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Sometimes, I cry in anguish because I am weak. I need Your healing touch O Lord. Please heal me, heal me with Your love.


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Lord, let it be Your way always. Teach me to follow Your will.

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Believe in the power of prayers, they are your most intimate conversations with God.

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 I promise to greet each day with a smile, no matter what it brings and be always grateful for Your blessings!

Every now and then, I post short and simple prayers at my apostolate page on Facebook.  Would love to share some of them with you starting today.


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“Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?”  – Mary Manin Morrisey

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Too bad I didn’t catch the orange hue of the rising sun. For several mornings now, I was rewarded with a magnificent view of the early morning – the stillness of dawn, the array of blue and orange  painted by  unseen Hands, the gentle kiss of a  morning breeze. It would have been nice to capture all of it  but the scene was marred by tangled electric wires and it made  me sad. Color me orange once again and I’ll be happy. These made my morning.


My Vanda orchid is showing off again with two stems laden with lovely red-orange blooms.




More practice with macro shots!

(Note: So I won’t forget…this is my 1,250th blog post)

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I have always loved choosing a particular photo or several shots I took  through the years that would depict my interpretation of the Weekly Photo Challenge and I love what WordPress has come up with this week,  The World Through My Eyes. What a lovely subject to focus on. And I wish I could also try using more font choices here just to emphasize a post or make  the blog look great. I digress.


Next to my garden shots (flowers and blooms mostly), clouds are my favorite subject. I am in awe of seeing cloud formations and always  asks myself, “What secrets are you hiding? Are you happy just drifting and pouring  your heart as rain when things get so heavy?”

Life sometimes is  like a cloud. It is a never-ending process of discovery. There is always a bright  floss cotton candy  that you’ll see high above then all of a sudden, it changes its course and begins to darken.  I admire the way it floats, heading somewhere beyond,  then you get to ask again, “Is it also bright and sunny in your part of the world or are you enjoying the sudden summer rain drenching  your feet in puddles  and laughing your heart out like a child?”

Happiness sometimes is also fleeting, you shine one moment and cry the next. Then you’ll  see a lovely rainbow slowly breaking in the horizon, amidst clouds and sunshine.  And you hear the silence speaking to you softly whispering, God is near! And you smile because you are happy.

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I wonder if you have associated the gift of motherhood on your kids’ birthdays.  I do. Every time  a birthday comes, I remember the moment I heard my baby cry and the elation I felt knowing that here’s someone I will truly and dearly love. There is that pleasant ache of remembrance, the years in between, the blessed days of enjoying life at their side.

Today is my son’s 29th birthday. It makes me feel old, but then with it comes the realization that I have brought him up to be a good, loving, responsible and lovable kid.  And always, we love to reminisce on how  they came into this world. Just this morning, I told Josef that his birthday is not until 11:45pm, a few minutes to June 22. He smiled and said, “wow”.  If Nissa’s was a difficult birth (she was born premature), Josef’s was a breeze. He was a bouncy 7.3 lbs baby. We just stayed at the hospital overnight.

Time flies! Thank God for another year of celebrating life. The gift of motherhood is a gift of life. I took a few shots to remind me how he looked on his 29th birthday.


Josef at 29


With mom. They’re 55 years apart.

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It’s been raining since Monday prompting most schools  and universities to declare “no classes” in most areas here in Metro Manila. The start of the week  was marred by horrendous traffic, leaving so many flood prone areas in waist deep water. This is a perennial problem in our country every time  the rainy season sets in.

This morning though, the sun bravely showed its face and look  what I saw in the garden while emptying our small pond with rain water. I can’t resist taking a few shots (as always).



These are called rain lilies and they produce these tiny flowers during the rainy season. I planted some in a corner of our garden, the rest I put in a vase. I was pleasantly surprised when  I saw these tiny blooms. They somehow erased the gloomy atmosphere of the morning.


A  Zinnia bud about to bloom. I love the surprise it gives when the flower fully shows its face, sometimes you’ll never know what color it  brings.

This is my first Zinnia bloom this season.  I planted them from dried flowers which our village gardener gave me a few months ago.

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