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I never get tired of reading those write-ups about people’s encounter with Pres. Noy. Most Filipinos who love decency and the sense of democracy are learning to know the real Noynoy thru their writings. We are still grieving for him. Sad to say though, the troll army of the present administration is busy maligning and destroying his name. Funny that they are afraid of the dead. These trolls are well-funded.

Had it not been a pandemic, his funeral might have been even more touching or it might have equalled the funerals of his parents in terms of people attendance. He was accorded a lovely funeral march by the AFP as should be given to a previous president of the country. People lined up the road where the family, his cabinet. and close friends passed on their way to Manila Memorial Park where he was buried besides his parents. They waved Philippine flags and yellow ribbons. He was also given touching eulogy by his previous cabinet the night before.

I was overjoyed when I saw this photo of a younger Noynoy. He lost his dad when he was thirteen.

So June ends and this month will always be remembered. Farewell, may you rest in eternal peace.


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Saying Goodbye

You smile

But it does not reach your eyes

Are we thinking of the same thing?

I know,

the pain throbs and it makes you cry.

I wouldn’t say I know how it feels

losing a beloved  dad.

I was in the same boat years ago.

And I still remember the days

he was around.

We dream

We reminisce

We remember

The old days are gone

But deep within

We’ll treasure them and will turn back

To those moments

When  they were so near.

We could barely touch the wounds inside

But they remind us always,

Love would lead us there


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