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Just updated my blog on Our Precious Bundle Of Joy  posting photos of Nate on his graduation from Nursery yesterday afternoon at Manila Hotel.

It was a lovely day of celebration, family togetherness and bonding. We were so proud of our baby. Time flies fast. It seems like it was only yesterday when he was in nappies and we were singing lullabies and children’s rhymes to him.  How proud we are of him.

Next school year he will be in  Kindergarten  and it will be another milestone to go through and  tackle. I wish  you all the best Nate. I am pretty sure  you can do it better.


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He asked, “are ghouls baby ghosts Nonna?” I answered “they’re not.” So he went back to his mommy and ninong and shouted, “ghouls are mother ghosts”. I think they didn’t hear him because they were busy talking.

I asked him how many stars he received in school. He pointed to his wrist and counted….eight, nine, ten. Then he laughed, a typical Nate laugh, what a joy to hear it 🙂

He saw our candy jar in a corner and asked if he could have one so I told him that’s a cherry menthol candy. He looked at me probably thinking about that “menthol” taste then he said, “I’ll give it to Mommy”. Wise kid.

It was another lovely day spent with Nate.

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I miss my “apo”   so much that I decided to have some hard copies of his studio portraits which Nissa sent me yesterday.  So right after  doing our monthly groceries, off I went to Picture City bringing my external hard drive along. I have all of the 25 shots printed with three pictures enlarged.  Had to kill time for at least an hour before they were ready so I visited  one of my favorite jaunts, Booksale. And what a lovely surprise to see another copy of the beloved classic A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I was in college when   got acquainted with Francie Nolan, the main character in the story.  A few years ago, I bought a copy of my own but lost it during typhoon Ondoy.  I guess it’s about time to reacquaint myself with this lovely book.

Wow, you can just imagine my excitement when I saw the pictures and decided right there and then to find frames for the three enlarged ones and two small shots of Nate, the Little Genius  sitting besides two encyclopedia while holding  a pair of eyeglasses. One of the sales clerks at Robinson’s’ Store helped  me find  frames  and mount the pictures.  Had a good laugh when he said, “his face is familiar, is he a model ma’am?”  “I’ve been here before”, I said, “when I bought a picture frame a few months ago and you assisted me”.  He smiled. Sometimes, I do enjoy conversing with sales clerks and cashiers while waiting for my turn to be served. And of course, I was elated  that they find the pictures of Nate lovely.  His face now occupies a major portion of our shelves where I display family pics. That’s how proud Nonna is.  How can a little tyke brings so much joy  and lots of smiles?


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You might think I am obsessed with books. I must admit, that’s a big yes, books  are almost always what I give Nissa on every special occasion that warrants special gifts and she appreciates them  until now.  And since we no longer have those children’s books  that we  have collected back when they were kids, I am starting to buy  and search for  books that I would love Nate to have.  Nissa bought several Brainy Baby DVDs complete with instrumental music CDs that she used to play when Nate was still in her womb. There is nothing like a good, sturdy book though that he can appreciate and hold. And this is the best time I guess to introduce him to his learning alphabet.  I am just amazed that books for kids have gone sky-high and I could no longer find those with thick leaves that won’t easily crumple and tear.  Anyway, I have found a set of Enid Blyton books  while arranging our small library yesterday and they were still in plastic, unopened and unread. I remember Nissa bought them a few years ago but maybe forgot all about them.

Nate might still be too young to appreciate these but Nissa reads to him a lot and who knows in a few years, he’ll be reading by himself. I never  had the opportunity to read books by Blyton because when we were kids, reading was not a priority except those textbook stories written in the vernacular. I started serious reading when I was in high school  and my love affair with books has not waned through the years.  I spent the past few days catching up on reading, both e-books and those I bought on my several trips to Booksale.

And yes, reading brings you magic and adventures.

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Nate from Fr. Louie

How can you even know how precious your baby is until you feel the soft touch of his fingers on your face, the complete trust he has in you as you hold his hands and take a step or two, the smile on his face as he recognizes your voice, the warm embrace, the wet kisses on your face, the moments you pick him up and he snuggle close to you, safe and warm in your arms. It’s the unspeakable happiness he shows when you are around and the inexpressible love that  make him so precious, so loved, so treasured.

(Note: this is our baby Nate’s first published photo in a national Catholic journal). Proud to be a grandma.

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