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When you have all these, you are rich beyond measure.

Culled from sketches and stillness!

Yeay, family comes first. When you can’t rely on no one, your family will always be there by your side. So grateful for having a caring, kind and loving family🫂

Good friends will always be there to lift you up when you’re feeling low, they will listen to you without judgment. Just being by your side is quite enough.

Hugs, laughter, happy memories. They make life meaningful. They keep you going when you have far to go. They always say that laughter is the best medicine.

Sleep. This is one thing that I lack sometimes. Last night, I was in bed at 7pm. I didn’t even finish praying the rosary. I woke up at 1am still clutching my rosary and my hands smelled of roses. Yes, it was one of those gifts I received from a friend when our grotto was blessed after my chemotherapy almost thirteen years ago. It is a rose rosary. By the way, I collect rosaries and alternately use them in prayers. I have one from Sienna, two from Jerusalem, one from the Vatican, another two from Rome, some bracelet and ring rosaries from friends abroad but the one I use most is the bracelet rosary from Josef. It is always on my arms when I go out. Back when Nissa, Josef and I were still making rosaries, I made one for myself out of pink quartz crystals. When our friend Fr. Aly came over, I have some of them blessed. Most of them though were already blessed when friends gave them to me.

Truly, the best things in life are free.😘🥰😉🌹🌻🌱🎉🎈🎊


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I wanna wish you all a happy and blessed morning from my neck of the woods. And good evening to you guys who have a different time frame.

I couldn’t help but share this lovely image and beautiful quote.

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Close your eyes for a while

Savor the silence

Listen to God’s voice

He gently calls,

Whispering His everlasting love.

Silence is a prayer in itself.


Always believe in prayers

No matter how mundane your wants and needs are,

God answers our prayers.

It may not be immediate

But rest assured it is the best.

Let us learn to listen to God’s whispers

Let us learn to appreciate silence in our hearts.

(Reposted from my post back in 2011)

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This is my 126th read on the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year.

One of the best I’ve read so far and I am giving it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I am in a quandary to review this book though because it could be classified as inspirational religious fiction or a romantic adventure. There are so many biblical quotes in every chapter. They are not preachy though.

REDEEMING LOVE by Francine Rivers. A long time ago, I read two of her books, I could not even remember their titles now. Those horrible and gut-wrenching scenes that make you stop for a while, wipe a tear or two then turn the pages. I’ve read it overnight.

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I never get tired of reading those write-ups about people’s encounter with Pres. Noy. Most Filipinos who love decency and the sense of democracy are learning to know the real Noynoy thru their writings. We are still grieving for him. Sad to say though, the troll army of the present administration is busy maligning and destroying his name. Funny that they are afraid of the dead. These trolls are well-funded.

Had it not been a pandemic, his funeral might have been even more touching or it might have equalled the funerals of his parents in terms of people attendance. He was accorded a lovely funeral march by the AFP as should be given to a previous president of the country. People lined up the road where the family, his cabinet. and close friends passed on their way to Manila Memorial Park where he was buried besides his parents. They waved Philippine flags and yellow ribbons. He was also given touching eulogy by his previous cabinet the night before.

I was overjoyed when I saw this photo of a younger Noynoy. He lost his dad when he was thirteen.

So June ends and this month will always be remembered. Farewell, may you rest in eternal peace.


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Ad Jesum per Mariam! To Jesus through Mary.

Of all the images that I saw of Mama Mary, I love this the most. NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA LECHE. An image of a mother breastfeeding her child.

I took this in one of the exhibits I attended with a friend  back in 2012. Oh, and my stats at WordPress is again doing a crazy dance since last night. There was a time when I garnered more than 4,300 hits in one day because of my blog on Mama Mary’s birthday. And every time her birthday comes, there is always a spike in my stats.

Let it be known that we don’t worship Mary, we venerate her.


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credit to project happiness

Lovely ways to spend the day. I am thinking of that hot cup of coffee, the sunlight that passes through the sheer curtains on my window, laughter  and shouts of joy from Nate, listening to old songs that make memories again, the yellow and red wavelengths of light at dusk and the presence of family and friends.

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