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Nate from Fr. Louie

How can you even know how precious your baby is until you feel the soft touch of his fingers on your face, the complete trust he has in you as you hold his hands and take a step or two, the smile on his face as he recognizes your voice, the warm embrace, the wet kisses on your face, the moments you pick him up and he snuggle close to you, safe and warm in your arms. It’s the unspeakable happiness he shows when you are around and the inexpressible love that  make him so precious, so loved, so treasured.

(Note: this is our baby Nate’s first published photo in a national Catholic journal). Proud to be a grandma.


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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

I am excited.  My daughter and her family  will be staying with us for a fortnight starting tomorrow. I can imagine how it is to see Nate waking up every morning . He will turn seven months in a week so there are so many things  that I really look forward to. He could eat solid food now so it must be a challenge to prepare fresh baby food that he’ll learn to like. I told my daughter  not to let him be choosy with food when he grows up so this early, he should learn  to appreciate mashed veggies.

Time flies, it seems like only yesterday that we used to visit him at the hospital when he was confined at the NICU for three weeks before they were able to bring him home. It was a nightmare seeing him with attached IV on his arms. This early, he is…

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