posts years ago that were visited by some viewers. I clicked the comments button and there appeared my online friends here on WordPress who have stopped blogging, many as long as three or two years ago. They have vanished and simply stopped blogging.

I agree that creating content is hard enough especially when you haven’t written anything for a long time. Although you have lots to write about, you don’t know how to start. That happens to me most of the time when I am hooked reading and blogging goes to the back seat. Now that I am blogging every day, it is somehow easier to write.


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It’s those moments when they just click follow but they don’t engage – no likes, no comments. I have a mind to say maybe some bloggers think that you’ll follow them back which is not always the case.

I love seeing “likes” on my posts. It means either they actually read your post or just scanned it for a few seconds. A friend once told me on FB that when she click “like” on my wall about something I wrote, she is saying that she has read it or telling me that she is there. Normally, she would come back and comment later.

I have close to 5,000 followers but I only get 15 to 30 likes on the average. I am lucky if at least ten of them would make a comment on a post. Back in my early years blogging when I participated once in WordPress’ challenge of blogging every day, there were so many comments and likes. Maybe I have exhausted thinking about contents that are still worth- reading. I have around 4,000 posts more or less because I keep five blogs. I have one for photography loving the macro shots I did, I have started one too when my grandson Nate was born in 2012, a gardening blog which I update now and then and a new one I started three years ago but I don ‘t know what happened, I could not access it anymore although I can still see those earlier posts I made with photos in every post when I am not logged in to it. And of course, this main blog, Dreams and Escapes. I am almost at the end of this free theme and platform. You could all find the links when you visit my blog. A lot of us do get updated on our reader feed without going to the blog itself.

I follow close to a hundred bloggers but most of them are no longer active and I miss their posts. Maybe they got tired of blogging?

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Hello friends and fellow bloggers. If you are into poems and reflections about life, I have a friend who is quite shy to show her posts. It was only today that I got hold of her WordPress blog. You may want to visit her site here. fishminz153.wordpress.com

She is my co-admin at our Catholic site on Facebook. Thank you so much.

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Sometimes I feel that reading interesting blog posts is like reading a lovely book in installment, you discover a page every day and you want to see what the next scene will be.

I miss my friends/fellow bloggers who have quietly left the scene because the chapters are not complete.

For those who regularly visit my blog and post a comment or two or click  “like” , thank you so much.  Thank you for the wonderful  stats.


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