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I wonder if you have associated the gift of motherhood on your kids’ birthdays.  I do. Every time  a birthday comes, I remember the moment I heard my baby cry and the elation I felt knowing that here’s someone I will truly and dearly love. There is that pleasant ache of remembrance, the years in between, the blessed days of enjoying life at their side.

Today is my son’s 29th birthday. It makes me feel old, but then with it comes the realization that I have brought him up to be a good, loving, responsible and lovable kid.  And always, we love to reminisce on how  they came into this world. Just this morning, I told Josef that his birthday is not until 11:45pm, a few minutes to June 22. He smiled and said, “wow”.  If Nissa’s was a difficult birth (she was born premature), Josef’s was a breeze. He was a bouncy 7.3 lbs baby. We just stayed at the hospital overnight.

Time flies! Thank God for another year of celebrating life. The gift of motherhood is a gift of life. I took a few shots to remind me how he looked on his 29th birthday.


Josef at 29


With mom. They’re 55 years apart.


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