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Have you ever experienced being in your pajamas at 12 noon because you just woke up? And the sun has not shown its face yet, it is so dark.

I’ve been distracted by the news of VP Leni last night on Facebook. I was supposed to finish reading but I kept going back to FB. She was in Mindanao yesterday (turf of duterte) particularly in Cagayan de Oro with some volunteer nurses and doctors for her VACCINE EXPRESS project. Then she went to Bukidnoon to visit those farmers she helped when she was not yet in the political scene. Considering the lowest budget allotted to the Office of the Vice-President, volunteers and donors are donating non-stop. She has focused on the Covid-19 since last year – free rides to frontliners, accommodations, medical kits, PPEs, face masks etc. She is always the first to extend help to flood victims.

Yesterday was a sea of pink again with those caravans in several towns and provinces in support of Leni. There was this very touching scene of father and daughter biking with their bikes full of pink ribbons. How lovely, they were on the road too. In Cagayan de Oro, she met Mayor Moreno who came out in the open to support her. Mayor Moreno was a former unibanker where I used to work. He was the Vice-President and Legal Counsel of BPI Capital Corp., a subsidiary of Bank of the Phillipine Islands.

Praying hard for the win. If we’ll have an honest election, she will win.

I’ll always remember this ‘the last man standing is a woman”.

Now, back to reading.


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My dad would have turned 98 years old today. It’s going thirteen years now since we lost him but he still stand tall in the recess of my mind. Yes, a beautiful memory that would last a lifetime. And it’s been more than a decade now that I’ve been blogging about him, a tribute to a man whom I called DAD.

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Yesterday, I saw several pictures on Facebook posted by my youngest brother. He was looking for photos  that he could make into a video as a tribute to Dad’s 97th birthday on January 16. Yes, if he were alive today, he will be turning 97.

He saw some photos of us and his godfather, our family friend Mama Julian and he posted them. That began our long conversation and exchange of  comments, reminiscing about the past and those days we were growing up. Mama Julian was our neighbor and dad’s best friend.  His children who are now living abroad noticed his post and they also joined in our chats.

Dad is the one in white shirt. This was taken almost fifteen years ago, April 2004 if I am not mistaken.

We reminisced on how they spent their days when we were in high school. Dad played the guitar and Mama Julian with his ukulele. They would compose music together and play to us kids. We talked about those days when they would play cards together with mom and Nana Mina (his wife) called Entre 7.  We remember those days when  in every fiesta in our place in the province, both of them would always act as emcees of the night’s programs. There was really no dull moment when they were around together.

One of Mama Julian’s daughters said that she would copy all those photos and would show them to him being sure that he would be glad to see them.  He is also in his nineties now and living in Brisbane with some members of the family. Dad and Nana Mina are now with the Lord.

It is nice to get in touch with friends and neighbors again after so many years. Back then, when we were growing up, they were like our extended family. Most of them including my brother are now living abroad and have their own families. One daughter  is married to my first cousin.

When friends meet, hearts warm.

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I know this post comes late but it is never too late to wish you all a blessed, prosperous and happy new year. It’s been a while and I feel I was away from WordPress for too long. I am just using my tab to write. Since I am not used to a limited and small screen,  I am finding it hard to do so.

I want to say a big THANK YOU for all those online friends who have been with me the past few years, those who have regularly clicked like  and commented on my posts. Thanks too for my new followers, I hope you’ll find something worth-reading here. Thank you as well to those  talented and creative bloggers I follow here,  for sharing your lovely and inspiring thoughts and beautful photos.

And to WordPress, having a total of 73,000 views for 2015 is quite amazing, thank you. Cheers to more blogging, meeting more online friends and reading all those wonderful posts from all of you.

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It was another experience that I will never forget. Jut like the first time that I viewed an exhibit on John Paul II celebrating his feast day almost three years ago, I was given another opportunity to see one, Totus Tuus Tour on the same venue last April 24, 2014.It was held at the activity area of Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. Totus Tuus  was the apostolic motto of Pope John Paul II.  It is a Latin phrase meaning “totally yours” and expressed his personal consecration to Mary. I am always awed and inspired  every time I have the opportunity to do this. This time, when I saw some of the first class relics displayed there, I cried. The way he touched people, the way he inspired the youth when he was alive  and now, he is a saint. What a lovely journey!

Just like his beatification three years ago, he will be canonized on a Divine Mercy Sunday together with another beloved pope, Pope John XXIII. Unlike the later who is not known much to our generation, Pope John Paul II is so much-loved by the youth of today.  I treasure the only memento I had of his beatification, a rosary given to me by Fr. Louie, a student priest friend in Rome when JP II was beatified. I took some pictures of the exhibit but I am limiting a few here because I have a separate album posted at my FB timeline.

Some of the relics displayed at the exhibit. ©Dreams and Escapes

Some of the relics displayed at the exhibit.
©Dreams and Escapes

©Dreams and Escapes

©Dreams and Escapes

The reliquary where Saint Paul II first class relics are displayed. ©Dreams and Escapes

The reliquary where Saint Paul II first class relics are displayed.
©Dreams and Escapes

©Dreams and Escapes

©Dreams and Escapes

I love this Zucchetto. I could just imagine JP II wearing this on his head. ©Dreams and Escapes

I love this Zucchetto. I could just imagine JP II wearing this on his head.
©Dreams and Escapes

A first class relic - a piece of cloth imbued with JP II's blood. ©Dreams and Escapes

A first class relic – a piece of cloth imbued with JP II’s blood.
©Dreams and Escapes

Another first class relic - strands of hair of JP II. ©Dreams and Escapes

Another first class relic – strands of hair of JP II.
©Dreams and Escapes

The rosary in the picture reminds me of the gift my priest son gave me several years ago which came from the Vatican. The beads are the same and the crucifix is quite similar too. ©Dreams and Escapes

The rosary in the picture reminds me of the gift my priest son gave me several years ago which came from the Vatican. The beads are the same and the crucifix is quite similar too.
©Dreams and Escapes

The Papal chair was the same thing JP II used during his visit to the Philippines in 1981. ©Dreams and Escapes

The Papal chair was the same thing JP II used during his visit to the Philippines in 1981.
©Dreams and Escapes

Totus Tuus Tour

The office of the Vice Postulation for the cause for canonization of Bl. Ivan Merz is blessed to have in their custody various relics of St. John Paul II. From first to second class relics, major to minor kinds, these are offered for the veneration of the faithful. All are authenticated and recognized by the Church Pastors,most especially by the Archbishop of Krakow – the former secretary of Pope John Paul II.

On the occasion of Pope John Paul II’s canonization (April 27, 2014, in the Vatican), the Office of the Vice Postulator of Blessed Ivan Merz has organized the Public Exposition and Veneration of his Relics. From his blood stain and hair strands to his papal zucchetto and part of his cassock (soutane), and other important relics and memorabilia, the faithful will have access in praying before these sacred remains to deepen their love and devotion to our newest Saint.

It was a lovely journey, seeing all these and praying for family and friends.


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Remembering. Always remembering. And it’s like a dull ache that never goes away but just stays somewhere in the recesses of the mind, never forgotten but remembered with joys and pains.

It’s Daddy’s 6th death anniversary today. Every year since I started blogging, I would always write about him during his birthday and his death anniversary. How can you write about the pains of losing someone so loved and cherished in your life?  How can you write about someone who taught you the values of living and taught you how to be strong despite all the hardships that life brings?  Why do you need to remember and cry in pain?  It’s because he will always be a constant presence in my life. 629906-R1-00-20AThe good  and lovely memories will get you through somehow and you smile in remembrance of the long-ago days when you needed to hear life’s stories and words of wisdom, things that somehow shaped your views on what life is all about.

If dad were alive today, he’d be 91 years old. If he were alive today, I know he would smile   and wonder why I am even writing about him. I know he would smile seeing  Nate, his great-grandchild, walk on his own and point to himself and say, “baby, baby”. Yes, Nate has added more words in his vocabulary. I know he would be happy for all of us and would probably say, “there is nothing like a grandchild to put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart”. My children are so lucky having known him as a loving, lovable, affectionate and a caring grandfather. They fondly called him Tatay.

Wherever you are Dad, I know you are looking down on us with an indulgent smile.  I offered a prayer for you today. I still miss you after all these years because you  hold a special place in my heart.

(note: this is my 1,350th post at WordPress)

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Hello everyone! Finally got my order of t-shirts from ABS CBN.  Josef and I ordered three but there is no size yet for the third one. A shirt costs P250.00 and all proceeds will go to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. Another way of sharing aside from donating goods and sending cash.


Loosely translated, it means “let’s help” or “let’s be one  in helping”, extending our hands and making our kababayans  cope and rebuild and bring back life to normalcy again.  And with God’s grace and determination, we can do it.

Tulong na. Tabang na. Tayo na.

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Among the many shots I took of Caleruega a few years ago during our two visits there, this image of Santo Domingo de Guzman (St. Dominic) is one that I like best. The garden surrounding his image is just so lovely and beautiful that you can’t help clicking your camera. Today, the Dominican Community  is celebrating St. Dominic’s Feast Day.  I remember my years of stay at University of Santo Tomas wherein every August 08 is a holiday  too and I am blessed with some Dominican priest friends who pray for me and my family.

I wish to share this prayer to St. Dominic  from the site stdominic.webhero.com/st-dominic-prayer.

Wonderful Saintly Founder of the eloquent Order of Preachers and friend of St. Francis of Assisi, you were a fiery defender of the Faith and a fighter against the darkness of heresy. You resembled a great star that shone close to the world and pointed to the Light which was Christ.
Help astronomers to study the stars and admire their wonderful Maker,
proclaiming: “Give glory to God in the highest!” Amen.

Happy  Feast Day to all my Dominican friends out there!


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I just want to acknowledge starlight427  for this lovely nomination. What a great way to end  the year. I would like to apologize though that I have yet to make a list of  those blogs that deserve it too. It’s my fifth nomination, thank you so much.

A blessed 2013 to all of us.


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I spent the afternoon visiting the 7th Marian Exhibit sponsored by Radio Veritas. What a fitting tribute to Mama Mary on her birthday. I took more than a hundred shots and I am posting some of them here. I feasted my eyes on the different images of Mama Mary.  This is the first time that I attended a Marian exhibit this lovely. I am looking forward to attending a mass there tomorrow with Fr. Jerry Orbos as the mass presider.

Nuestra Señora de Arananzazu




Presentation At The Temple

La Visitacion dela Virgen

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Ina ng Mga Dukha

Nuestra Señora delas Flores

Our Lady of Ransom

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of the Pillar


Empress of China

Nuestra Señora dela Soledad de Porta Vaga

A close-up shot

La Dormicion dela Virgen

Impong Maria

Mary of Jerusalem

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Peñafrancia de Manila

Our Lady of Victory

Immaculate Conception

Nuestra Señora delas Saleras

I love this image of Mama Mary but I forgot her name.

La Madonna del Paradiso

Our Lady of Casaysay

Nuestra Señora de Alegria

Rosa Mistica

La Japonesa

Our Lady of Manaoag, one of the most venerated images of Mama Mary.

Ina Poong Bato

I love them all but I really like this. Nuestra Señora dela Leche Y Buen Parto. Isang larawan ni Maria na pinapasuso ang btang si Jesus. Isang maningning na simbolo ng isang ina at pagmamahal sa isang anak.

Mater Omnium, Nutrix Omnium

Apo Baket of Namacpacan

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