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Okay, here we go, another challenge for an amateur photographer like me. I’d like to think though that there will always be shots that speak of those moments when you thoroughly enjoyed something and wish there would be more opportunities to visit again.


I remember this. My kids and I celebrated Mother’s Day at an Italian restaurant then went to Avilon Zoo for the first time. It’s been years since I visited one. We enjoyed feeding the rabbits and having pictures with Jenny, a friendly orangutan  trained to shake hands with visitors.  A joyous celebration of feeling like a child again and  enjoying  it with the kids.


Taken during our first visit to Caleruega. We were so eager to feed the Koi fish at the large pond  and watched  their golden bodies merrily swimming.  That was the start of our love affair with Koi fish and had them in our small pond three years ago. It was sad that we lost them all during the flood last year.


We passed by this place on our way to Caleruega , would have loved to explore it but around that time, I think it was closed to the public. Just the name itself evokes peace and serenity.  It’s actually a center of spirituality run by the Salesians of Don Bosco where one can hold retreats, recollections and weddings.

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