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Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely friends here who are mothers as well. Celebrate because it us our day. It’s that one day in a year where we are given tributes as mothers. This lovely quote still lingers and I remember the old days while my two kids were growing. Those were the days we had to rely on two househelps because I was still working. They were still in high school when I availed of an early retirement because we could no longer find minders for them.

I used this photo before in my other blog posts about motherhood. Lovely Amazon lily blooms I plucked from the gaŕden.

She shed a tear, tears of hope for the motherland. She accepted the challenge to run a few months ago and the Filipinos who desired for change in the government encouraged her. For us, there is only one Leni Robredo, she is an economist and a lawyer. As vice-president, she did so many projects, going to remote areas affected by calamities to help despite a very limited budget from the government. She was visited by several foreign dignitaries instead of duterte.

Last night was the end of the campaign and the miting de avance was held in Ayala Avenue (business district of Makati City) . There was a crowd estimate of about a million attendees all over. People love her. I love her too. This feat is the first in the Philippines and probably in the whole world where people made use of their own resources instead of the politician. They brought food for every one in every scheduled rally, did house-to-house campaigns in remote areas.

I am proud of her and I am praying she’d be elected as the mother of the Philippines. As long as the Commission on Election does not show dirty tricks, it will be a win for VP Leni and Sen. Kiko.

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