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My goodness. I am just pissed that the bank didn’t honor the renewal application of mom’s SSS benefits because her signature is different from when she applied years ago. She is the beneficiary of dad so she has to  renew it every year, go to the bank and sign ACOP (Annual Confirmation of Pensioner’s Program). She almost couldn’t see the line allotted for her signature.   I only received the bank’s advice that the ACOP was rejected by their branch manager a few minutes after we got home.

They referred us to an SSS branch where she needs to elect a guardian to represent her. My older brother accompanied us to the bank. Mom finds it hard to go out without a car so we have to wait for my brother’s free time so he could drive for us. SSS (Social Security System) is always full. You need to fall in line and wait for a long time before you can be served. Even a simple inquiry needs a number so they could attend to you.  I hope they find a way to make home visits to our senior citizenry who could no longer fix their pensions on their own. Such is the  kind of government we have, simply lacking.  They are not compassionate about the aged population. What if a pensioner is ill and could no longer walk or something?

Come Monday, we have to accompany mom again and go to SSS for that update.


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