Garden Improvements

It seems like I have to reorganize my garden after they’re done removing the Thai bamboo,  installing the steel matting on our fence and  repainting the fence and the steel matting that they will install.

My potted plants are lined up along the wall so everything has to be moved.  Others have rooted in the ground so re-potting is a must too. Busy, busy summer!

Had a general cleaning in my bedroom and changed the sheets and curtains. My gosh, it is so hot but this is that perfect time to clean and re-organize. My garden would probably look “brand new” after this  🙂

Summer is usually a busy month for carpenters  and construction workers. Lot owners choose summer months to have their houses built taking advantage of the days when there is no rain. I had a hard time finding one. His rate is sky-high and  he doesn’t accept payment on a daily basis but chose instead “the pakyawan” where you have to pay a certain amount  until he finishes the scope of work at hand.  “Pakyawan” is more costly than paying the worker on a daily basis but you are assured that they will finish the job.  One thing though, you’ll provide all the materials needed.

I think that when you begin some renovations in the house, there is always a chance that you would have to think of other things that they could do after and it involves more funding…haha!



Summer is quite different this year. I haven’t experienced this stifling heat before. Humid, no wind, even the  chairs feel hot.

Had to be outside again this morning to buy all the things that the carpenters need tomorrow.  The hardware owner said I could just ride home with her staff when they deliver it. My goodness,  riding on a truck is hot even if the windows are open. I won’t bore you with the details.

I was trying to clean my room of old utility receipts late this afternoon when I saw my old, old journal way back in college. You know those yearnings of a teenager  for someone out of reach. You can write volumes of thoughts , you can write every day about your experiences. you can be a little more dramatic with your words. Teenage life – the days of discovery, the stirrings of first love (or so you thought).  Whoever said that first love never dies must be lying. Mine did when I graduated from college. Absence does not makes the heart grow ponder, sometimes it makes  you forget 🙂

In short, that old, old journal is now in a sack of carpentry debris and old utility bills. I saved some of my writings before during the early years which I copied here at WordPress when  I started blogging.  The rest are just ramblings of a teenager crazy in love….haha!

I am keeping a journal still and I have several journals and blank pages to fill but mostly they are a list of books I have read and still wanting to read, a lot of recipes culled online and through my readings, my monthly budget and total expenses for the year, lovely quotes from books I have read, writings about my life now and gardening of course. Really it is a smorgasbord of  thoughts  and how my life is now. My hard drive is full of Nate’s photos, those that Nissa sent to me via messenger, photos I took  from my  camera phone and my tab. Focusing on the family and enjoying the blissful years of togetherness and hoping that I still could see Nate to be a successful young man  in the future.

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”  – Anne Landers




What a way to start the week. Yes, it is a busy day today.

I am having my cabinet doors at the dirty kitchen replaced. Some concealed hinges at our cabinets in the bedrooms  were replaced too. Had  an early trip to the hardware store to buy supplies with the carpenter we hired to do the job. Had to arrange an early delivery of ply woods.

Back on 2009, we got flooded and the cabinets at our bedrooms were changed except for two doors which are too heavy because they were made of ply boards. When we had house renovation late that year, our bedroom cabinets were fitted with sliding glass doors. It is a space-saving venture but the glass was so expensive. Anyway, it is more economical than the traditional cabinet doors.

I also inquired how much is one panel of steel matting since our Thai bamboo at the garden need replacement too. It only lasted eight years. Steel matting is more durable and permanent. It has to be attached to our  concrete perimeter fence to make it a little higher but still assured of some air in the process. I am dreaming of having sturdy climbers eventually  for privacy. Could you please recommend a climbing plant which is conducive to our  tropical climate here?  Fellow gardeners, I would appreciate your recommendation. Thank you.

I’ve set  aside reading for a while, using an earphone and listening to music on my cellphone instead.


They are also dreaming of that “forever” thing which I think  seems quite impossible in today’s world. Let them dream though. Sometimes, life is made of those little things , those seemingly impossible ones but give meaning to what is at hand.

My daughter Nissa and son-in-law Obet stood as cord sponsors to their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. They marched after the  principal sponsors. It was lovely to see when the main door finally opened and  the bride marched along. My grandson Nate was the ring bearer.

Nissa made the cord personally using swarovski crystals and rice pearls done in ecru and white, the theme of the wedding.  She has made many of this in different designs and colors for their own wedding almost seven years ago and for her close friends.

A good memory lasts, captured in those lovely photographs.

Yes, I do believe there is forever. Forever in the sense that a married couple is still together when they reach fifty golden years.

This morning, we attended the 5oth  Wedding Anniversary of  Nissa’s parents-in law at the  Malolos Cathedral (Minor Basilica of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception) in Malolos City, Bulacan.

Malolos Cathedral (before the start of the wedding).

It is quite far from our place but we enjoyed the camaraderie and the solemnity of the occasion. Nissa, Obet and Nate are included in the entourage. There was a portion of the program after the wedding when their four kids and the grandchildren were allowed to speak before the bride and the groom and I was touched when Obet, my son-in-law said: “Yes, the goal is to reach fifty years too with  Nissa”. Wow!  I was touched. The official photos are not in yet but we enjoyed a few moments trying the photo booth. Nate was the last to speak and he just said, “We love you both” then shyly gave back the microphone to the emcee.

Nate said while holding the crowns before the photo shoot: ” Mommy wear this.  you are the queen and I am the prince” and Nissa obliged.  Haha, smart kid.

Fifty years together.  My balae  now uses a cane  when he walks. He is quite frail but his wife is still so beautiful  in her mid-seventies. Fifty years of togetherness. It is seldom to see couples nowadays reaching that long married life. Either one is gone or   they are separated or living apart from each other.

Maintaining a relationship is not a walk in the park. Even if you are both matured enough to face each trial and celebrate happy times together, there is always something that sets you apart. When trust, respect and loyalty are gone, love slowly dies too.  Love does not walk away but people do.

Health Check

This might be an unpopular topic for some of us but it is always good to take necessary precautions when it comes to our body and our health. Just because one feels healthy doesn’t mean you  have to ignore something which has bothered you for quite a while.

I don’t mean to scare you but have you ever observed how hard it is sometimes to poop? Yes, we have those times in our lives. Pooping blood?  They could be hemorrhoids  right?  Another common cause of bright red  blood in your  stool could be an anal fissure, a tear that can be caused by anything from constipation to childbirth. They disappear after a while though. And you think that’s normal.

Before I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer almost ten years ago, having  fresh red blood in my stool was nothing to be concerned about.  I thought at first it was because of hemorrhoids.  I didn’t feel anything – no cramps, no pain, no stomach ache so to speak. I remember now what my other  oncologist told me before, that cancer in any part of your body would take ten years before you feel uncomfortable.  It was such that I was alarmed when bright red blood appeared  almost every day so I had a check-up with a gastroenterologist and he scheduled me for colonoscopy. It was not a painful procedure and I was able to see the lining of my stomach/colon while they were at it. But the preparation was just too much. Aside from the endoscopy which I went thru before during a hospitalization, it was so uncomfortable. You have to have your colon and stomach clean before you have to undergo colonoscopy. My OB-Gyn suggested a surgical oncologist, the best in the field to evaluate my case. True enough, I need to have a sigmoid surgery based on the results of my colonoscopy.

After the operation, I waited two months for my wound to heal before they started me on chemotherapy, both oral and thru IV.  Aside from being so expensive, it saps you of your strength.  You are bedridden for almost three days after each procedure then another round in three weeks. That was my life for almost a year.

Going back to the topic at hand, if you ever notice fresh blood in your stool, don’t ignore it. I’d like to say prevention is better than cure.


Off To Dreamland

Sometimes you think you’ve been awake all through the night only to discover and remember later that you were just dreaming, a smorgasbord of events that seemed so vivid in your mind and in your heart.

What was your last thought before going to sleep? Do you dream about it later?  Sometimes I do and it’s like a continuation of what you’ve thought before you went to dreamland.  I dream of things, people, events and some childhood memories that somehow left indelible marks within me.  It’s a succession of images, emotions and such.  Oftentimes, you won’t even remember what you dreamed about the night before.

Do dreams really mean anything in our lives?  Until now there are those nights that I dream of our old home (back in the province). I could picture  some wall decor that my Mom and my older aunt would hang with water plants. I could still recall the crocheted bed cover that Mom used before and those smaller ones where they used to cover our la meseta (small table) in one corner of our sala.  Sometimes, the house is near  the university where I spent my high school and college years.  Sometimes, it would be a few steps away from the house.  I wonder why it often appears in dreamland.

When I was still working, I bought a dream dictionary. Those words may tell you about what your dream means. But I wonder if dream interpretations are valid and real. Is it true that when you have snake dreams  they may represent something that  you are afraid of facing, accepting or dealing with in waking life? It may also symbolizes someone or something that you feel is threatening to your physical or emotional well-being. And poop dreams means money? I wonder.

I do believe though that dreams represent our inner self, our subconscious. We may think of something that happened in the past and dream about it later or you may have seen someone after a long, long time and you dream of the events when you met before.

Dreams are perplexing!