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I did it. Finally reached 5,000 followers today. And since it is hard to penetrate WordPress if one’s content is not really worth-reading, this is simply an achievement for me so I congratulate myself for it🥰. For some bloggers, this might be nothing. It encourages me though to write more. I now have a total stats of 693,003 the last time I’ve seen it.

This is it🙂

Although only a few engage in my posts, I am still happy finding online friends here from all over. I haven’t counted my followers in my other blogs, I cannot open the last one, I don’t know what happened. You may visit it though, a continuation of this one. It’s called Dreams Never End. ( https//:moredreamsandescapes.wordpress.com )


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It’s almost five days when I last posted an entry here. Come to think of it, I got so lazy the following day after my visit to my new doctor/endocrinologist. Imagine waiting for almost five hours since I left the house. Her schedule says she has clinic hours from 8am to 12am. She arrived at 10am and it was just a ten-minute consultation. I showed the results of my lab tests and she explained everything to me. Her words were: medyo okay pero pababain meaning that at my age, my FBS seemed okay but it needs a little more lowering down to a level more comfortable. She has requested more tests in three months. Yes, I will have my next lab tests before the end of June, eight in all- FBS, HBA1c, Crea, CBC, NA, K, ICa and PPBS. I don’t understand them all so I have to make an online research. She is more thorough than my previous doctor. My main problem is, my medical insurance will expire on June 30 so I will have to shell out cash for further check-up and lab tests. Life nowadays is going back and forth to the doctor but at least the interval is getting longer.

I haven’t visited WordPress for quite a while, I am not even updated with blog posts from my friends here. Presently reading a series of Julie Garwood books about highland life. They are stand-alone stories about those lairds and their clans. I have always been fond of historical novels. I remember I almost completed reading Diana Gabaldon’s works years ago. I can imagine those horse-drawn carriages and those people who used herbs to cure ailments. The vista of clear and green fields that run from end to end…precious.

Checked my dasboard, short of 20 more followers to reach 5,000 and my stats showed a total of 691, 074. Not bad at all.

How are you finding the Jetpack switch?

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Earlier on I received this notification from WordPress :

15 Year Anniversary Achievement. Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 15 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

And that ‘s accompanied by the familiar logo of WordPress. 15 years and I have about 5,451 blog followers and 796,589 stats in all of my five blogs. The four ones are updated occasionally though. My main focus is on DREAMS AND ESCAPES. If I were to add up my blog posts in all five, that’ll be close to 5,000.

Before WordPress, I started with Friendster then moved to Multiply back in 2007. Between these three platforms, I loved Multiply best, I had a premium account there with my youngest brother Noel paying $20 a month to maintain it. I was able to upload several of my favourite CD albums and photos all in high-res. Except for a few posts on our road trips and some poems, I did mostly political blog posts at the time when Gloria Arroyo was president. Since I cannot reblog them at WordPress, I started with one lone poem 15 years ago. Friendster and Multiply have closed years ago. And since I didn’t know how to customize my new site, it took me more than a year to add something. I learned to navigate, choose a theme, upload photos and customize eventually. I chose a theme which I am still using on my main blog until now. I love its clear lines and the easy way I could update it. WordPress has been changing its algorithms over the years and I have to adjust and learn more.

15 years writing at WordPress and through the years I met several blogging friends worldwide. The earlier ones have come and gone but there are several who remain loyal to my blog, regularly liking and commenting on my posts. I love the exchange of ideas and we have become a community of bloggers.

15 year and I’m still writing.

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Good morning!

I was attending an online mass at the Manila Cathedral (I still attend online masses because of my ear problem) when I received a message from Nissa asking me if my other account at BPI is still open. After a while, she asked me to check my balance and activate my online notification through my phone. What a morning surprise, she credited my account with a big amount. Time and again, she would also credit my prepaid Globe phone. So grateful for a daughter who is so thoughtful. She was just promoted as Senior Manager of BPI two months ago. I am more excited for them to transfer to their new home eventually.

I miss those perks and benefits of being a BPI employee, the quarterly bonuses that they give without fail. Two weeks ago, Union Bank credited my account with them with their yearly cash dividends, good enough for more than a month’s worth of groceries. Such blessings, I couldn’t ask for more. I also had a nice chat with Mel three nights ago via Messenger. They are here on vacation with his wife and daughter. He said a month is not enough to spend with family here. He offered to shoulder my hearing aid but I told him there is no need. He said although he is not rich, he is so blessed and he is sharing his blessings.

Blessings abound. I have more than a week to go before my lab tests next. Enjoying my stay at home re-reading my 2011 blog posts and catching on some Lenten readings too.

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