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In a few months we’ll have another national election and except for the presidential position, we’ll have to elect another set of twelve senators, congressmen, mayors etc.  Politics is dirty unless a political aspirant and winner is an honest man. Last year, many were victims of killings, some were incumbent local officials across the land.

Last year, three priests were killed in six months, one was injured. Yesterday, I was surprised to see the news on TV about the bombing of the Cathedral of Mount Carmel in Jolo, Sulu. The first went off inside the church at around 8:15 am when a mass was about to begin and the second explosion happened in the Cathedral’s parking area as troops from the 35th Infantry Battalion responded. As of yesterday, 27 mass goers were killed and more than 77 were injured.  Even those who responded to the scene were also injured.  Is this a terrorist attack?

Photo from inquirer.net

It is plain enough that Duterte  hates the Catholic church, he hates the priests and bishops. A few months ago he even told the people to kill bishops because he said they are rich.  He curses God and says he is a Moslem but he celebrates Christmas and has a crucifix in his room. He was seen in other photos kneeling down and praying in a Catholic church.  I wonder why he is so silent about the incident.  Those bombers must have been influenced by his hate speech. Every time he opens his mouth, either he curses or threatens those who don’t agree with his way of governing.

Congress is hell-bent in lowering the age limit of kids who commit crimes from 15 to 9 years old. Children are not criminals, they are rather influenced by people they mingle with. We’re supposed to protect them and give them a chance to reform and grow into responsible citizens. Arroyo (yes, she is that “pandak” ex-president)said it is the mandate of  Duterte.  It is so obvious that these people are not after the welfare of the Filipino people, they are self-serving.

Where are we going?


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